Passionate about improving everything about developer experience, from idea through to release and back again.



  • Many years of contribution to Launchpad
    • Heavily involved in its open sourcing
    • Worked hard to make it more open in culture
    • Built most of the support for source package branches
    • Guided the daily builds feature
    • Guided improved bug subscription controls
  • Bazaar
    • Bug / branch linking
    • Better Launchpad integration (ever used 'bzr lp-open'?)
  • testtools
    • Python project used by many projects within Ubuntu
  • Twisted
    • Wrote its testing framework, trial


  • Helped review Ubuntu new developer docs during natty cycle & obtained feedback on docs from non-Ubuntu developers

  • Worked closely with many Ubuntu developers to understand what they need from Launchpad
  • Led sessions in Ubuntu Application Developer Week and Ubuntu Developer Week
  • Regularly attend release parties
  • Have done lightning talks at UDS
  • UDS note-taker and "should-there-be-a-work-item-er"
  • Extensive beta testing of oneiric, filing developer-friendly bugs and spending lots of time working with developers to diagnose problems & test fixes

  • Played key role in coordinating work to buy applications through the software center

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I work at Canonical, and have just moved to the Ubuntu Engineering team to work on their application developer programme. My mission there is to provide tools & systems to get more & better applications into Ubuntu.

First steps will involve focusing on improving the developer side of the Software Center, making it as easy as possible to go from "I have an app that works on Ubuntu" to "My app is in the Software Center".


Duncan McGreggor

I have known Jono Lange for many years now, and I don't think I've seen him once not actually doing something for Ubuntu or for an open source project packaged in Ubuntu -- his efforts seem to be near tireless, and always of exceptional quality. What's more, Jono's efforts behind the scenes on Launchpad have had an enormous impact on the quality of experience for everyone contributing to Ubuntu. As an Ubuntu member, software engineer, and community member of many open source projects, I would be delighted to have Jono join the Ubuntu Member ranks in recognition of his long-standing efforts -- and in anticipation of his work in helping Ubuntu rock the development world as the platform of choice! -- Duncan McGreggor

Martin Pool

I've worked with jml for about four years on Bazaar, Launchpad, testtools, tribunal, and several other projects.

I have given jml commit access to several of my projects, and never regretted it and always appreciated it. I would do the same again.

Jono is very technically competent, is careful, gets things done at an astounding pace, plays well with others, sees the big picture, and cares deeply about overall user experience.


Elliot Murphy

jml most definitely has shown a sustained record of contributions to Ubuntu, most notably via his work on Launchpad and other supporting infrastructure. He is very deserving of Ubuntu membership and should have applied 3 years and 11 months ago. -- ElliotMurphy

Dustin Kirkland

What a minute, huh? Jono is not already an Ubuntu member? That's egregious! Smile :-) Look, jml kicks all kinds of Ubuntu butt. He's written so many of the tools that make Ubuntu go (Launchpad and all). He's helped me triage several really hard eCryptfs bugs. He lives and breathes Ubuntu. He's always willing to lend a hand. And he's helped improve so many development processes inside of Canonical and around Ubuntu. Please, please, please give Jonathan the badge that he's so clearly earned! Cheers, DustinKirkland

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