Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)

This project is going to be big, and require some real work. We will be installing and supporting an Ubuntu Network for the The Endorphin Power Company

This project was started on October 1st, 2007, due to the generous donation of 25 computers to the The Endorphin Power Company by Charter Bank of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo is in the process of installing the Ubuntu operating system on the donated computers, as well as negotiating a service level agreement to provide limited support and training for The Endorphin Power Company.

The Endorphin Power Company is dedicated to improving the lives of people, with special focus on the substance-dependent and homeless, thus alleviating many of the challenges faced by current emergency medical systems. Additional purposes are the promotion of mental and physical health through exercise, and the promotion of energy consciousness and voluntarism.

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EPC Project Updates


Fantastic morning updating the EPC computer Lab to Ubuntu 9.04 we had a little surprise EPC remodeled the library. So check out the great new floor and walls. The good news is they had plenty of people on hand to re-setup the computers. We also added more work stations they now have 10 stations. The mesh network is still running great too. This project just keeps getting better.
A Huge thanks goes to all those that helped doomcat, clayjar, gcleric, jimrz, nick125, ColonelPanik, and of course David from EPC great job! Check out all the fun

http://www.dthomasdigital.com/images/epc/update/epcupdate2.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/images/epc/update/epcupdate3.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/images/epc/update/epcupdate5.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/images/epc/update/epcupdate6.jpg


Getting Ready to update EPC computers to Ubuntu 9.04 Project page is here.


EPC Router and Mesh Network install Feb 7th at 10:00am - Check out all the details here!


EPC Mesh Network Kick Off Meeting - meeting notes


I just wanted to thank everyone that helped out with the EPC Computer Lab upgrade to Ubuntu Linux Release 8.04 (Hardy). The upgrade went flawlessly! Even the Mikes nemesis the Sony PC. =)

After talking with everyone i think that taking a hard look at converting the lab to LTSP (http://www.ltsp.org/) now that Dave has the PE 4400 Server up and running - great job Dave! - running LTSP may be an option now.

Some further reading on LTSP can be found here...


as well as here...


Thanks Again! Eric

12/20/2008 Had a great morning updating the EPC computer lab to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/epc/update/epcupdate1.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/epc/update/epcupdate2.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/epc/update/epcupdate3.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/epc/update/epcupdate4.jpg

12/6/2008 Ubuntu LoCo does a series of test to see if a mesh wireless system will work for the EPC complex.

http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/epc/epcmesh1.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/epc/epcmesh2.jpg http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/epc/epcmesh3.jpg

12/4/2008 Ubuntu NM LoCo makes the EPC Newsletter.

11/23/2008 Created two new sections to the project.

11/21/2008 Looking into ideas for extending internet access to the residents rooms and throughout the EPC campus. Rough wireless idea: http://twitpic.com/n3b1/full.

11/18/2008 Set the date of December 20th-21st for upgrading the EPC lab PC's from Gutsy to Hardy. Keeping the PCs to LTS releases.

07/28/08 Email Message from Dr Sam Slishman:

"i wonder where this whole linux thing is going to lead. the computers at epc seem to be working great now as evidenced by the throngs of kids who flow in and out."

03/17/08 Our EPC project gets mentioned in the Ubuntu Weekly Newletter.

03/15/08 Mike and Eric configured the EPC router to use the OpenDNS servers and setup an account for EPC that would allow them to filter traffic as they see fit.

02/25/08 The next action date for the EPC project is 3/1/08 at 10:00am MST Please click here for more information.

02/24/08 A major milestone was met today, the computer lab now has 6 PC's installed with Ubuntu as well as a 48 port switch and new cable runs. The New Mexico Loco will meet again on 3/1/08 to finish the install with 2 more computers install in the lab. One additional computer will be installed in the weight room and a printer and scan station.

02/21/08 We met at the EPC building today and started work on the project, inventories of the PC's and testing of the PC's were done. For more information check out the meetings page. EPC meeting

02/15/08 The following link is the first draft document of what we would like to accomplish with the computer lab on 2/24/08


Here's the plan for tomorrow's EPC furniture run up to Los Alamos and back...if you would like to help...

Meet at 7:00am Saturday morning at the EPC building (509 Cardenas, SE Albuquerque, NM 87108) or call Dr. Sam Slishman if you want to dig in later in the day... 220-1014. Or meet us east of the science museum on 15th and Central in Los Alamos. No matter what, I guarantee it'll be fun and different than your average Saturday.


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