About Me

Federico Torres (fetova)

Location: Mexico City

Email: <fetova AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/people/fetova

Ubuntu Forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=228219

IRC: fetova @ irc.freenode.org, channels: #ubuntu-ar, #ubuntu-mx, #ubuntu-locoteams, #ubuntu-lat, #cupie, #cupie-admin, #ubuntu-hardened, #ubuntu-irc, #ubuntu-es, #ubuntu-es-ops, #ubuntu-es-offtopic

I'm th LoCo Contact and Leader of Mexican Team, a moderator on our forums, on #ubuntu-es and Co-admin with meisok in the #cupie project (inactive, snif)

Ubuntu Contribution

  • I'm using Ubuntu since Edgy. It's my first Linux Distribution, but I use later Debian, Elive and Knoppix.
  • I moderate in the Mexican team's forum. We have on the time of write this, 1498 members, 14.06 messages per day, and we are happy to give support to anyone what need it

  • I'm the team contact of UbuntuMxTeam

  • I'm a channel operator of #ubuntu-mx: we have a little group there all day long. They're really nice people so it's a pleasure to hang there.
  • I'm a Siteadmin of http://ubuntumx.org/

  • I'm making the effort to do the UbuntuMxTeam an Approved LoCo Team

  • I'm giving Ubuntu CD's on my school (http://www.cecyt13.ipn.mx/)

  • I migrate all of the computers of my job to Ubuntu
  • I'm beggining a proyect to give qualification to spanishtalkers newbies users with another partner, http://www.ubuntu-es.org/wiki/doku.php/proyecto:cupie

The future

  • I wanna be a Mexican Ubuntu distributor
  • I wanna see the Mexican LoCo Team, approved

  • I wanna see Ubuntu on my school computer, begin a team to distribute Ubuntu on schools
  • I wanna promote the use of Free Software on the public schools
  • I wanna do a UbuConf on Mexico City

  • I wanna do a lot of things... Better I focus on this ones...

Suport for membership

Federico is a great contributor to the the whole Spanish Ubuntu Community and he is visible both as a leader/contact of his team and as a contributor to the wider community in several ways, the most prominent of which are #CUPIE, the mexican forum and working on documentation and the wiki at ubuntu-es.org. Rubén Romero - huayra

Federico has worked very hard toward understanding how the community works, and has been very successful in reviving the Mexican LoCo team, in addition to participating actively in the Argentina LoCo. MartinAlbisetti

Federico has been very active within the Mexican LoCo, and has been friendly and helpful when we have talked in various meetings and normal everyday life at #ubuntu-mx. +1 from BrunoBarrera

Federico is a great leader within Mexican LoCo givin' support to those who are new to the Ubuntu World and those who have a time too. He works very hard in every project he gets involved. He never give up what is the best. Julio Vidal <madeye12>

Few people I know so collaborative as Federico and so eager to invest time not only in his own group but others too, he really has a total grasp about the meaning of being an useful member of our great Ubuntu community Mariano Mara

Is a person who has know to bringing forward the draft LoCo MX, a great exponent within the C.U.P.I.E. project and a good administrator www.ubuntumexico.org. Atomixer

Fetova has done a great job both in the Mexican community in the Hispanic community, has been one of the main pillars of the project cupie, actively participating and giving several lectures. It is a constant and active person, and I give him my full support. Meisok

I think that the most important person of Ubuntu-Mx is Federico, he is a great leader and manager. He has work to create a real community based on the dialog and collaboration, He has inverted great part of his time in fomenting a real culture of free software and support the new users.X Bit Carry


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