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About me

Hi, I'm YoBoY (Philippe), one of the current French documentation administrators. I started using various GNU/Linux distributionx (red hat, mandrake, suze, gentoo, debian, ...) since 1998, discovered Ubuntu in 2005 and am now using it fully since 2007, when it became fully compatible with my computer.

I love cooking for my friends, all of them like my wonderful chocolate cake ;-).

Community Involvement

  • Currently one of the Ubuntu-fr administrators in charge of the French documentation.
    • making the documentation more user friendly, more accessible for the beginners.
    • providing guidance for the contributors in the mailing list
    • checking each addition to correct errors
    • maintaining the source code of dokuwiki
    • asking some new page or modification to the contributors when i think it's necessary
  • I'm in the French team who organize the Ubuntu Party in Paris since 2009, after i discovered irl this great community on my first Ubuntu Party/BugJam
    • I run the bug jam in may and november 2009
    • I helped the core organizers to which I'm part of now
    • I'm in charge of the staff room where we can all take a rest and eat some chocolate cake during the two days of the party
  • I run the Doc Jam in the last Global Jam
  • I participate each month since may 2009 on the "Premier Samedi du Libre". It is an Install Party with other distributions (Mandriva, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu) where we help the users to install and configure their computers
  • I participated last year on some little events in Paris presenting Ubuntu
  • I helped many beginners on the French channel #ubuntu-fr since 2007, but much less now due to lack of time
  • In 2008 i began to learn Bug Triage and make some triaging. I also adopted the bash-completion package and helped when i could on the #ubuntu-bugs channel. But sadly i don't have time anymore for this with my other involvements

Future Hopes

  • make the French documentation easier to maintain
  • make the French documentation easier to read and understand
  • make a SSO for all the ubuntu-fr sites.
  • help to organize the next Ubuntu Party in Paris, and also other events
  • run the doc jam on the next Global Jam and help organize this event in Paris
  • participate in some events to present Ubuntu (Proville, Solution Linux, Libre en fête, ...)
  • continue to help on the Premier Samedi du Libre
  • help the loco team core when i can
  • begin a blog to write about ubuntu, floss and other personal interests

I also hope to make the best chocolate cake ever. Big Grin :)


DisasteR : YoBoY it's a very good element for the french community. He pass must of it's time to organize and manage the documentation modifications. I Highly recommend it's Membership

McPeter : Yoboy it's a essential element for the french wiki. He make a real good job on mailing list, forum and irc to manage the documentation. That's why I strongly recommend him as a member.

DidierRoche: YoBoY is doing a lot of work on ubuntu-fr documentation, as well as ubuntu-fr event where he actively participate in. I recommend him as an Ubuntu member due to its active work as a core and essential member of the french community.

BUGabundo : I initially met YoBoY in #ubuntu-bugs while I was looking for help going over some of my old and still open bugs. He was generous enough to apply his time on going over a couple hundred bugs way faster then I would have managed to be. Since then, he has been also a regular presence in #ubuntu-pt helping local users, even besides the culture difference. I had the chance to meet him personally last year, and confirmed he is a darn nice guy! I support his Membership for all his past and current work for the Community and FLOSS ecosystem

Cyril Lavier: YoBoY is like an octopus, he's working on so many aspects in Ubuntu and the French Locoteam. He works very well on the documentation, on the parisian Ubuntu Party, he's helping organizing Bug Jams, training sessions. I recommand him as an Ubuntu member due to its ability to be serious on what he's doing and he's a key member of the French Locoteam.

ChristopheSauthier : YoBoY is doing an incredible work coordinating and participating in the ubuntu-fr documentation (which gather more than 8000 pages), he is also one of the core organizers of the events that happens place in Paris (the Ubuntu party that gather more than 4000 persons, Bug jam, Install Party between distributions,....), and many other aspects of the French community. So as the leader of the French Loco, I strongly recommend YoBoY as an Ubuntu Member.

cm-t: YoBoY has been an active member of the LoCo team ubuntu-fr for a long time and there he have done a lot of work as a core event manager (jam, ubuntu party, webcafé, install party, ubuntu-hours…), board member (board of the ubuntu-fr association), and french documentation contributions (http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org). Mainly for these reasons and those I forgot, I recommend him as an Ubuntu Member.

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