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  • Current LoCo Contact

  • Charity Actions:AlvaroBarahona and i cretaed a charity campaign to collect money with the gold to finance the material and paying the inscription of locomembers to different events.

    • AlvaroBarahona and i are in charge of the finantial topics of ubuntu-cl

  • Website: AlvaroBarahona, CristianBarahona and I worked in a new design and concept for ubuntu website. Now we still working for introduce new functionalities and integrate all areas of our community.

  • AlvaroBarahora and i are in charge of marketing management of ubuntu-cl, we are in the comunity stand everytime we can travel to this events

  • Ubuntu OpenTour Valparaiso: Arvaro and i Organized a city tour for the audience and speakers to the "Encuentro Linux 2009" around to the beautiful city of Valparaiso. It was a very good experience, in the activity participated people from diferent countries and cities of Chile.

  • New logo:AlvaroBarahora and i are the organizers of the diffusion and the voting system in the election o the new LoCoteam's logo

  • ChileanTeam http://ubuntu-cl.org/


If you can write something about my contributions to ubuntu community, it will be appreciated!

  • Fernanda is the Gem in our team, She is responsible for almost everything in our Marketing Team from generating funds to get out the CDs from customs to make plans to sponsor people to travel to events in our Country, also She's the person you'll see at the Ubuntu booth (along with AlvaroBarahona) at almost every single Free Software Event in Chile if she's not there is cause she's dead. Fernanda also give talks about How to do Design work (She's a designer) in Ubuntu and in Free software in General, she's truly amazing and if someone deserves the Ubuntu Member bagde that's Her.-- PedroVillavicencio

  • I have seen Fernanda for a long time working for our team and I am totally confident that she deserves her ubuntu membership badge due to their vast array of contributions. Just for mention some of their contributions, she has participated in all the regional open source conferences or at least 99% of them, even she has traveled around the whole country from side to side as a speaker or making handons sessions teaching Gimp as her best card under the hand. By the way, she is a really nice person and has a lot of other abilities like preparing gourmet dishes for the local members. -- VictorVargas


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