Hello and welcome to my Ubuntu wiki page. My name is Eric Krieger I'm a Network Analyst for Charter Bank in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I'm member of the Ubuntu New Mexico Team. At Charter I'm the lead for all Linux, Solaris, Windows Servers/AD, Citrix, VMWare Virtualization, SAN Storage, SAN Networks, Data replication, and our migration to Thin Clients. I'm also the back up contact for the Charter Network Environment which includes all Cisco Firewalls, Routers, Switches, and our Avaya VOIP Phone System.

My computer odyssey started back in 1980's with my fist computer...the Atari 400 XL. Sticking with Atari's through the ST line, with a brief affair with Amiga's, I eventually graduated to IBM PC's. Though I have to admit that I would seek into my fathers office and play around with the various IBM's that he had, starting with the 5160 line. Like most PC users of the day i worked my way up the various PC OSs, dos, OS2, dos & windows, NT. It wasn't until I was in college that I was introduced to unix/linux. From those days sitting in the UNM "Escape" computer POD I've been hooked. It's now 15+ years later and I'm still hooked, still learning, and with everyday I'm in wonder of how far linux has come, and how much promise it still holds. To have seen linux grow from the early days to today I can't help be feel as if I've been watching a nice or nephew from birth slowly growing up, enjoying and sharing with every success that they have.


Eric Krieger (a/k/a GrammatonCleric or gcleric)

Skype: grammatoncleric505

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My Ubuntu Projects

Ubuntu New Mexico Team:

  • Endorphin Power Company Ubuntu Install and Support.

    • 1.) Managed to get Charter Bank to donate 25 (complete) workstations, 1 server, several switches to the project.
      2.) Installed Ubuntu 7.04 on all 25 PC's in preparation for delivery to EPC.
      3.) Created a base backup image for easy workstation restore.
      4.) Working with members of Team New Mexico to design, install, and support the EPC network.

  • Participated in the 2007 Software Freedom Day Team in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
  • Participated in the 2008 Software Freedom Day Team at the University of New Mexico.

Ubuntu Wiki Entries

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My Personal Ubuntu Systems

Home Office:

Home Server: Ubuntu 9.04 Server

Home Workstation: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop

How to Contribute

If you live in the New Mexico area please join Team New Mexico Go here for more information Team New Mexico. Or join us at our weekly IRC meetings (see below).

New Mexico Team LoCo Meetings

Every Tuesday at 8:00pm MST on IRC #ubuntu-us-nm

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