• JamesWestby - Attending Bazaar sprint in Brisbane, AU.

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Actions from this meeting

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Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Bug-fixing:
    • Intrepid SRU for dpkg #317761 (dpkg-source sets -i -I by default).
    • choose-mirror #18225 (allow preseeding $CC.archive.ubuntu.com-style setup).
    • Serious archaeology on partman-base #107787 (prepare partition can't create > 200Gb partitions), which was still assigned to me, involving building a feisty chroot. Turns out to be a duplicate of #137878, fixed in gutsy.

    • pkgsel #8195 (Run updatedb at install time?).
    • germinate #323714 (raises exception rather than printing a message and exiting).
    • ubiquity #337181 (KDE frontend crash due to incomplete porting of grub_device_entry to be a QComboBox).
    • ubiquity #337998 (suggested keyboard layout doesn't apply after "trying" another custom layout).
    • Tried to reproduce ubiquity #331442 from the regression-potential list and failed. Asked for more information.
    • ubiquity #298318 (improve size required for /usr partition).
    • gfxboot-theme-ubuntu #295949 (F6 "Other Options" menu puts kernel options in wrong place).
    • base-installer #340308 (keyboard layout gets reset when console-setup is installed during base system installation).
    • ubiquity #340549 ("You entered an empty password" warning when entering a trivial non-empty password).
    • ircd-hybrid #337715 (depends on persistence of /var/run/ircd; universe, but for a friend).
  • Lots of work on install-time races. Scott was very helpful and provided a udev patch to make 'udevadm settle' actually work as we need it to, which coupled with a change to call 'udevadm settle' at key points in libparted seems to have cleared up the worst of the problems at last. There are still a few complaints regarding LVM.
  • IS status call; wrote up notes.
  • 9.10 requirements calls (Kickstart, oem-config, server installation, iSCSI, repository management).
  • Fixed cdimage to remove udebs that are already in the installer initrd from the output of all seeds rather than just the installer seed; this strips about 4MB off server CDs.
  • Revised ArchiveReorganisation spec somewhat.

  • Got rid of -386-di stuff from server CD.
  • Technical Board meeting.
  • Sponsorship:
    • python3-defaults #330613/#336381.

Evan Dandrea

  • Short week. Half day on Thursday.
  • Lots of ubiquity bug triage.
  • Tried and failed to reproduce 282756 with an alpha 5 i386 CD
  • Integrated the final time zone artwork. Took the better part of a day. :/
  • Attempted to hunt down why fuse ends up in /etc/modules for keybuk.
  • Prepared and uploaded a new ubiquity.
  • Conference calls for oem-config, kickstart, and server installation.
  • Merged my cdimage changes for Wubi, built and uploaded a new Wubi,rebuilt CDs. Looks fantastic according to davmor2. There are a few bugs (uninstaller doesn't remove the uninstaller executable, and autorun doesn't work), but Ago and myself know the causes of them and are working on fixes.
  • Fixed the Wubi autorun issue.
  • Followed up with Mario on questions about GRUB 2 in Jaunty.
  • Spent a fair amount working on getting the time zone points correctly lined up on the map using a miller cylindrical projection,

and then accounting for the the map not starting at 180 degrees and missing the arctic circle. It's not satisfactory yet, but it no longer worsens as the size increases and is getting closer to being accurate. Roman has apparently made further refinements that I'll look at soon.

  • Started testing Wubi in my Windows 7 VM. Created bug 340400 as a result.
  • Merged FireRabbit's SD support usb-creator branch after some working of the code.

  • Had a few conversations with Ago regarding the status of Wubi.
  • Finally fixed the update-initramfs not working properly on writable live media (USB disks) bug.
  • Fixed the daylight savings bug in the new timezone map (335355).

James Westby

Lars Wirzenius

Done this week

  • Fixed some computer-janitor-gtk UI problems, just in time for the UI freeze.
  • Started thinking about a talk I could propose to Debconf9.
  • Documented workaround for ##317721: piuparts needs some fixing to work out-of-the-box on Ubuntu. I am not sure how to deal cleanly with that, as upstream, so didn't make code changes.
  • Verified that #316775 still applies to jaunty.
  • Found out that update-manager hadn't actually kept my metric ton of virtual machines up to date. Did manual updates. Part of the problem seems to be kvm related networking problems.

Remaining from past weeks

  • Fix bugs: 288731, 277924.

Plans for the coming week

  • Fix bugs: 288731, 277924.
  • Find and fix other bugs.

Luke Yelavich


  • Fixed some important accessibility bugs relating to speech and audio.
  • Added changes for accessibility installs from the Ubuntu live CD to allow users to use administrative programs that get run with gksudo. A tool like orca can now be used to navigate and use Synaptic Package manager for instance.
  • Started debugging a hard to track down crash in the speech-dispatcher package. Speech drivers crash at random, due to something in the alsa code, however haven't pinned down the exact problem yet. I'm sprinkling various prints in the code to get an idea of the state of things at the time of the hang.


  • Audio bug traiging
  • Uploaded a lot of work from Daniel Chen to try and get pulseaudio performing better with glitch free disabled.
  • Added a special case to pulseaudio and casper's accessibility code, to make sure pulseaudio doesn't run when speech is being used, as they don't play nicely with each other. Hopefully future work planned upstream will address this.
  • Sent a small list of git commits for more hda hardware enablement to the kernel team. This included some HDMI enablement patches.
  • Uploaded a new test version of pulseaudio 0.9.15 to my PPA, and also uploaded a git snapshot of pavucontrol which works with the pulseaudio test version.


  • Fixed a missing initramfs-tools dependency for module-init-tools, which was preventing a kernel package from being built.
  • No sponsoring (caught up in my work again). I tend to do most if not all my sponsoring work in my own time on community related, i.e not Canonical related tasks.

Matthias Klose

  • Integrate Cacao and Zero/Shark into the OpenJDK builds, now can be called as java [-cacao|-zero] -version. Addressed OpenJDK concerns with printing the correct runtime name. The cacao-oj6 package are now obsolete.
  • llvm updates (for building Shark).
  • Prepared GCC updates for Karmic.
  • OOo ESC meeting (Mon, Tue).

Michael Vogt


  • fix compiz when multiple XDG_CONFIG_DIRS are given
  • Include apport package hook into compiz (#338472)
  • freeze exception request for compiz with protobuf support
  • compiz (and all associated packages) updated to version 0.8.2 and uploaded into the archive: good startup improvements and fixes
  • Debug compiz failure with asac (xorg UXA problem)


  • Merged ec2 auto upgrade test branch into main update-manager branch
  • Add number of updates again to the u-m UI and ask for freeze exception
  • Merge copy-to-clipboard patch for update-manager
  • Work on the aufs branch
  • Do not allow upgrade over ssh with gtk/qt frontends (#322482)
  • merge aufs branch (disabled)


  • Debug/fix update-notifier corner case in auto-launch mode were it still shows a notification icon
  • Work on u-n should not open n-m if there is anohter dpkg process (LP: #334935)


  • Debug ufw upgrade issue (#337705)
  • Diagnose ufw upgrade problem further (#337705) - test/apply another better fix
  • Upload new python-defaults with workaround for ufw upgrade issue
  • was able to produce nm crash during kubuntu upgrades, send crashfile
  • create main-all upgrade test case for intrepid->jaunty (with ~5000 packages installed)

  • work on "hal restart makes nm bring down all network interfaces" during upgrade problem (no progress, just more data)


  • bug triage
  • worked on rapt (lp:~mvo/+junk/rapt) a restricted apt for elmo
  • Upload new g-a-i with the X-AppInstall-AlwaysOnTop feature

  • debug/fix apt-get source download issue (#330103)
  • work on new gksu/libgksu update
  • Repository managment call


  • Sponsor pidgin-libnotify,
  • sponsor totem
  • sponsor totem-pl-parser
  • Review/sponsor computer-janitor for liw
  • Review/sponsor gegl upload (#315778)
  • Review/sponsor libselinux1 rebuild (#338504)
  • Review/sponsor human-icon-theme (#338345)
  • Review/sponsor smart desktop file fix (#116222)
  • Review/sponsor gimp (#331306) upload

Scott James Remnant


  • Patched udevadm settle to try and fix inotify race in installer
  • Some fighting with Kay over that patch <g>


  • 3.7~pre7 finally uploaded with all the binary indexes goodness
  • Restored /etc/modules support
  • Dealt with config files renaming to *.conf on upgrade
  • All aliases and options removed
  • Updated debhelper dh_installmodules to use *.conf names and migrate old names
  • Other packages audited for modprobe.d files, and either removed or renamed to *.conf
    • dkms, libsane, rt73, mwave, mt-st, kqemu, madwifi-tools, gpib, lm_sensors, nbd-client, pilot-link, linux-restricted-modules, libphidgets0, hostap-utils, rng-tools, toshutils, sl-modem-daemon, desktop-multiplier, capiutils, nvidia-kernel-common, classmate-initramfs, barry-util, alsa-base, linux-sound-base
  • Fixed issues with missing $CMDLINE_OPTS in install/remove rules
  • Fixed packages using modprobe -Q which was an Ubuntu-specific patch that's been dropped:
    • pcmciautils, alsa-base, initramfs-tools
  • Fixed to not depend on initramfs-tools, but Break it instead to force an upgrade (and thus an initramfs update)


  • fuse built into kernel, fuse-utils and sysvinit updated
  • Many one-line patches to put the aliases in the kernel where they belong; merged into our Kernel, then rebased and submitted upstream
  • Options patched merged into our Kernel then rebased and submitted upstream
  • Floppy pnpacpi patch merged into our kernel and fixed upstream
  • Patched scsi media changer device to include the right scsi type modalias, so it will be auto-loaded


  • Removed the Java pieces of bootchart from the package leaving only our own custom collector and gatherer pieces
  • Packaged the new Python version and uploaded that as a separate package
  • Also repackaged the Java version without our custom bits, and only with the Java code


  • Cleaned up accidental _darcs mess
  • Cleaned up rules to be more reliable on down
  • Use udev to create /var/run/network and to bring up lo, eliminating the need for an init script
  • netbase updated to remove /var/run/network/initialized which nothing uses - it never fixed the problem


  • Chatted with base-files upstream, and we agreed that /etc/adjtime is no longer needed (FHS optional) and removed from the package
  • Reworked upstream patch to allow --systz alongside /etc/adjtime
  • Learned about adjtime, and how it is used when not using --adjust
  • --systz patch accepted and merged upstream


  • Created a new Summit instance for allhands (allhands.canonical.com)
  • Applied campfire theme from Matthew Newzum

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • FFe processing
  • torrent support in metalink generation code
  • alpha-6 preparations
    • fix gegl dep on ffmpeg, trying to pull avcodec onto CDs - which magically fixes all our ISO size problems for this round
    • hand-hold compiz to installability


  • upload postgresql, freeradius, bacula, quodlibet, quodlibet-plugins for the python 2.6 transition
  • refinements of libpam-ldap PAM profile
  • merge PAM fixes from Debian, and get us closer to syncability on the package
  • merge libpam-krb5 (bug #227531)
  • follow through on cryptsetup SRU (bug #291752)
  • upload packagekit so that it's installable when dbus isn't running (e.g., in the kubuntu livefs build chroot)
  • fix poppler build-dep on universe-only openjpeg


  • help OEM services get access to the internal Ubuntu cdimage branch

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