Forum Council July 2009

  • Ubuntu To help integrate the Ubuntu Forums and Launchpad you may now log into the Ubuntu Forums with your Launchpad OpenID.

    Ubuntu Forums otherwise remain active (and fun).

July Meeting

  • Ubuntu We unfortunately did not have a quorum ans so no action could be taken.

    Ubuntu We did, however, listen to some of the issues brought up by the community.

    • We will discuss revising the Report Button on the forums. Thank you to everyone for the suggestions. See Report post icon should be changed for details.

    • Thank you to DougieRichardson (and others) to help improve discouraged posts / threads that end up in T&E. T&E is probably the best location for this activity as it prevents trolling.

    • The specifics of the plan are here. We do not think a specific team needs to be started for this activity on the forums, although perhaps contact the BeginnersTeam to see if a Focus group can be formed.

    • The staff will discuss the potential use of Launchpad to track staff members.
    • The FC will make efforts to keep Team Reporting up to date.
    • BodhiZazen will ask Hellow and Panickedthumb to head up the UA team with additional actions to be discussed next month.

    Ubuntu Logs of the meeting can be found here: Meeting logs (Starting at 23:18)

Thank You ~

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