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Proponent: FabianRodriguez

How to get CDs in Colombia

If you sell or give away CDs or DVDs or USB keys produced from ISO images or original in Colombia, please make a link to your page here. Clearly indicate what kind of DVDs or CDs you sell (original sent by Canonical, produced from ISO version of Ubuntu, platform, etc.) as well as costs.

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Ubuntu CDs at home is a project to help the production, distribution and possible sale of its media (CDs, DVDs) for diffusion and delivery of the Ubuntu operating system. Although the initiative ShipIt has been a phenomenal success in the delivery of millions of CDs worldwide, we need to create a mechanism that continue the CDs delivering efficiently and quickly, providing an opportunity for local resources to increase their visibility and integration into the Ubuntu community.

The idea originated from a discussion on the list Ubuntu-Co in November 2006 on Ethical aspects of the sale of original CDs donated by Canonical and Offer of a member of ubuntu-co to send DVDs to Colombia, and the project Ubuntu in Libraries.


  • Establish a permanent list of individuals and organizations that are willing to produce, distribute and donate or sell CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs for the Ubuntu operating system professionally produced.
  • Propose guidelines and promotional material to help in the production of such resources.
  • Report local success stories in distribution, donation and / or sale of such resources


  • Invite other LoCo teams to participate and initiate local projects like this, starting with the Latino teams.

  • Find links to promotional material (labels, CD / DVD, Model "DVD / CD case insert
  • Notice in forums and discussion lists
  • ...


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