Minutes of Meeting EmiratesTeam/Meetings/IRCMeetingSummary20110417

This is the log of our first IRC meeting, held on #ubuntu-ae channel on Sunday, 17th April 2011:

19:04 bojicas: #startmeeting
19:05 bojicas: [TOPIC] First IRC Meeting. Steps to become an approved LoCo team
19:05 bojicas: Humans, welcome to EmiratesLoCo's first online irc meeting.
19:05 bojicas: First - presentations - who's online
19:06 bojicas: I am Silviu Bojica (bojicas) and I'll moderate our first meeting
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19:06 bojicas: Can you take turns and present yourselves with full names?
19:07 hadenx: Haden Pereira here ...
19:07 bassem_mobile: Bassem Jarkas
19:07 TheLive1: Sajjad Rizvi here
19:07 rverrips: Roy Verrips (rverrips) here
19:07 bojicas: We'll start with a poll. Answer +1 for yes, -1 for no
19:08 bojicas: [VOTE] Can we set up the following goal for 2011: Become an Approved LoCo team?
19:08 rverrips: +1
19:08 bojicas: +1
19:08 hadenx: +1
19:08 TheLive1: +1
19:08 bassem_mobile: +1
19:08 bojicas: 5 votes for.
19:09 bojicas: [AGREED] Our common goal is to get Emirates LoCo approved as official
19:09 bojicas: Let me point out an howto web resource re Ubuntu LoCo teams:
19:09 bojicas: and the process of getting approved:
19:09 bojicas: In the mean time, I'll mention the Emirate LoCo achievements since our last gathering at More Cafe on 6th April:
19:09 bojicas: - new irc channel: #ubuntu-ae on
19:09 bojicas: - launchpad page:
19:09 bojicas: - new wiki page:
19:09 bojicas:                                      
19:10 bojicas: Anything else?
19:10 hadenx: I think that's it for now .. Great achievement ..
19:11 bojicas: #1 irc - bots
19:11 bojicas: What bots to log our conversations shall we use?
19:11 rverrips: installfest?
19:11 bojicas: Resources I found:
19:11 bojicas: In particular these 2 are of interest: LoCoBot and MootBot .
19:11 bojicas:                                                  
19:12 hadenx: Not really sure about bots.. I think we should stick with which ever is more official for now..
19:12 rverrips: (sorry, please disregard comment "installfest")
19:13 TheLive1: agreed
19:13 bojicas: These two bots are official.
19:13 hadenx: bassem ?
19:14 rverrips: seems to suggest they're both required and official
19:14 hadenx: Btw , I think they both serve different purposes ...
19:14 bojicas: hadenx, true. First LoCoBot is a channel logger
19:15 bojicas: the second it is for meetings and aware of specific syntax 
19:15 hadenx: Mootbot can be used for official IRC meetings...
19:15 bojicas: btw, i should say [ENDVOTE]
19:15 bojicas: :)
19:16 bojicas: if we had been use MootBot
19:16 hadenx: I think we should go with both ...
19:16 rverrips: +1 for both
19:16 hadenx: +1 for both
19:16 bojicas: +1 for both
19:17 bassem_mobile: i've requested ubunulog bot to join our channel, and waiting for approval
19:17 TheLive1: agreed +1 for both
19:17 bojicas: bassem_mobile: LoCoBot is the same with ubuntulog?
19:17 bassem_mobile: bojicas: it's the official bot
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19:18 bassem_mobile: and the log can be found on web page for everyone
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19:18 bojicas: ok. so we have to wait for an answer for ubuntulog ...
19:19 bojicas: for MootBot, how can we get it in?
19:19 bassem_mobile: again, i don't know about MootBot
19:19 hadenx: I think we need to speak with someone from the scribes team
19:20 bojicas: Anyone volunteering to talk with scribes team?
19:20 hadenx: bassem _mobile .. Any news on the status of ubuntulog ?
19:20 hadenx: Bojicas , I could do that .. But only Tom evening ..
19:20 bojicas: it's fine
19:21 hadenx: kindly make note if this ...
19:21 bassem_mobile: hadenx: not yet
19:21 bojicas: [AGREED] MootBot - hadenx will contact scribes team
19:22 bojicas: bassem_mobile - ubuntulog - still waiting for the bot to join
19:22 bojicas: #2 launchpad
19:22 bojicas: From the LoCoFAQ:
19:22 bojicas: All LoCo Teams should have a Launchpad entry - Launchpad. Launchpad serves two main purposes for English speaking LoCo teams. 1) Provides an official team roster 2) Provides a secure method of voting for the team.
19:23 bojicas: [ACTION] So let's make sure everyone present has an account. If not please join now. It takes about 1 minute.
19:23 bojicas: [LINK] Reminder - launchpad page:
19:23 hadenx: I've already got an account ..
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19:23 TheLive1: joining now
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19:24 bojicas: waiting for TheLive1 to join
19:24 rverrips: Can we try stitch the official naming convention for Loco's on Launchpad?
19:25 bojicas: This is a requirement to be listed as new team / later official
19:25 hadenx: rverrips to what ?
19:25 rverrips: My understanding on official naming is: If it's an ubuntu resource (like Wiki, Ubuntu Forums, etc.) it's "Emirates Team"
19:25 rverrips: If not, (like launchpad, irc, etc.) ubuntu-ae
19:25 rverrips: Should be
19:26 rverrips: (It already exists since Jul 2010)
19:26 TheLive1: waiting for confirmaiton mail from launchpad
19:27 bojicas: ok. bassem , bassem_lap is it possible to change the url to ?
19:27 hadenx: Rverrips , what happened to the owner ?
19:27 bassem_lap: I want to add, that I requested for launchpad to join Ubuntu Local Community Teams, and we wait for the approval:
19:28 bojicas: looking right now, as i have admin rights, but can't find the place to change the url
19:29 bojicas: [VOTE] if approval request has been sent, shall we remain with present url:
19:29 hadenx: does the naming convention matter ?
19:29 TheLive1: consider me joined. but launchpad is giving me problems with password. saying its not long enough but its more than 8chars
19:29 rverrips: I don't know - I contacted him, no reply.  If he continues not to respond I'll contact the Launchpad admin's and ask for ownership (Hostile take-over)
19:29 bassem_lap: you can't change the url to something already existed!
19:30 bojicas: ok, so it remain as it is
19:30 rverrips: I'd suggest to stay with current one, but should we get control of the standard-naming would hope all would move over
19:30 bojicas: +1 as it is
19:30 rverrips: Do we need to use the LP stuff (like mailing lists, forum's etc.) anytime soon?
19:31 bojicas: we'll discuss mailing lists next
19:31 hadenx: rverrips, but we have already applied for the current one to get approved
19:31 rverrips: -1 as its is  +1 as it is for maximum 2 months, then redisition
19:31 bojicas: #3 mailing lists
19:31 TheLive1: +1 as it is
19:31 hadenx: +1 here too..
19:31 bojicas: 3 votes . it remains as it is
19:32 bojicas: [ENDVOTE]
19:32 bojicas: Variants:
19:32 bojicas: - meetup mailing list
19:32 bojicas: - Ubuntu UAE Mailing List:
19:32 bojicas: - Launchpad mailing list 
19:32 bassem_lap: we don't have the control ober ubuntu mailing list!
19:32 bojicas: for mailing lists we have 3 variants: meetup, an old ubuntu-ae and launchpad list
19:32 rverrips: +1 ubuntu mailing list - but again, I think it exists and the owner isn't responding
19:33 bojicas: how can we get in control?
19:33 rverrips: (Do we need control? If not moderated, should be ok, no?)
19:33 hadenx: I emailed the owner , he said he will join us...
19:33 rverrips: I've emailed the list-owner as well - No reponse
19:33 bassem_lap: bojicas, maybe we can ask the council
19:33 rverrips: But if he contacted Haden, then YEAH!
19:33 hadenx: He's out of town at the moment .. Or something like that ..
19:34 hadenx: Can we have Two people incharge of mailing lists ?
19:34 bassem_lap: hadenx, no, it will be complicated
19:34 bassem_lap: and confusing
19:35 hadenx: bassem_lap , the person should be available whenever we need to send out emails ..
19:35 bojicas: bassem_lap, two people to have admin rights. it is possible. i am an admin at romanian mailing list too
19:36 TheLive1: i have no previous experience administrating one
19:36 hadenx: I'll try and get the owner to join us on IRC ..
19:36 rverrips: I believe it is possible, and it's more an "admin" function (like a janitor, removing spam, etc.)
19:36 bassem_lap: hadenx, bojicas, oh sorry! i misunderstood
19:36 rverrips: It's not going to be moderated is it?
19:36 hadenx: We need to have a back up guy.. We really cannot give control to one person ...
19:37 bojicas: we need it moderated. sometime we need to approve messages, or kick out spammers.
19:37 rverrips: +1 for "backup-guy"
19:37 bassem_lap: hadenx, yeah, everything should be with two person at least
19:37 bojicas: +1 for more admins
19:37 rverrips: +1 for "backup-guy" for anything
19:37 hadenx: +1 for 2 mailing-list admins ..
19:37 bassem_lap: +1 more admins
19:38 rverrips: However, I'd suggest we have an admin, and co-admin ... responsibility should rest with one guy
19:38 bojicas: [AGREED]  with 4 votes more admins for mailing list
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19:38 bassem_lap: joseph_, welcome :-)
19:38 hadenx: Hello Joseph ..  Good to see you ..
19:38 TheLive1: +1 for 2 mailing-list admins
19:39 bojicas: joseph_, we are debating the mailing-list topic
19:39 bojicas: and agreed for more than 1 admin
19:39 joseph_: good
19:39 joseph_: I am listening
19:39 joseph_: any volunters
19:39 rverrips: I'll volunteer
19:39 hadenx: bojicas , maybe you can rundown briefly what we have discussed so far ...
19:40 bojicas: ok.
19:40 bojicas: 1. irc bots
19:40 bojicas: agreed to have the official bots installed
19:40 bojicas: 2. launchpad - we invited everyone present to join
19:41 bojicas:
19:41 bojicas: joseph_, I don't see you as a member. if you can take a moment to join
19:42 bojicas: now, we are discussing mailing lists:
19:42 bojicas: Variants:
19:42 bojicas: - meetup mailing list
19:42 bojicas: - Ubuntu UAE Mailing List:
19:42 bojicas: - Launchpad mailing list
19:42 bojicas: First let's vote which mailing list to use
19:43 bojicas: +1 for meetup & ubuntu uae mailing list (in parallel)
19:43 hadenx: I vote for the official mailing-list to be used between Launchpad members ....
19:43 bassem_lap: there was a suggestion to use both: meetup and ubuntu!
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19:44 hadenx: And the meetup list for organizing meetups and other announcements like installfest etc..
19:44 bojicas: need more votes...
19:44 rverrips: +1 keep both (but suggest to revisit decision in 6 months)
19:44 TheLive1: + Launchpad
19:44 bassem_lap: 1+ meetup list for meetup related issue and official ubuntu for everything else
19:44 hadenx: +1 for using both ...
19:45 bojicas: I have one dilemma: official ubuntu == launchpad , bassem?
19:45 TheLive1: i think 1 should work. duplicating something isnt efficient
19:46 bassem_lap: bojicas, no, the one on ubuntu's server
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19:47 bojicas: rverrips: official ubuntu or launchpad?
19:47 hadenx: TheLive1 we had a discussion about this .. Each list serves a different purpose
19:47 hadenx: They aren't exactly duplicated ..
19:47 bassem_lap: by official ubuntu I mean this:
19:48 bojicas: yes, I am also for meetup &
19:48 hadenx: hello ifthikhan
19:49 bojicas: hello  ifthikhan . welcome to our meeting
19:49 TheLive1: perhaps i should have said keeping it in 1 place. cant they both do the same thing?
19:49 bojicas: majority for meetup, +2 for launchpad, +2 for official ubuntu
19:49 nlsthzn has joined (~Mina@
19:50 TheLive1: we are small bunch. keep everything along with it small
19:50 bojicas: welcome  nlsthzn
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19:50 hadenx: TheLive1 we need various channels of communication.. Not too many people know about Ubuntu mailing list
19:50 nlsthzn-work is now known as is
19:51 is is now known as nlsthzn-work
19:51 rverrips: Do we subscribe Meetup list as a member of Ubuntu list, or Ubuntu list as a member of Meetup?
19:51 nlsthzn-work: is @ work, can't chat now... hope it is going well...
19:51 hadenx: nlsthzn-work .. Good so far ..
19:52 bojicas: I think the ubuntu mailing list should be a member of meetup
19:52 hadenx: Yup.. I agree with bojicas
19:53 bassem_lap: rverrips, no, by default all meetup members are in the mailing list
19:53 bojicas: [IDEA] and, yes rverrips, this is a great idea: ubuntu mailing list should be a member of meetup
19:53 hadenx: We don't want to be spamming people who aren't really interested in being a part of the Loco
19:54 rverrips: [IDEA] so rather have meetup list a member of Ubuntu?
19:55 hadenx: Many people join meetup and have no clue what it is about
19:55 bojicas: ok... so official ubuntu will have the heavy traffic. agreed +1
19:55 hadenx: Once they get an idea about what we do or what is our primary purpose , they can join the ubuntu mailing list if they are interested
19:56 TheLive1: hadenx-  ok that makes most sense
19:56 bojicas: [VOTE] subscribe Meetup list as a member of Ubuntu list
19:56 bojicas: +1
19:57 hadenx: bojicas , it's the other way round , isn't it ?
19:57 rverrips: +1 (bojicas has it right)
19:57 bojicas: nop, the meetup will have a lighter traffic
19:58 bojicas: and official ubuntu will have it all
19:58 rverrips: Once we have admin of the mailist wi
19:58 TheLive1: doubt traffic will be that much of an issue
19:58 rverrips: ll add meetup list ...
19:58 hadenx: If you make meetup a member if ubuntu list , want it get Ubuntu-list mails as well?
19:59 hadenx: TheLive1 , traffic is not an issue .. Traffic to people who really don't want it is..
19:59 hadenx: confused :/
19:59 bojicas: nop. think like this. all emails from meetup will be forwarded to ubuntu official list
20:00 TheLive1: hadenx-  not you, i think i got confused
20:00 hadenx: bojicas , yes.. And for that .. Shouldn't ubuntu be subscribed to meetup's list ?
20:00 hadenx: TheLive1 , I was referring to the mailing-lists  .. Not traffic
20:01 rverrips: I think we all get the idea - If we implement it wrong way round will fix it on the fly :-)
20:01 bojicas: ok, we'll sort this one :) 
20:01 hadenx: anyway , let's move forward .. I think we have come to a conclusion ..
20:01 bojicas: the main thing is to agree with it
20:01 hadenx: :)
20:01 bojicas: ok
20:02 hadenx: +1 agreed..
20:02 bojicas: one more thing, the admin. what we'll do
20:02 rverrips: I volunteered to try get admin rights from existing admin and move from there
20:02 hadenx: we'll talk to the current admin to give roy admin rights as well..
20:02 bojicas: [AGREED] rverrips: I volunteered to try get admin rights from existing admin and move from there
20:03 bojicas: #4 wiki
20:03 bojicas: shall we add anything else to it?
20:04 hadenx: bojicas , at the moment , I think it is informative enough.. Thanks to bassem_lap
20:04 bojicas: ok, next...
20:04 bojicas: #5
20:04 hadenx: anyone else have any suggestions on this ?
20:05 rverrips: [IDEA] I can offer hosting space ... free
20:05 bojicas: [VOTE] do we need, have resources to manage a webiste like
20:06 rverrips: +1 for have resources
20:06 rverrips: Unsure about need
20:06 bojicas: -1, until we sort points 1-4
20:06 hadenx: rverrips, bojicas I would like to stick with the wiki for the next couple if months .. But let's not throw away the idea..
20:06 TheLive1: its a long project to build a functional website
20:06 bojicas: +1/-1 please
20:06 TheLive1: -1
20:07 hadenx: At the moment -1
20:07 rverrips: [IDEA] can we get the domain name redirected to the wiki?
20:07 bojicas: why not?
20:07 TheLive1: excellent idea
20:07 hadenx: rverrips +1 for that
20:07 TheLive1: simple redirect script
20:07 bojicas: +1 for domain redirect to wiki
20:08 rverrips: I can offer host for redirect until we're ready for full website
20:08 hadenx: Should we go for as well ? :)
20:08 hadenx: I can sponsor that ..
20:08 bojicas: whom will handle this task?
20:08 rverrips: I can do it if haden put's the money where his mouth is :-)
20:09 hadenx: I think bassem has already requested for the domain ..
20:09 bojicas: bassem_lap, can you confirm?
20:09 hadenx: Rverrips, it's 150 dhms for a .ae domain I think ..
20:09 hadenx: If it's that much , I can sponsor :)
20:10 bojicas: yes, it is AED150, but I think Canonical wants the control
20:10 hadenx: bojicas .ae belongs to etisalat ..
20:10 hadenx: I don't think canonical can control that ..
20:11 hadenx: Anyway .. I'll have a look into that .. Can someone give me the number for etisalat domain name registration ?
20:11 bojicas: let's try first . we'll check with bassem for the request.
20:11 ifthikhan: I guess it needs to be bought under canonical's name.
20:11 rverrips: I'm busy trying to enquire it's availablity and cost - give me 2 minutes
20:12 hadenx: waits for rverrips
20:12 bojicas: until we wait for rverrips, lets have another vote ;)
20:12 hadenx: thinks rverrips is planning on taking the domain hostage :)
20:12 TheLive1: the official procedure from the horses mouth
20:13 rverrips: AED 199 ... using
20:13 bojicas: [VOTE] Do we need third party websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?
20:13 hadenx: we don't need their servers ..
20:13 rverrips: It's available - will try register it and point to wiki - WIll get my AED 199 from Hader next meetup
20:14 hadenx: rverrips .. Done .. Go ahead..
20:14 TheLive1: +1 yes FB. Twitter would be good in the future as more happens here. Unsure about linkedin
20:14 rverrips: +1 for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin presence - Don't need their servers, but need their poeple to find us
20:14 hadenx: +1 for keeping an open channel for communication..
20:14 rverrips: For facebook need 25 fans and then we can have a page pointing to Wiki/Launchpad called
20:15 rverrips: I can setup Linkedin/twitter if needed
20:15 hadenx: +1 That won't be a problem..
20:15 bojicas: who's creating the accounts/pages ? 
20:15 hadenx: Can someone take charge if the facebook page ? I keep a low profile on FB
20:15 bojicas: i am for co-admin on those as well
20:15 bassem_lap: bojicas, sorry for the delay!
20:16 rverrips: I am happy to take over FB page for you haden
20:16 bassem_lap: bojicas, I've request the domain ubuntu-ae to be redirected to our wiki page, and again waiting ...
20:16 TheLive1: can i offer in my 50% of that AED 199
20:16 hadenx: I think Neil might be ready to take responsibilty for facebook ...
20:17 bojicas: I'll create the twitter account, and share the login details
20:17 rverrips: +1 for co-admins on FB, Linked ... Twitter can only have on username/password
20:17 bojicas: and also I'll create a group on LinkedIn
20:17 hadenx: what about facebook ? Who wants to be co admin ?
20:18 hadenx: TheLive1 .. Cool..
20:18 bassem_lap: +1 for all social networks
20:18 bojicas: same here? who wants co-admin?
20:18 hadenx: + 1 as well..
20:18 bojicas: +1
20:18 ifthikhan: +1
20:18 TheLive1: +1 FB & Twitter
20:19 hadenx: ok.. I'll co admin then ..
20:19 hadenx: There goes my low profile :)
20:19 bojicas: [AGREED] FB to be created by hadenx, Twitter and Linked in by bojicas . hadenx will co-admin
20:19 hadenx: bojicas , let Neil create the page ..
20:20 bojicas: the Linked In?
20:20 hadenx: I'm sure he'll be up for it .. And I'll co admin
20:20 bojicas: ok
20:20 bojicas: so I'll do only the twitter account
20:20 hadenx: and bassem will co admin ..
20:21 bassem_lap: hadenx, for what?
20:21 hadenx: Twitter
20:21 bojicas: next point #7 Ubuntu 11.04 - release party 
20:21 bassem_lap: hadenx, no idea how will be that! in Twitter there's only one usename and one password!
20:22 nlsthzn-work: hopes all points decided on will be shared ASAP on meetup etc. so we can see what is what :)
20:22 hadenx: bassem_lap, yeah.. That's what I meant .. 2 guys share a password
20:22 rverrips: +1 for minutes of meeting, but not on Meetup Group, rather on Wiki
20:22 hadenx: nlsthzn-work , we ve given you the responsibility for creating a facebook page ..
20:23 bojicas: ah, the facebook
20:23 hadenx: +1 for rverrips idea
20:23 bassem_lap: hadenx, no problem
20:23 bojicas: so i'll remain with linked-in and twitter
20:24 rverrips: I can co-admin Linkedin and twitter if no other volunteers
20:24 bojicas: and bassem_lap will co-admin
20:24 TheLive1: i can do the twitter
20:24 bojicas: and rverrips
20:24 TheLive1: i volunteer . i am fairly active on it already
20:25 hadenx: I think we should give TheLive1 a chance
20:25 nlsthzn-work: no prob guys... you decide and I will jump in with anything I can assist with...
20:25 rverrips: There's a FB page already Ubuntu-AE - Is that adminned by anyon
20:25 bojicas: ok, i'll share with you the username/password . btw, the user should be ubuntu-ae
20:25 hadenx: rverrips .. Can you link the page ?
20:25 rverrips: I don't think twitter uses can have hyphen ... ubuntu_ae perhaps?
20:26 rverrips:   as well as
20:26 rverrips: (I'm admin of the second)
20:27 bojicas: ubuntu_ae username has already been taken
20:27 bojicas: on twitter
20:27 TheLive1: that is correct. it can have underscores besides alpha numerical
20:27 TheLive1: Zulfiqar Al Khan
20:27 TheLive1: @ubuntu_ae
20:28 TheLive1: 0 tweets
20:28 rverrips: Anyone know admin of first FB page
20:28 bojicas: seen that. other proposals for twitter username?
20:28 TheLive1: id bet that its this same guy
20:29 hadenx: Ubuntuae :(
20:29 bojicas: ok
20:29 hadenx: rverrips , no idea ..
20:30 hadenx: looks dead ..
20:30 bojicas: taken 0 tweets
20:30 hadenx: UbuntuEmirates ?
20:30 bojicas: ubuntu_uae is available
20:30 rverrips: [IDEA]  I can try get hold of owners of twitter accounts and will report back ... Is it that urgent we get it now?
20:30 bassem_lap: rverrips, isn't you?
20:30 bojicas: ok
20:31 hadenx: rverrips , that's a good idea.. No hurry ..
20:31 bojicas: +1 to wait for rverrips
20:31 TheLive1: i think it can wait a couple of days. he could be sum1 who is trying to do the same thing
20:31 hadenx: +1as well..
20:31 rverrips: +1 in case my suggestion wasn't seen as a vote :-)
20:31 bassem_lap: bojicas, I thing you can request the name from twitter
20:32 bojicas: [AGREED] Wait for rverrips to get hold of the owners
20:32 TheLive1: +1
20:32 bojicas: bassem_lap , I'll check also twitter policies for that
20:32 hadenx: what about the facebook page ?
20:32 rverrips: We can go with the one That I'm admin of ...
20:33 rverrips: If we get 25 fans we can make it
20:33 rverrips: (Can you'll FAN it?)  Haden, can I set you up as Co-Admin?
20:33 bojicas: ok. +1 for
20:33 TheLive1: +1 for
20:33 bassem_lap: +1 ok with rverrips idea
20:33 bojicas: [AGREED] our facebook page
20:34 hadenx: rverrips , sure
20:34 bojicas: Next. 
20:34 hadenx: I'm on my phone right now .. Will do it once I reach home
20:34 bojicas: #7 the release party for 11.04
20:35 rverrips: are you hadenx on FB as well?
20:35 bojicas: Shall it be on normal schedule at More/Costa Caffe ?
20:35 bojicas: or should be something different?
20:35 hadenx: rverrips , yes
20:35 bassem_lap: bojicas, no, we are with idea of real party :-)
20:36 bojicas: bassem_lap, any ideas of a place, how to organize it?
20:36 hadenx: bassem_lap , I see where you are going. With this ..
20:36 hadenx: Btw , I have another party to attend that day , so can only drop in for sometime
20:38 bojicas: party ... ok, let's think of this and come with an answer next time
20:38 bassem_lap: hadenx, what day you mean?
20:38 bojicas: so when shall we have next meeting? in one week time, sunday is ok?
20:39 hadenx: bassem_lap :)
20:39 bassem_lap: bojicas, did you finish the party topic ?
20:39 bojicas: bassem_lap: it was silent for a while, so I thought no answers
20:40 rverrips: Hadenx, you talking about next IRC meeting?
20:40 bojicas: ... bassem_lap, any ideas? or we  brainstorm for organizing the party on our next meeting?
20:40 hadenx: rverrips Natty launch party
20:40 bassem_lap: bojicas, anyway, we still have time, we can discuss it next irc meeting
20:41 bojicas: ok, is sunday ok with everyone, or shall we move it to another day?
20:41 TheLive1: Sunday works for me
20:41 bojicas: nlsthzn-work , next meeting, what day is convenient for you?
20:41 hadenx: we could try another day ...
20:42 bassem_lap: bojicas, we should ask nlsthzn-work and Toki
20:42 rverrips: I think day is fine, but can we make it earlier?  like 6pm?  even 5pm?
20:42 nlsthzn-work: bojicas: I work shifts so I don't have a fixed day of the week I fear...
20:42 bassem_lap: rverrips, no way, I wanted to ask to make later! 8pm
20:42 hadenx: I'm mobile ... So no probs for me..
20:42 TheLive1: too early for me. drive in from Abu Dhabi
20:43 TheLive1: even slower now that 140kph is camera limit
20:43 bojicas: i prefer 7pm
20:43 bojicas: any day
20:43 rverrips: My suggestion for earlier is so that we can perhaps (if possible) stay at office and chat ...
20:44 hadenx: + 1 for anytime after 5 on a weekday
20:44 TheLive1: +1 for same time, same day, same channel
20:45 bojicas: +1 same time, same day
20:45 bassem_lap: +1 for any weekday after +7pm
20:45 rverrips: Later is also fine ... +1same day +1 for 8pm
20:45 hadenx: + 1 for 8 pm
20:46 bassem_lap: +1 for 8pm
20:46 rverrips: +1 for 8pm
20:46 bojicas: +1 for 8pm - it works for me too.
20:46 bojicas: [AGREED] next party: next sunday at 8pm
20:47 bassem_lap: bojicas, with notice: we can shift it to any weekday
20:47 bojicas: and last, but not the least. whom will chair next meeting?
20:47 bojicas: bassem_lap: noted
20:48 rverrips: Is Omar available?  If not, jf not +1 for Silviu as chairman
20:49 hadenx: Silviu has been a great chair moderator
20:49 hadenx: *moderator
20:49 bassem_lap: bojicas if he don't mind
20:50 bassem_lap: ping
20:51 hadenx: I think this has been a great IRC meeting ..
20:51 bojicas: ok, if no one else, i'll moderate next one, too.
20:51 bojicas: great meeting, thank you
20:51 rverrips: +1 for Great IRC meeting
20:52 TheLive1: +1
20:52 bassem_lap: +1
20:52 bojicas: I'll copy&paste the log and post it online in a second after endmeeting flag :)
20:52 bojicas: +1
20:52 bojicas: #endmeeting

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