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Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • liw to enter the storm of dmraid and talk to TheMuso

  • Keybuk to draft KMS on the Console spec....based on mysterious irc discussion

Actions from this meeting

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Fixed ubiquity #361627 (should not remove ecryptfs-utils when in use).
  • Merged: grub2, busybox, ubuntu-policy, gnu-efi, openldap
  • Drafted specs: foundations-karmic-golden-iso-image, foundations-karmic-cloud-setup-in-server-installer,foundations-karmic-server-installer-improvements
  • Reviewed/approved specs: foundations-karmic-install-updates-when-installing, foundations-karmic-update-on-shutdown, foundations-karmic-power-management
  • Fixed user-setup #388822 (username cannot have underscore during install).
  • Sponsorship:
    • iso-scan (merge from Muharem).
  • Proposed a parted patch to clean up its current messy names for swap partition types.
  • Sent a few busybox patches upstream (and then argued about them).
  • Sent a proposal for installer online help text to debian-boot.
  • LWN interview regarding GRUB 2.
  • Adjusted base-installer for new PAE kernel package naming.
  • Dynamically linked busybox in the initramfs, saving a megabyte. Some other shrinkage in initramfs-tools and dmraid.
  • Worked on removing the old timezone map from ubiquity.

Evan Dandrea

  • Helped Marc Tardiff with a few emails on his experiences with=ubiquity automation. Verified that NTP preseeding was working, but filed bug 388343 after some discussion with Colin.
  • Uploaded casper 1.132ubuntu0.3 to fix persistence support in 8.04.3.
  • Tested Wubi r136 as a candidate to replace the version we have on the website for 9.04. Filed a RT to have IS sign the binary.
  • Had a discussion with Dylan McCall across the ubuntu-installer and ubiquity-slideshow mailing lists about the best approach for a slide format, then incorporating their existing work into the specification. Poked around the webkitgtk code.

  • Helped debug some installation issues in #ubuntu-installer for waters and mattn_
  • Finished drafting the encrypted swap specification. Prodded Agostino and Roman to finish their respective specs. All specifications are now approved.
  • Email discussion with Michael Terry on what specifications and other work he can pick up for 9.10.
  • Sorted travel for Debcamp and the sprint.
  • Email discussion with Belinda about notifying interested parties about changes to oem-config.
  • Did a bit of sponsorship work (LP: #380940, #384648, #349844)
  • Looked into unit testing devkit-disks code via netlink messages, but after some discussion with Scott found it's much easier and better practice to create a fake devkit-disks.
  • Looked into an issue of ubiquity ending up on the installed system, as reported on ubuntu-devel.
  • Wrote an article for the Partner Newsletter, per Larry's request.
  • Email discussion with Tim on the likelihood of colinux ever making it into the Ubuntu kernel. As this was a definite no, sent an email to ubuntu-devel announcing that we will not be pursuing it for Wubi.
  • Followed up with the Xandros user looking to install Ubuntu via USB on ubuntu-devel, per Robbie's request.
  • Started a conversation with Andrew Sayers on his https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallProgramsFromMigrationAssistant specification. Andrew expressed interest on helping with the m-a rewrite, so I'm going to touch base with him when I return from vacation.

  • Pushed Wubi r137 to Karmic.
  • Hacked on the devkit backend / better backend split code for usb-creator.
  • Reviewed rgreening's usb-creator backend work. Looks about ready, but I'll have to make the necessary changes to the GTK frontend and pull in the devkit backend when I return from vacation, as we're long overdue for a new release.

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Started importing lots of main, but slowed due to the the volume of mail generated. Launchpad developers promptly fixed this, thanks. I've started the import again.
  • There are what appear to be similar problems causing the import of quite a few packages to fail. Investigation of this not yet done.

Daily Builds

  • Spec not completed, sorry. It will be done this week.


  • Spec drafted and approved. Much help from Martin Pitt on how to implement the needed pieces in apport, thanks.

Distro tasks

  • Some new packages so that we can have the new launchpadlib. Just one new package left to do I think.
  • Less sponsoring than I would have liked due to being away.


  • 4 days conference leave for Open Source Bridge
  • Preparation and travel arrangements for DebConf.

Lars Wirzenius

Matthias Klose

  • Update and test GCC to build with SSP
  • python2.6/python3.1 updates
  • Update eglibc-2.9/-2.10 in PPA
  • simple eclipse update, first steps to a roadmap to update eclipse in Ubuntu.
  • build dash using profile based optimization
  • binutils updates needed for ARM
  • llvm update, needed for OpenJDK
  • prepare gdb trunk (vfp support on ARM)

Michael Vogt



  • Add code to the non-interactive upgrader to read the dpkg progress logs (pre-unpack spec)
  • Add code to libapt to output when dpkg is about to be forked on the status-fd (pre-unpack spec)
  • PAE kernel transition discussion
  • misc bugfixes
  • add auto-upgrade tester as its own package
  • ship kubuntu and main-all in default profiles for the auto-upgrade tester (plus lts-server and lts-ubuntu)
  • fix problem with left-over kvm instances
  • fixes in the auto-upgrade-tester cli interface
  • upload new version with auto-upgrade-tester package


  • learn about it (including how to trigger it, use "crash" etc)
  • fix grub to pass better crashfile= parameter (#389449)
  • fixes in kexec-tools
  • update crash and makecrashfile to new upstream versions (and fix libdw-dev along the way)
  • switch crash output to ELF by default, this got me a meaningful backtrace with "crash" and the linux-image-debug kernel
  • make it work by default once the "linux-crashdump" pacakge is installed


  • AppCenter design discussion

  • Update app-install-data with the keyword data from mpt
  • discussion about dbus apt backend with glatzor
  • add debconf support to aptdaemon based around passthrough frontend and a debconf socket (lp:~mvo/aptdaemon/debconf)


  • Merge the confflictschecker changes by sbeattie to macaroni and make it run again (yeah!)
  • Fix ubuntu-vm-builder problem (vol_id -> blkid)

  • Synaptic: merge i18n fix
  • Fix bugAddress in software-properties
  • Debug/fix apt scoring problem with recommends (in the problem resolver)


  • smartmontools, metacity, gnome-games

Mike Terry


  • Re-merged hdparm
  • Updated duplicity


  • Finished de-rooting it
  • Polished upgrade/migration code
  • Filed MIRs
  • Waiting on review

Ubiquity/oem-config merge

  • Spent a while on merging the oem-config codebase with ubiquity's
  • Kept history and format by using bzr-merge-into plugin
  • Now there are very few oem-config-specific files, there are just bits of code that behave differently when run as oem-config.
  • Have something that builds, have not tested yet. Will upload as a bzr branch soon.

Muharem Hrnjadovic


  • Took care of Platform sprint travel arrangements

Merges and syncs

  • iso-scan_1.28ubuntu1
  • dput 0.9.4ubuntu1
  • lcms_1.18.dfsg-1
  • netbase_4.35ubuntu1
  • gawk_3.1.6.dfsg-3ubuntu1
  • ifplugd_0.28-15ubuntu1
  • rabbitmq-server 1.6.0-1
  • texmaker_1.9.1-1ubuntu1
  • crash_4.0-8.9-1

Distributed development

  • I felt I needed a bit more background so went back and read all the specs on the subject
  • started using bzr-builddeb in order to understand the underlying ideas better.
  • analysis and study of the bzr-rebase plugin source code.

Scott James Remnant


  • Upstream license reverted back to GPLv2 (from GPLv3)
  • Much bug fixing, with several new releases: 0.3.10 and 0.3.11 of the stable branch (uploaded to Ubuntu) and 0.5.2 and 0.5.3 of the development branch


  • More fiddling with trying to get the populate_rootfs() call to be async, not having much luck yet - the first thing that the initcalls do is resync - may have to move the function a bit later on
  • Union mount testing


  • Updated bzr tree to 143, including necessary rules and control changes caused by the inclusion of the udev-extras code (not yet uploaded)


  • Debian/Ubuntu Boot sprint

Steve Langasek

Release management


  • following up on Debian LTS coordination


  • boot performance sprint in London

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