First IRC Meeting. Steps to become an approved LoCo team

IRC Meeting Logs

Complete logs: EmiratesTeam/Meetings/IRCMeetingLogs20110417


In order of presentation:

  1. bojicas: SilviuBojica

  2. hadenx: Haden Pereira
  3. bassem_mobile: Bassem Jarkas
  4. TheLive1: Sajjad Rizvi

  5. rverrips: RoyVerrips

  6. ifthikhan

In "listening" mode:

  1. nlsthzn-work: Neil Oosthuizen
  2. joseph_: Joseph John

Reported Progress

The Emirate LoCo achievements since our last gathering at More Cafe on 6th April:

Common Agreements

  • Our common goal is to get Emirates LoCo approved as official

  • IRC Bots:
    • use ubuntulog as official bot (at the moment of editing the mom, ubuntulog is running on our channel as ubuntulo1_)
    • use mootbot to monitor/summarize our meetings
  • Mailing Lists:
    • use current meetup mailing list, until we can take over ownership/co-admin the official ubuntu list, after, we should integrate them by having meetup list as a member of ubuntu.
  • on all circumstances we should have a "backup-guy" to co-admin our online tools
  • no need for a separate site with separate content like . However, a redirect of the or to our wiki page is welcomed.
  • Third party sites:
    • Facebook: link should provide links to our wiki, meetup page, etc.

    • Twitter: ubuntu_ae (we'll try to take over the ownership of the account)
    • LinkedIn: a group to be formed with links back to our wiki, meetup page, etc.

  • Next meeting on Sunday 24 April 2011 @8:00PM GST - follow-up and release party ideas


  • all:
  • bassem_mobile:
    • [DONE] follow up to get ubuntulog monitor #ubuntu-ae irc channel
    • follow up with the request redirect to our wiki page
  • hadenx:
    • contact scribes team re Mootbot join our #ubuntu-ae irc channel
    • [DONE] create the FB page link

  • rverrips:
    • get admin rights from existing admin (ubuntu-ae mailing list)
    • [DONE] coordinate registration of and redirect to our wiki link

    • get hold of owners of twitter accounts (@ubuntu_ae) and request username/password
  • bojicas:
    • [DONE] create a Linked In group link

    • prepare agenda and chair next meeting

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