Welcome to the page for Ubuntu California Team participation in the 11th Southern California Linux Expo. SCaLE11x is Febuary 22-24, 2013 (Fri-Sun)!

Ubuntu California team members may use coupon code "UBUCO" for half off your registration.

If you volunteer at the booth please see details in our "Booth" section on how to get entrance for free with an exhibitor badge.

For people seaking a way to get to LAX(the location of SCaLE) then free to visit our rideshare page.

Looking to save money on a hotel by sharing it with other people? Then visit our hotelshare page.


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UbuCon will be held Friday, February 22, 2013

Organizer: Richard Gaskin


The booth will be for the main conference days February 23nd - 24th.

We have been assigned booth number 66.

It will be put together Saturday morning between 8am and 9:30am, we will need staffing for the booth from Saturday morning through closing on Sunday (tear down is from 5:30pm – 8:00pm on Sunday evening).

If you wish to volunteer at the booth, please contact Philip Ballew at for details on how to register for SCALE as an exhibitor and add your name to the bottom of this page with availability.

LoCo Team Portal event page:

Organizers: philipballew


Stuff Provided

  • 1 x 500W Electrical Outlet
  • 1 x 6' table
  • 2 x chairs
  • 1 x Ethernet Ports

Stuff We Need





Conference Pack A from Canonical

Contents listed on UbuntuAtConferences


Ubuntu Banner

Official Ubuntu banner from Canonical

Elizabeth Krumbach

Ubuntu Tablecloth

Official Ubuntu tablecloth from Canonical

Elizabeth Krumbach

Books for Raffle


Books for Raffle


Books for Raffle

6th edition of the Official Ubuntu Book & 2 copies of the 12.04 Ubuntu Manual

Elizabeth Krumbach

5 port Network switch

No wifi, 10/100 OK (no need for gigabit)

Elizabeth Krumbach

6 Ethernet cables

10+ ft

Peter M Sullivan

Power strip

2 x 6 outlet

Peter M Sullivan

Computer with Ubuntu

Demo computer from System76

Philip Ballew

Tablet with Ubuntu

Official CDs

400 Ubuntu,35 Server

Blank DVDs

To replenish our burned ones as needed

CD Sleeves


2 plastic 8 1/2x11 stands

One with team info, another with Ubuntu info

Elizabeth Krumbach


With team information


Orange duct tape

Elizabeth Krumbach

Orange plastic table cloth

Elizabeth Krumbach

Can of small bungee cords

Elizabeth Krumbach

Hand Sanitizer

Elizabeth Krumbach


For booth volunteers who will be talking a lot!

Stuff We (Might?) Want






Probably general Ubuntu information


Please sign up here if you'll be able to help at the booth at some point throughout the weekend, please make note of whether you can help with Booth Setup (1 hour before the conference starts on Saturday morning), booth Breakdown (last hour of conference on Sunday) and other available times as possible.

  • Philip Ballew - Booth setup, various times Saturday - Sunday, booth breakdown

  • Peter M Sullivan - All-around helper - Set-up to breakdown

  • George Mulak - Booth setup, various times Saturday - Sunday, booth breakdown

  • Mickey Lyle - Booth setup, various times Saturday - Sunday, booth breakdown

  • Stephen Briles - All-around helper - various times Saturday - Sunday

  • Eric P. Scott - sometime that weekend

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