Project Milestones

Time line

A major milestone was met today, the computer lab now has 6 PC's installed with Ubuntu as well as a 48 port switch and new cable runs. The New Mexico Loco will meet again on 3/1/08 to finish the install with 2 more computers install in the lab. One additional computer will be installed in the weight room and a printer and scan station.

EPC furniture run up to Los Alamos

Meeting to set a date for Computer Lab Install

12/5/07 Meeting with Sam from [WWW] EPC, and Eric and David from the New Mexico Ubuntu Loco. This meeting was the initial meeting setting up some exceptions and needs for both organizations. Out of this meeting came a greater understanding of what [WWW] EPC does, and for EPC let them know what the New Mexico LoCo is all about. In the future the Loco will be setting up a campus network that will include a computer lab, office computers, and dorm room computers, all tied into a centralized network. Sam (the director of [WWW] EPC) will be gone till January and this should give the New Mexico LoCo ample time to better organize our support structure.

Sam Slishman from EPC has picked up the PC's. Final total was 23 PC's, 1 Dell PowerEdge 4400, and 2 3Com 10/100 Sweitches.

All PC's have been imaged and are ready for pickup EPC has been notified and are coordinating a time. Again A HUGE thanks to New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo Team Member Eric Krieger for all his hard work on this project.

Project Begins for the New Mexico LoCo

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