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Inclusion deadlines for ImpishString Freeze: September 16, 2021 / Non-language packs: September 30, 2021

Date, time, place

There are no plans for the next team meeting. Whenever there is we meet in #ubuntu-doc on

Documentation Team meetings are open to everyone who wants to contribute to Ubuntu Documentation.


The chairs are the drivers of the four sub-teams along with one main chair who commands the bot.








Ubuntu Manual


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Pending Action Points

New Business

Team Business


The discussion will be more meaningful if everybody attending has installed the latest version of the affected Artful packages:


You can install them even if you aren't on Artful yet. Once installed, the current state of the 17.10 desktop guide can be accessed via the terminal command

yelp help:gnome-help

  • Overall presentation

Even if most of it is GNOME Help unmodified, the name of it is "Ubuntu Desktop Guide". Is this contradiction appropriate? Personally I think so. The guide targets users of the Ubuntu distribution. See for instance the section "Get more help".

  • How does ubuntu-docs fit in?

This file gives an overview of the gnome-user-docs pages currently proposed to be modified and the proposed additional pages. (This is very much work-in-progress.)

  • Workflow / bug tracker

My idea is that we should keep ubuntu-docs as the principal bug tracker for the desktop guide. We can't expect the users to know the applicable package name.

New bugs which are upstream in nature should normally be handled like this:

- Change the affected package
- File an upstream bug (or make the OP do it)
- Attach a git patch to the upstream bug

For (the few) pages shipped with ubuntu-docs it's business as usual.

  • Translations

For ubuntu-docs (the ubuntu-help template) translations will be handled in Launchpad as usual. For gnome-user-docs and gnome-getting-started-docs the translators will be asked to do the translations upstream.

  • Stable release updates

We have now detached the docs packages from Ubuntu's language pack system, so that won't block backporting of important changes going forward. However: Backporting of new/changed translatable strings is always a tradeoff between the importance of the change and loss of translations. So even if we now have it in our own hands, so to speak, my belief is that stable release updates of the docs still has to be exception cases (apparently misleading instructions...). It's also a matter of resources (both docs team and translators).

  • GNOME events

2017 GNOME Documentation Sprint

Onboarding @ GUADEC 2017


We have enjoyed recent contributions from subject matter experts on LDAP and SAMBA. The ServerGuide now seems to be a weekly agenda item on the Server Team meetings. There is a 16.04 ServerGuide point release pending. However we want the update stuff updated before hand.

Ubuntu Manual


  • Publishing of the desktop guide out from 3 source packages
  • Should we consider to always publish the U.S. English only ServerGuide in some development section of (Similar to what we typically do about a month or two before the release date.) We could also post the English only desktop docs at their current state. (so what we used to call "preliminary" could now be called "Dev" or "Development", but always present.)


Past meetings

Past meetings are shown on the MeetingLogs/DocTeam page.

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