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Our team reports are written in Dutch. We did translate those reports to English for a while, and you can find those translations in the remaining part of this page, but we're not doing that currently (i.e. July 2013). So for recent reports, please check out the team reports page on our own (Dutch) wiki.

Older reports

This is de landing page for the Team Reports of Ubuntu Nederland. Lower on this page you can find the latest report in full and further down a list of all available team reports.

The team reports of Ubuntu Nederland are translations from their Dutch originals. You can find a link to the source at the bottom of each report.

The latest report

  • The November team report of the Ubuntu Nederland community.

    Translation Team

    The translation team has recently completed the GUI translations of the most important parts of Quantal Quetzal. The translation of the documentation (Ubuntu help, Ubuntu Desktop manual) is already at 97%. The Precise version of the beginners manual, Getting Started With Ubuntu, is practically finished. This beginners guide has been included in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

    Promotion Team

    The Promotion Team has been present at T-Dose in Eindhoven (27, 28 October) and at the HCC! Club Days in Den Bosch. The Club Days were very busy and the 100 Ubuntu DVDs were quickly gone. The two Ubuntu introduction lectures had a good turnout. At both T-Dose and HCC! Club Days the team sold Ubuntu NL t-shirts.

    Mwanzo Team

    Two workshops have been planned: UFW and VMWare. A poll on the forum showed that most of the people are interested in workshops about the server workplace. There are plans for such a workshop. Mwanzobot IRC bot is growing and doing well.

    Management Team

    Regular maintenance, the ban and spam filters have been updated and cleaned.

    Web Team

    The website has been updated to 12.10. Unfortunately, the Dutch ISO images have had to be taken offline due to a bug found in them. Small maintenance.

    Foundation Support Ubuntu NL

    The foundation has sent flyers and DVDs to support the release party in Gouda. The organiser will also receive a t-shirt once his size is known. The release party is using the foundation's party promotion platform.

    The t-shirts sold to provide income to the foundation are doing well. Currently sweaters and books are investigated.



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