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Activity reports

Colin Watson

* Spec reviews:

  • daily-upstream-builds-poc (by e-mail)
  • distributed-development-debian-import (by IRC)
  • Feature work:
    • Added prompt during LVM partitioning for how much of the VG should be allocated (#160156).
    • Changed server CDs to use LVM by default (although still ask).
    • Finished changes to allow manual package selection in d-i. (This took quite a while; getting the terminal definition into the right place was unwarrantedly painful.)
  • Installer:
    • Merged partman-auto and partman-auto-lvm from Debian to fix #225785.
    • Made use of new dmraid exit code sanity to fix #325947.
    • Fixed grub #317085 (trailing slashes in fstab mountpoints).
    • console-setup fix for users of the CyrSlav codeset.

  • Wrote up TB meeting notes for TeamReports.

  • Tracked down the cause of ubuntu-cdimage #309396.
  • Removed ancient /etc/init.d/console-screen.kbd.sh.

Evan Dandrea

  • Sponsorship queue work. Uploaded gnome-system-tools.
  • Modified ubiquity to use PNGs instead of SVGs for the timezone map for better performance.
  • Email to Robbie about usb-creator work.
  • Spoke with Ken about the time zone map requirements, and posted some mock ups from him to the wiki for future design consideration.Ken will provide me with a final copy by the artwork deadline.
  • Modified the time zone map to only select cities in the time zone band the mouse is over instead of selecting the absolute nearest city.
  • Started reviewing shtylman's ubiquity bzr branch, specifically changes to the time zone map. Roman is working on bringing the KDE frontend up to speed with changes to the GTK frontend.
  • Added support to ubiquity for translating between partman-auto translations and their ubiquity equivalents. This removes the confusing "Guided -" portion of the text on the automatic partitioning page as well as allows us to provide more specific options ("Use the entire disk, replacing Windows XP").
  • Finished the code in the new partitioning bar with resize slider (SegmentedBarSlider) to set proper bounds and return a correctly formatted value to partman-auto. Finished integrating this widget into ubiquity.

  • Discussed the automatic partitioning page with Matthew Paul Thomas at Millbank. He's provided a mock up (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyUbiquityUsability?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=automatic_partitioning.pdf) that I hope to at least partially implement before Feature Freeze.


  • oem-tracking-id : Implemented. I still need to rip out the old oem-id code and might need to make additional changes if they do not find the current functionality to be sufficient.

  • jaunty-ubiquity-usability : Mostly implemented, just a few deferred items and little bits here and there that I might be able to knock off before FF.

  • ubiquity-slideshow : Deferred due to Julian's team not having sufficient time for it this cycle. I spoke with him at the sprint about this and they are going to try to work it in for the future.

To do before FF

  • Rip out the old C time zone map code to remove bloat from the ubiquity package.
  • Finish implementing mpt's automatic partitioning page suggestions.
  • Knock off any small remaining items from JauntyUbiquityUsability.

James Westby

  • Distributed Development
    • New features for bzr-builddeb, most notable:
      • Extra options for building without so much hassle
        • $ bzr builddeb -- -S -v0.2-1
      • pristine-tar integration. No more checksum mismatches,and more things just working.
      • Had to break backwards compatibility in a few places to do this, but I hope the pain is worth the benefit.
    • Spec re-written following review feedback. Tentative re-review looks good.
  • Ubuntu
    • - Plenty of sponsoring. - Some archive admin work.

Lars Wirzenius

Luke Yelavich


  • Audio bug triaging
  • More uploads of pulseaudio with fixes from git, and a few configuration changes. These were Daniel Chen's decisions, but I am happy to go with them at this point. One major change was to turn glitch free off, since it was causing manu users a lot of headaches.
  • Uploaded 0.9.15~test2 of pulseaudio to my PPA.
  • Uploaded a fix for alsa-lib, again thanks to Daniel Chen.
  • Started testing pulseaudio's glitch free for myself, and yse I get glitchy audio as well.


  • ( Found the cause ofRAID0 arrays not being activated. It was a patch that the Ubuntu and Debian packages were carrying that was in the upstream release, but the patch still applied anyway.
  • Updated the git tree for the debian dmraid package with all the fixes I'd written for the activation script, and the dropping of the patch. I have direct commit access to the git tree, so will be sending all my changes via Debian first, except for extremely urgent cases, like late in the Jaunty release. In general, this will mean we will be syncing the dmraid package from now on.
  • Investigated dmraid and ubiquity/live CD again. It looks like nothing substantial needs doing here, except for deciding whether we activate dmraid arrays on the live CD by default, and if not, at what point in the CD load do we ask the user if they want them activated.


  • Some sponsoring of both packages for main and universe, particularly with feature freeze coming up, this was good to get some good sponsoring work under my belt, as I have not done nearly as much as I should have.
  • After several uploads, got kernels for ports architectures all built, so that lots of packagse can be built on all architectures. There is still a kernel issue with endianness on sparc that needs addressing however, however thats for my own time, i.e personal time, as well as tweaking the kernel configs, adding Ubuntu aadded modules, etc.

Matthias Klose

Michael Vogt


  • update to the 0.8 branch (will get released very soon)
  • debug/fix issue that seb128 brought up with incorrect placment of windows (wrong viewport). sent patch upstream (#1124)
  • compiz metadata/plugin default sync
  • update plugins-main,extra and upload to compiz ppa and then jaunty (0.8 release is comming soon)
  • Multi screen compiz-manager fix (#207770) and sent upstream


  • patching plymouth to work on ubuntu
  • add integration into our initramfs
  • packaging in lp:~plymouth-dev/plymouth/ubuntu
  • uploading into my ~mvo PPA and later into the ~plymouth-dev PPA
  • Create kvm image with plymouth by default (no kernel modesetting in the image)
  • no success in getting kernel mode settng to work on my hardware


  • discuss/prepare possilbe fglrx transition
  • Work on the update-manager not-automatic branch, not quite ready for feature-freeze :/
  • Work on the computer-janitor<->update-manager code merging in the lp:~mvo/update-manager/janitor-merge branch with liw This is taking its time, the code bases are different


  • implement the DX team changes for autoamtic launch of update-manager
  • add automatic launching of dialogs too (e.g. reboot required will not show a bubble but a dialog instead)
  • worked on avoiding focus stealing, not everything ready, needs to get fixed after FF


  • bug triage
  • Mail robbie with ongoing tasks/responsibilites I do/have
  • Look into codenia (fluendo codec installer)
  • Work with asac on the partner-repository policy mail (partner-repository spec)
  • Call with randy about codec install/sent mail with screenshots of the new interface
  • Review/sponsor deja-dup upload into universe (jaunty backup spec)
  • Apt ddtp translation update
  • Work on gdebi (lots of small fixes, talk with sianis who helped greatly with triage and fixes), upload new version
  • Followup on ddtp import bug (turns out to be a LP problem: #317482)
  • upload new gconf with changed gconf system defaults location (to be in sync with the other distros)
  • Help arne with language-selector questions
  • Bug triage for dpkg trigger processing problems (thanks to bdmurray for compiling the list)


  • Review/sponsor gnome-desktop-sharp2 update
  • Review/merge/sponsor multiscreen compiz-manager patch (#207770)
  • Review/sponsor brasero, gnome-terminal
  • Review/sponsor yet another new brasero
  • review/sponsor tomboy

Scott Remnant

* udev

  • Added support for udev to watch block devices with inotify. When closed after being opened for writing, udev will fake a "change" event for the underlying kobject. In practice this means that running dd, or mkfs, etc. on a block device will update /dev/disk/by-{uuid,label} automatically.
  • module-init-tools
    • Updated to latest GIT head.
    • Compared the performace of 3.3, 3.6 and GIT head. Results posted to ubuntu-boot ML.
  • util-linux
    • Worked on the patch to hwclock to support stepping the system clock and setting the kernel timezone without reference to the hardware clock.
    • udev rule to call this new hwclock option when the hardware clock was not in UTC.
    • Worked with LaMont to put together a GIT tree for my work that he can merge from.

    • Restored patches LaMont accidentally dropped when doing an upstream update.

    • First cut of a performance comparison, results not yet mailed.
  • Boot performance:
    • Meeting with Arjan Van der Ven of Intel to discuss the work Moblin have been doing
    • Compared the 2.6.28-7, 2.6.29-rc4 and 2.6.29-rc5 kernel versions, and compared with/without the fastboot async patches enabled. Results posted to ubuntu-boot ML.
    • Compared boot with/without LRM.
  • Fixed bootchart dependencies since it turns out to need a full JRE
  • Updated autoconf to 2.63
  • Update automake to 1.10.2

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • triaging of jaunty nominations/targeted bugs
  • release meetings
  • alpha-4 preparations/release
  • Feature Freeze announcement / coordination


  • nail down the Hotkey spec and get the implementation going during the platform team sprint
  • extensive hotkey testing / debugging, availing myself of the local hardware access during the sprint


  • Follow through on nut SRU, uploading the fixes to jaunty.(bug #222761)
  • merge libgsf (bug #325682)
  • merge samba 3.3 (bug #328874)
  • follow through on the acpi-support drive parking mess, uploading pm-utils to hardy/intrepid/jaunty (bug 59695)
  • lay the basic groundwork for openldap 2.4.14 in jaunty


  • trace down a false-positive regarding a regression in a kernel security update (bug #322497)
  • Monday archive duties x2
  • participate in hwclock discussions with Scott and Colin

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