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Lima, Perú



About me

I'm Nicolas Valcárcel, aka nxvl, a 24 years old Student. I live in Lima-Perú and study system engineering in the Universidad de Lima. I started using Linux on summer 2004 starting with RH9. Then i used Debian and then Ubuntu since Warty Warthog and honestly i felt in love with the project.

I work for Canonical as Security Engineer in the OEM Solution Group. I plan to specialize myself on IT Security.

I started helping in MOTU on 2007 sending my first patch for a sudo bug and i plan to keep working on the project while i still have some free time.

My core programming language is Python, I also know some Ruby, some of C++, PHP, Bash and Perl.

Helping In

Worked on

Bug Fixing (Patches)

Bug triage

I have been working on triaging some bugs, asking for more information, putting ideas intro comments, and helping people to solve bugs testing and confirming some bug reports.


I have also work on some FTBFS bugs, making patches and changes when necessary, coordinating with the DM of some other to help them fix those or fix some with them, giving feedback an reporting them to BTS, i have also make tests and ask for given-backs to resolve some others.

Helping new contributors

I have been also giving some help/support to the new contributor who ask on IRC or mailing list, and the Peruvian LoCo members who want to start himselfs on the MOTU world.

Giving talks and making marketing on conferences

As member of the Peruvian LoCo team (and council) i have gave some talks about MOTU process, MOTU Development and how to get started, i have also 3 more talks for the next 2 months about ubuntu Developing. I have also participate on the [UbuntuDeveloperWeek], giving a talk by my own and one with James Westby.

Plans for Ubuntu

I will like to become more involved on the security team to try to make Ubuntu as secure as possible. I will try to make secure services by default (using cryptography and chroot environments) or in a easy way.

On the desktop side, i would like to see a release of ubuntu that you can use at work connecting to all privative services (IM, mail, domain, etc...) without a problem, so i can use it without problems (and anyone) and do their work.

I would like also be more an more people changing their desktops to ubuntu and being involved on the Free Software world.

I will also love to see more about the IRC Council, as in knowing what's going on there, what decisions they made, what are they working on, and in general more information about what is it about.



  • "Nicolas it's a friendly and helpful contributor, I had the chance to sponsor some of his uploads and either they were fine, or he quickly learned how to fix things up. I'm quite glad he decided to become a MOTU and I hope he'll be part of the team soon. He definitively deserves to be an Ubuntu member, way to go Nicolas!" -- CesareTirabassi 2008-01-10 20:39:24

  • Definite +1 from me. Nicolas is doing a lot of good work both on server team and in MOTU. He's helped me out with a number of small projects. Please make him a member. ScottKitterman

  • A clear +1 from me. I have been aside Nicolas on some of his first bugs. He was interested in every parts, up to sending to the debian maintener. Since that day he's been doing a great work in the MOTU world, and his commitment to provide everyone his own journey to MOTUship is really a great asset for the comunity. Keep going this way Nicolas. ChristopheSauthier

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