An update from the Forums Council for May of 2012

  • Archiving Forums. Threads that have no activity for >12 months, will be archived every 6 months (in sync with the release cycle)

  • New Theme. TechnoViking has been hard at work creating a new theme for the Forum. It now matches the branding on most of the other Ubuntu web sites

  • Wiki Teams. elfy , has been working with the wiki team to convert tutorials from the Tips and Tutorials sub-forum to wki pages.

  • General Messages. thanked all those that added their support to her application to the Ubuntu Membership Board.

  • New Staff. We put off appointing any further staff until we discussed it amongst the staff a little more. We are trying to meet the Community Council guidelines, when it comes to appointing/electing new staff members.
  • Application Development Forum. mhall119, answered all of the remaining question the Forum Council had, before the new sub-forum is opened.
  • New Members. We elected 3 new Forums ubuntu members, please welcome primefalcon, hakermania and sandyd.

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