Items or resources needed

The next action date for the EPC project is 2/7/08 We need the following resources:

resources needed

responsible party

2 additional 9dbi antennas

gcleric - Done

spool cat5

gcleric - Done

Double sided sticky Velcro

David Thomas

light, power extention cords


update the 3 routers already at EPC

deinerson1 - Done

find a suitable location in the NW and SE sections of the main building - Couch Room and one St. Josephs near a window

deinerson1 - Done

determine which 2 rooms will get a router - Apartments 14 and 18

deinerson1 - Done

measure current signal details using wavemon in key locations

deinerson1 - Done

The next action date for the EPC project is 3/1/09 Items on the agenda include the following.

  • Changed the number of repeating routers to 2, as this is what we are going to try first and add more as needed.
  • Also removed some of the items that were from the lab setup.

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