Key Details


  • Team meeting - Last meeting the 22th June 2010. We try to have one meeting every two months to talk to the community about our actions and the future events.

  • New Design - We are working on a new design for our sites (screenshots and project page. This design is for all our web tools (drupal, dokuwiki, fluxbb, planet) and also with different colors to all our flavours (,, Next year we plan to switch to the new branding for the colors and logos.

  • Ubuntu Party - We are listing, helping and organizing Ubuntu Parties in France for each Ubuntu releases

  • Ubuntu Release Party - For each releases we invite all the French community to organize smaller events just after the release like a restaurant, a meeting in a bar or other place.

  • Ubuntu Global Jam - We plan to participate to this jam in Paris and Toulouse. We already are looking for a venue and people who can explain how to contribute in bug triage and in the French documentation. We plan to make a testing jam also.

  • floss involvement - The French Team is involved in French groups in the floss advocacy, and participate in all linux and floss events who invite us.

  • Ubuntu French LiveCD - We try to automate the creation of our French live CD. The project is on Launchpad and we want to share it with all the others Locoteams who want to make a localized liveCD like us. We plan to produce a French LiveCD with all the programs and examples in French in the Live session for the Ubuntu 10.10. For the 10.04 we already produced 9000 CDs, we want to break this record for the next one.

  • Ubuntu-fr T-Shirts - We try to produce a new t-shirt with a new design for the Ubuntu 10.10 release. Like the other times, we give this new t-shirt to all the benevolent people who are helping on our Ubuntu Party.

  • Ubuntu-fr marketing kit - To help all the French Ubuntu user groups, we try to make a pack with a ubuntu-fr banner, stickers, flyers, and perhaps some other marketing goodies.

  • Ubuntu-fr members - To improve the links in our French community, we are creating a new status similar to the Ubuntu members. We also are trying to make more links with the French Ubuntu user groups and help all the users to create if they want a group in their cities.


Online Activities

  • Website - We have a web site, but we offer also the possibility to use,, with the same content but a different theme.
    We use also an other website to list the events related to Ubuntu in the French community We store links to media files of our events on this site Photos and videos.

  • Documentation - Our French documentation is a wiki composed of around 3700 pages to help the users. These pages are maintained by the French community. Last year we had 46063 modifications, half of the job was done by our 1245 registered users.
    ubuntu-fr documentation - Modifications registered ubuntu-fr documentation - Pages created ubuntu-fr documentation - Pages deleted

  • Forum - Our French forum hold around 400.000 subjects and 3.300.000 posts. We have more than 1000 connected users using the forum every day, that should be added to the authentified ones.
    ubuntu-fr forum - New users registrations

  • Planet - We offer a planet service to syndicate all the French blogs talking about Ubuntu and French community. We currently have 61 blogs contributing on this planet.

  • IRC - the French community uses various IRC channels to coordinate various actions in the community. (charts from )

    • #ubuntu-fr - Ubuntu support only in French
      #ubuntu-fr activity 2009 #ubuntu-fr activity 2010

    • #ubuntu-fr-offtopic - community chat, no support here
      #ubuntu-fr-offtopic activity 2009 #ubuntu-fr-offtopic activity 2010

    • #ubuntu-fr-testing - testing and support on the next version
      #ubuntu-fr-testing activity 2009 #ubuntu-fr-testing activity 2010

    • #ubuntu-fr-admins - administrators of the sites only
    • #ubuntu-fr-meeting - a place for our meetings
    • #ubuntu-fr-party - a place to organize our events
      #ubuntu-fr-party activity 2009 #ubuntu-fr-party activity 2010

    • #ubuntu-fr-webdev - web design team channel
    • #ubuntu-fr-doc - helping the contributors to write good docs
    • #ubuntu-fr-ops - irc moderators
  • Mailing list - Like IRC channels, we use various mailing list for our different activities.
    The charts below represents the number of posts per month.

    • ubuntu-fr [at] - support and more for the French community
      ubuntu-fr list

    • ubuntu-fr-l10n [at] - French awesome translator team
      ubuntu-fr-l10n list

    • forum_admin-fr [at] - forum moderators
    • planet_admin-fr [at] - ubuntu-fr planet administrators
    • ubuntu_paris-fr [at] - events in Paris and in France
      ubuntu-fr events list

    • ubuntu_planet-fr [at] - planet moderators
    • ubuntu_wiki-fr [at] - documentation contributors
      ubuntu-fr documentation list

    • some other lists for web administration purpose.
  • Translation - the ubuntu-l10n-fr is a community on its own doing a great job. The documentation holds the tutorials to teach how to translate the Ubuntu project and join the team.

  • Meetings - we hold our meetings on IRC in #ubuntu-fr-meeting channel. Last meetings was in June 22th 2010.

IRL Activities

  • Ubuntu French LiveCD - We produce a French LiveCD with all the programs and examples in French in the Live session. We also add a link to the French book "Simple comme Ubuntu" on the desktop which is good for the beginners. We sell these CDs at our events for the symbolic price of 1€, and to all the French user groups in France and in the world with no extra costs.

9.04 edition 9.10 edition 10.04LTS edition
Dispatching of shipped 10.04LTS French CDs in France Dispatching of shipped 10.04LTS French CDs in the world

  • Ubuntu-fr goodies - We produce some goodies to sell at our events. We have mugs updated with the new animal each release, T-shirts, badges, and stickers. The mug

  • Framakey Ubuntu-fr Remix - A LiveUSB key made in partnership with Framakey. The Framakey is a compilation of Windows and MacOSX programs which can work without installation on the OS. We add to it a complete persistent Ubuntu Live session sharing the configuration of the programs on each OS. Users can also install Ubuntu with this key. Framakey ubuntu-fr remix

  • Ubuntu Release Party - We try to make events the week just after the release for each releases, to incite other French users to do the same in their cities. In Paris we have 50 people each time which is the limit of our venue.

  • Ubuntu Party - For each cycle we hold Ubuntu Parties in Paris, in Toulouse and in various other cities in France (see list below), where we have installs, conferences and courses. We also help other user groups organize same type of events by providing them CDs, stickers, and promoting their events related to Ubuntu.

    • Paris 10.04 - 3500 visitors Paris 10.04 Presenting Ubuntu Studio Paris 10.04 Install Staff Paris 10.04 Paris 10.04 Ubuntu cake
      a great video of the event

    • Toulouse 9.10 photo1 Photo Toulouse 9.10 Photo Toulouse 9.10

    • Paris 9.10 - 5000 visitors : a video -> A video made to promote the 10.04 Party Photo Paris 9.10 sadbfl conference Photo Paris 9.10 a part of the organisers Photo Paris 9.10 install room Photo Paris 9.10 CLI course Photo Paris 9.10 the corridor

    • Paris 9.04 - 4000 visitors Paris 9.04 Conference Paris 9.04 Beginners course Paris 9.04 Install room Paris 9.04 BugJam

  • Ubuntu Global Jam - We participated in the global (bug) jam last year with a big success each time in Paris and in Toulouse. This year wasn't so lucky with some problems with our venue, we need a place open on the week end and which can hold more than 50 people, it's not easy to find such places.

  • Other events - Some cities organize events, with the help of their LUGs, and invite us to come present Ubuntu. We also are attending in big events to present Ubuntu. We invite our community to go to some floss events like picnic to share with the community.

    • Solution Linux - A professional event where we can talk about Ubuntu and the community.

    • Festival des Vieilles Charrues - We hold at this festival an Ubuntu cybercafe.
      Vieilles Charrues - The webcafe Vieilles Charrues - It's full Vieilles Charrues - It's HUGE

    • The RMLL - An annual 5 day of libre software meeting in France. Ubuntu-fr is giving some presentations and have a booth there.

    • Braderie de Lille - It's the biggest and most famous rummage sale in Europe.

    • Fête de l'huma - A big popular event in France.
  • Regular events - in Paris we are present in each "Premier Samedi" which is a monthly rendez-vous to help people install and configure Ubuntu or other GNU/Linux distributions.

If you want to see more photos and videos follow this link.

List of our events


  • 6th to 11th July - Bordeaux - RMLL - Ubuntu presentation and install fest
  • 26th June - Lyon - Ubuntu Party 10.04
  • 19th June - Sarrebourg - Ubuntu Party 10.04
  • 18th June - Marseille - Ubuntu Party 10.04
  • 12th June - Toulon - Ubuntu Install fest
  • 4th, 5th June - Maubeuge - RSSIL - Ubuntu presentation
  • 5th June - Coutance - Ubuntu Install fest
  • 29th May - Lille - Ubuntu Party 10.04
  • 29th, 30th May - Paris - Ubuntu Party 10.04
  • 22nd May - Dijon - Free Software and Ubuntu presentation
  • 15th May - Bordeaux - Ubuntu Party 10.04
  • 27th, 28th March - Angers - Ubuntu presentation
  • 9th January - Montpellier - Ubuntu Party 9.10


  • 5th December - Toulouse - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 30th November - Rivière Salée - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 28th November - Tulle - Ubuntu presentation and install fest
  • 28th November - Tours - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 28th November - Sarrebourg - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 28th, 29th November - Paris - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 21st November - Dijon - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 21st November - Lyon - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 19th November - Tourcoing - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 17th November - Lille - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 14th November - Toulon - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 14th November - St Etienne - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 7th November - Wintzenheim - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 7th November - Gouesnac’h - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 7th November - Orléans - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 7th November - Bordeaux - Ubuntu Party 9.10
  • 16th, 17th October - Lyon - JDLL - Ubuntu presentation
  • 4th October - Paris - Ubuntu Global Jam
  • 3rd October - Toulouse - Ubuntu Global Jam
  • 12th, 13th September - La Courneuve - Fête de l'Huma - Ubuntu presentation
  • 5th, 6th Spetember - Lille - Braderie de Lille - Ubuntu presentation
  • 17th to 19th July - Carhaix - Festival des Vieilles Charrues - Ubuntu webcafe
  • 7th to 11th July - RMLL
  • 23rd May - Bordeaux - Jaunty Party - Free software conferences, Ubuntu presentation and install fest
  • 23rd May - Tulle - Ubuntu presentation and install fest
  • 16th May - Dijon - Ubuntu presentation and install fest
  • 16th May - Pontchâteau - Ubuntu presentation and install fest
  • 16th, 17th May - Paris - Ubuntu Party 9.04
  • 31st March, 1st april - Paris - InterTICE - Ubuntu presentation in the education department
  • 31st March, 1st and 2nd april - Paris - Solution Linux - Ubuntu presentation
  • 21st March 2009 - Paris - Ubuntu presentation and install fest
  • 20th March 2009 - Folleli- Free Software and Ubuntu presentation
  • 08th March 2009 - Proville - Ubuntu presentation
  • 07th March 2009 - Nancy - free software presentation and Ubuntu intall Fest

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