(aka) Duncan McGreggor

I'm currently a subcontractor for NASA, writing Clojure full-time. My previous work history is available on LinkedIn.

I first heard about Linux in the mid-90s during a DiffEq class while studying physics at university. Having started with CP\M in the 80s, and VAX/VMS, DEC's Digital UNIX, and SunOS in the 90s, I was thrilled there was a free "UNIX." My first distro was Slackware, after which I moved to RedHat 5.2, and then to SuSE when RedHat changed their licensing. I used Debian after being exposed to the preferences of other Twisted Python developers, and naturally moved to Ubuntu from there. I haven't looked anywhere else for my Linux needs since then Smile :-)

I currently run Ubuntu (xfce) on my ThinkPad W550s.

Contact Info

email: oubiwann(at)ubuntu(dot)com

IRC: oubiwann on freenode

Past Responsibilities and Involvements

  • 2011 - became an active contributor to OpenStack

  • 2010 - voted in as an official Ubuntu member
  • 2010 - coordination, communication, and advocacy for projects relating to Ubuntu on behalf of Canonical
  • 2009 - started, contributed to, and maintained the async AWS Python library (first release in Lucid Lynx)
  • 2009 - was nominated and accepted as a Python Fellow Python Software Foundation

  • 2008 - founding member and contributor of the tx (Twisted Python) group on Launchpad
  • 2008 - maintain the Python ultra large-scale systems special interest group

  • 2004 - deeply involved in Twisted Python software development
  • 2004 - maintain PyRRD (is in Debian/Ubuntu)

My project/code profiles are here:


I am an active blogger on the topics of LFE, Clojure, and distributed systems:

I previously wrote on the topics of Python, cloud, async network programming, ultra large-scale systems, and open source software (including Ubuntu). My blog is included in the following feeds:

Posts that relate to Ubuntu in one way or another are tagged as such and available here:

Personal Info


I can be reached in the following freenode channels:











Previous Work

Project Wikis

Until Launchpad projects get their own wikis, I'll put some of my projects' wikis here (those than need them, that is).



Duncan is not only a great project manager, but skilled developer. He is a real help in Ubuntu's efforts to grow our user base through Canonical's collaboration efforts on Google ChromeOS. He is extremely passionate about Ubuntu, our developers, and our community as a whole. I wholeheartedly support his membership in the Ubuntu team. -RobbieWilliamson

My experience with Duncan has been excellent: he is a thoughtful, energetic and capable developer and does incredible work in bringing Ubuntu to Google. I would wholeheartedly give him a +1. -JonoBacon

Interacting with Duncan has always been a pleasure and his contributions to Ubuntu and Open Source goes way beyond his day job. I warmly recommend him as an Ubuntu member. - NickBarcet

Ubuntu Member Since 2010

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