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Contact Information

Email: <funnylookinhat@gmail.com>

GTalk: funnylookinhat@gmail.com

AIM: FunnyLookinHat

ICQ: 40145621

IRC: FunnyLookinHat @ irc.freenode.net (Generally in #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, #ubuntu-us, #ubuntu-us-co, #kohana, #android-dev, and #sword).

Twitter @ FunnyLookinHat

Facebook @ http://facebook.com/funnylookinhat

Website: http://www.funnylookinhat.com --- Rarely updated blog (soon to change!)

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~dovercash

Employment, Etc.

  • Currently Manager of Web Operations for Wellcomemat.com
  • Co-Founder and Lead Programmer for Pegshot.com


Graduated from Colorado Christian University in 2009.

Majors: Computer Information Systems, Mathematics

Minor: Education

Goal: Masters and Ph.D. in either Advanced Mathematics or Computer Science

Geek Life

Hacking Projects: Boxee Media Box (Running 9.10), Android Development, Distro Testing, Etc.

Programming: C/C++ (Medium), PHP (High), Java (Medium), Perl (Low), Objective C (Medium), Javascript (High), HTML/CSS/Etc. (High)

Things that I am doing and/or plan to do related to Ubuntu Linux.

  • Leader of Colorado Local Community Team (2007-2008)
  • Presenter at several conferences and lectures regarding Ubuntu.
  • Official Ubuntu Member (as of 2008)
  • Provide support in IRC, on ubuntuforums.org, and face to face. Feel free to ask me anything!


If you so wish you can tell the world how great or miserable of a person I am.

  • I first met David around March of '07 when I was looking for help from a local Linux user group to help me present open source and Linux at the Technology in Education Conference in Copper Mountain, CO. Out of all the LUGs I contacted, David was the only one to respond. We began a lengthy dialog that eventually led to the Colorado Loco team's awesome involvement in the conference. David went out of his way to help during all phases of planning and implementation (and even follow-up). Without his help the event would not have been nearly as successful. In addition to helping during the session, David also brought up equipment and set up a table outside the room to entice people to enter and share information with people who could not attend. Thanks to his efforts, our session was the best attended that day with a crowd that continued to grow (rather than shrink as many other did). In all respects, David has proven himself an excellent leader of the Colorado team and advocate for Ubuntu. -- JimHutchinson [June 27, 2007]

  • JoeyStanford: David took over the Colorado LoCo from me at the beginning of the year and under his leadership is has almost doubled in size. He's run several team events, worked on the new website, helped organize Ubucon Boulder, is the main CD distribution point in Colorado, and participated in the TIE conference (as well as contributing several Edubuntu courses for it). He has excelled in his leadership and also the various contributions that he's made. I highly recommend him for membership.

  • David has consistently put energy into the ColoradoTeam ever since he joined us last year. From re-distributing the team's large cache of CDs, to planning events, to helping folks with hardware, to keeping #ubuntu-colorado a lively place, David is there! NealMcBurnett [2007-06-30]

  • Thumbs up from me. David is a long time contributor to the LoCoTeams project. -- MelissaDraper


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