I'm an active member of ubuntu-br-mg, and also working to expand the Ubuntu Spirit for all over the MG state and, if possible, all over my country. My focus is on something i call "Users Profile Documentation", participating and organizing events (mainly in br-mg) and new users support.

I'm graduating this year in Public Affairs Management. Had to come to a big city for studying in a college, and im very happy with the new colleges in my natal city, as they are growing and investing in Open Source Knowledge.


  • Author on Brazilian Ubuntu Planet
  • Contributor on #ubuntu-br, #ubuntu-mg, #ubuntu-br-doc, #ubuntu-br-tradutores (as dudanogueira)
  • Member of the Ubuntu Brazilian Translators
  • Active Member of LocoTeam Ubuntu-br-mg, Minas Gerais

  • Data Miner, translator and author on http://wiki.ubuntubrasil.org


  • I was present on III Festival de Software Livre da Bahia (ubuntu-br-ba event) with licio, helping my friends from there (Ubuntuser, AlexandroSilva) spreading the word. Smile :)

  • I helped organizing: I and II Ubuntu Users Meeting of ubuntu-br-mg LocoTeam.

  • EMSL (the mainly MG open source event) - with my friend licio and nosklo, representing Ubuntu
  • WorkShop Unipac - I represented the ubuntu-br community on my natal city

  • I was with Licio Fernando, Penguim (AlexandroSilva), [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FRNSantos Ubuntuser (Fábio Nogueira) and AndreNoel on FISL 8.0 representing the ubuntu-br all 3 days long.


See my launchpad profile: https://launchpad.net/~dudanogueira

See my posts at Brazilian Ubuntu Planet http://planeta.ubuntubrasil.org/author/35

My personal site: http://dudanogueira.com.br

My photo: http://dudanogueira.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/linuxba_jono_dudanogueira.jpg Penguim, Jono and me on FISL 8.0

My Wiki Pages

- A list of all the Kids applications (and also conferring the translations and pt-br material), showing how to create a user with no access to /home/users, *studying* how to create a easy local http-proxy-filter content for adults that want to allow the use of kids without the fear of loosing data.

- As the VOIP Operators in Brazil listed in this wiki doesn't show in their site that they support linux, e decided to create this document showing all the voip applications for Ubuntu and also how to configure the Voip Operators in each program.

- CONSTRUCTING - This document will show how a regular journalist and "press assistor" could use the applications avalible in Ubuntu Linux for work on creating releases, organizing contacts and events, generating labels for mass send of releases, liferea for news reading and other stuff.

- GOING INTERNATIONAL - Had contacted the right person (Coringao) and will work with him to define a new communication process, to create a mailing list, to redefine all the the wiki structure, translate everything and call the community help for translating it to other languages. My preview is to finish this until 30 May. Im planning to afilliate the planet.ubuntu.com for making international announcements about this project.


Duda Nogueira does a good job with Ubuntu-BR-MG a subteam of the ubuntu brazilian team and a good job in translating to pt_BR. He is an active member in ubuntu-br. LicioFernando - licio@ubuntu.com

Duda Nogueira is always present on Ubuntu events and helping online, trought wiki, blog, mail list, et al. He is an active member in ubuntu-br. AndreNoel - andrenoel@ubuntu.com

Duda Nogueira has been a very active member of our community, both in translations, support as well as attending to meetings and advocating Ubuntu in Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. He really deserves to be a Ubuntu member, as he collaborates so much. AlexandroSilva - penguim@ubuntu.com

DudaNogueira? He is always as possible present in the community, via IRC and mailling lists, he also does a good job participating on Free Software events and Ubuntu spreading in his state (Minas Gerais, Brazil). -- RafaelProenca

DudaNogueira is doing one great job in Ubuntu Brasil Community. Events, IRC, Mailing lists, etc... Duda Nogueira is one great Ubuntu "evangelist", he has my support to become an official member of Ubuntu. -- Fábio "Ubuntuser" Nogueira - deb-user-ba@ubuntu.com

DudaNogueira is a very active member on Ubuntu mailing lists, wikis and translations. He is always present on events helping new users and reaching more human beings: journalists, company administrators (not just hackers like us Funny :)) Pereira

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