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Future Plans For Ubuntu

  • Improve Ubuntu Mobile for Mobile (Netbook) and MID (Mobile Internet Devices) use.
  • Continue building the Ubuntu Mobile Team and Ubuntu Mobile Community.
  • Bring up an ARM build supporting the new ARMv7 hardware.


JoeyStanford: I've worked with David since he's joined Canonical. He's made, with his team, great strides in the mobile platform of Ubuntu. He's also a geek which a somewhat rare quality in an experienced project manager. He's very Ubuntu focused and continues to drive his efforts, and those of this team, towards the Ubuntu goals. I wholeheartedly recommend him for Ubuntu membership.

ColinWatson: I served as David's mentor when he joined Canonical last year. He took to it like a duck to water and really didn't need to ask me all that much; he's a tremendously smart, articulate, and friendly guy, and I'm sure I learned at least as much from him as he did from me. He clearly loves working on the Ubuntu mobile project and puts his heart and soul into it. The mobile project is much stronger for his attention to it, and the other team leads in Canonical's Ubuntu team have gained a lot from his experience as well. I have no hesitation in recommending him for Ubuntu membership, and not a moment too soon.

JonoBacon: I have worked closely with David, largely on community best practise. He is a witty, committed, focused and intelligent guy, and I have always seen him have the community's best interests at heart. His work on Ubuntu mobile has been excellent, he has a familiarity and keenness around MOTU, and he is always keen to learn what to do best for his team and the community in general. I wholeheartedly support his application for membership.

TedGould: David cares about Open Source and about making Ubuntu a great platform to deliver Open Source to people. And about make Ubuntu run on some of the hardware that you'd never guess it could. I was strongly considering buying him a toaster for Christmas so that I could run VIM on it. I strongly recommend making David an Ubuntu member as he is already an excellent representative of the Ubuntu Community.

AlexanderSack: David helped the Ubuntu Mozillateam by developing a po-xpi converter (written in C) which allows us to produce firefox and other mozilla translations from rosetta. His code has been developed further since, but its still running and working like a charm. Further, he has always been responsive on questions and hence I fully support his application.


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