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Submitting your Changes

Once you have made a change to a document and checked your work, the next step is to submit your change to the DocumentationTeam.

Note: It is generally a better idea to make several small changes and send them individually than it is to make one big change.

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The first step is to save your changes locally.

  1. Go to the top level of the branch you are working on.
  2. Issue the bzr update command. This updates your working copy with changes from the repository. Check for conflicts and resolve them. It is a good idea to ensure that your branch is up to date before editing any files.

  3. Issue the bzr status command. This shows the status of files which you have edited. Ensure that all conflicts are resolved.

  4. Commit your changes locally by running:

    $ bzr commit
    • bzr will prompt you to give a narrative to describe your change. Please be as detailed as possible. If your change addresses a Launchpad bug, include the bug number in the format "LP: #123456".

The next step is to publish your changes for the Documentation Team to review. Depending on which project your are working on:

$ bzr push lp:~yourusername/ubuntu-docs/branchname

$ bzr push lp:~yourusername/serverguide/branchname
  • "branchname" should be a short word which describes the branch.

Visit and select the branch you just published. Click "Propose for Merging." You can leave the reviewer blank as the Ubuntu Documentation Committers will automatically be notified of your merge.

For more information about working with bzr, see the bzr website.

After you get used to Mallard, bzr and the DocumentationTeam, you are very likely to be offered an account so that you can write to the repository as well.

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