About Me Real Name: Eric Hedekar Email: <> Website: Ubuntu Forums: Stochastic Launchpad: Eric Hedekar (stochastic) IRC: stochastic or _stochastic_ on Freenode

What I'm known for

  • I'm known for my contributions to the Ubuntu Studio development team. I've been the team's designated moderator in the Multimedia Production section of for a year and a half now, have packaged applications for inclusion in Ubuntu Studio for two releases, and am working toward better team organization through monthly meetings.


  • I'm a musician (with a BFA from SFU) that's been using Ubuntu as my main OS since at least Dapper (if not Breezy). Before that I was on a Debian install.

  • calf-plugins
  • xwax
  • a2jmidid
  • xjadeo

Upgraded or Fixed:
  • ardour
  • denemo
  • tap-plugins
  • jack-rack
  • ubuntustudio-controls

Recent Ubuntu Studio Contributions
  • ubuntustudio-font-meta - meta package containing a very large selection of fonts from the Main and Universe repositories
  • fixed the raw1394 access issue on Jaunty (in ubuntustudio-controls) after the change in udev rules
  • helping with the push to include jackd in Main
  • organizing team meetings
  • regular user help on IRC in #ubuntustudio
  • maintaining the Multimedia Production section of (and greatly assisting many users there)
  • pushing for updates to the community documentation (I was actually very active in writing much of the Ubuntu Studio documentation before Ubuntu Studio became a distribution. It was just a wiki project on how to modify Ubuntu to make it useable as a audio operating system. Those pages have since been donated to the community documentation.)
  • testing the ISO images on a regular basis
  • encouraging others to test ubuntu studio alpha releases

LoCo Contributions:
  • I've recently become active in the Vancouver LoCo team.

  • I'm giving a talk about Ubuntu Studio on November 21st as an afternoon event.
  • I gave a talk on "Editing your Home Movies on Ubuntu" at the September 2009 genral meeting.
  • I recently designed a logo for the group for our informal logo contenst

  • I have created the Vancouver LoCo Launchpad team page.

  • I am currently maintaining the #ubuntu-ca-vn channel on freenode.
  • I am slated to provide an upcoming CopyLeft music festival with copies of Ubuntu Studio and info pamphlets on Ubuntu at the Merchandise table.

Other Work
  • I tell my friends about ubuntu. Smile :)

  • I regularly phone corporations I've bought hardware from, requesting support for Ubuntu.
  • Constantly answering questions, clarifying facts, giving advice, and assisting new users in the Multimedia Production section of (not to mention deleting spam, and sorting out posts for the Multimedia & Video section)

  • Maintain (man I really should post more often) a blog on open source audio at (currently ~800 hits/month)

  • Recently joined the Ubuntu Audio Team to help fight audio bugs in Ubuntu.

What The Future Holds...

  • The list of packages I plan to add to the repositories (now that I've learned to package) is too big. The major next step is to get the LV2 plugin libraries into Ubuntu as many of the current applications in the repositories have support for this standard but we don't have the libraries yet. I imagine I'll start to get bogged down with maintenance of packages before I can work my way through this list:

  • I'd like to create an ubuntustudio-art-programming metapackage that depends on software like PD, ChucK, Processing, GEM, Faust, SuperCollider, and CSound, (maybe HaXe) that focus on custom multimedia tool creation. I also would like to make an ubuntustuiod-web-design metapackage.

  • I plan to learn more about Debian development processes so that I can have more effect across distros, inevitably strengthening Ubuntu.
  • Simply stated, I want audio on Ubuntu to be easier. I am going to fix this.
  • I'd like to do some mentoring through the Vancouver LoCo Launchpad team.


Eric has made himself an indispensable part of the Ubuntu Studio team this cycle. He is motivated, helpful and gets things done. A huge +1 for membership from me, his contribution has been invaluable. JussiSchultink

As former lead on Ubuntu Studio I feel that Eric has demonstrated a great ability to follow up on our bugs as well as map out other areas that need work. With a little time, I feel Eric could one day lead the project. C.Kontros

Eric has become a valuable member and regular contributor to the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo. He has been active in our logo design project and has energized our informal support channel on IRC. He created the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo launchpad site to facilitate and encourage Ubuntu development and bug reporting in the Vancouver area. I am extremely grateful to have Eric as part of the community and endorse him wholeheartedly. RandallRoss

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