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System Documentation

The main purpose of the Documentation Team is to maintain the official documentation for Desktop and Server. Desktop ships with this documentation but the Server does not. Both are available on

In order to help you will need to use Doc team tools and processes but you can make meaningful contributions without learning all of them at once.

How can I help?

Here are some common tasks:

  • Proof-reading - Look for spelling/grammar mistakes and broken links.

  • Submit a bug - Send in a bug report when you find mistakes.

  • Fix a bug - Propose new wording to fix an existing bug.

  • Create new material - Add to an existing topic or write on a new topic.

Contact us for any questions you may have. We're a friendly bunch.

Getting Started

We have quickstart guides for each platform:

The following subpages provide details on specific tasks:

  • Repository - Working with Bazaar branches and repositories.

  • Building - Building the documentation from the sources.

  • Editing - Editing the source documents.

  • Checking - Verifying your work.

  • Submitting - Sending in your contribution.

Finally, read the following pages for even more information:

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