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Dante Díaz


viperhoot on irc.freenode.net


Cajamarca, Perú



About me

I'm Dante Díaz (aka viperhoot), a 23 years old, live in Cajamarca, Perú and study management and international business in the Universidad Privada del Norte.

I'm a Ubuntu user, since 2005 (Hoary Hedgehog version), and now with Ubuntu 12.04 Smile :)

My programming languages is C/C++, PHP, bash , currently reading about Ruby and Python

Ubuntu Contributions

LoCo Team - Ubuntu Perú


Given Talks

  • I've given talks in Lima and Cajamarca for different releases of Ubuntu.
  • I've taught courses about: Software Libre and Ubuntu Linux in my University for Systems Engineer Students, the courses lasted about 2 months, topics like basic use of Ubuntu Linux and software of interest to the students and distribution of Ubuntu CDs.
  • Planning activities for Ubuntu Perú (including talks, installfest, and other activities where the Peruvian LoCo Team has been invited)


  • With the help of students from UNC and UPN Universities, and supported by The Regional Government of Cajamarca we are designing a Alfabeticación Digital plan for the population (primarily for students) with the use of free software (Edubuntu like operating system for students and Ubuntu for adult people), with software oriented to this objective. (Draft)


Things to do

  • Become an active Ubuntu Member. (done)
  • Become more involved with spanish translation/documentation.
  • Begin Ubuntu translation/documentation to Quechua, official language of my country.
  • Become a MOTU Member (A long term goal).
  • Continue helping to new user with the Ubuntu Peruvian Team.
  • Continue to spread Ubuntu in Perú, specially in my city, with friends, schools and my university.
  • Spread Ubuntu in remote regions of Perú, presenting the advantages in diverses uses.
  • Organize a Ubuntu Open House for the launching of Ubuntu 12.10 Wink ;)

Cheers from the community

  • Dante has been involved in several projects (translation, documentation) in the Spanish speaking community and has done a great job in the Peruvian LoCo Team. He is definitely an outstanding candidate for becoming an Ubuntu Member. -- Leandro Gómez, (Ubuntu Member and Ubuntu-ni Team Contact).

  • Dante is a Friend and a good co-worker in the LoCo Team, he has been doing a great job as webmaster and LP team administration. -- Nicolas Valcárcel

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