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Canonical Engineering manager of the Ubuntu Server team.

Contact Details

  • IRC: jiboumans (

  • Email: jos(at)ubuntu(dot)com

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Where to find me on IRC


  • Freenode
    • #ubuntu-devel
    • #ubuntu-server
    • #ubuntu-release
    • #ubuntu-meeting


As the engineering manager for Ubuntu Server, I've had the wonderful opportunity to contribute to Ubuntu in a number of ways. I get to work with the dozen or so folks that work with the server team inside Canonical, as well as the multiple of that inside the community, Debian and upstream. Here are some highlights for me:

UDS-M track lead

My first UDS was Lucid in Dallas, just a week before I started at Canonical, but UDS-M was the first one where I took the role of track lead. This involves reviewing & approving blueprints, scheduling & facilitating their corresponding UDS sessions and documenting the outcome. It's where our joint work as the server community really comes together.

Delivering Lucid

With my first release being an LTS, a lot of focus was on quality and stability, blueprints were reviewed and well defined, ensuring work items were tracked and delivered, working with other departments inside Canonical and the community in general to release a stable LTS we can be proud of.

Server workloads

I've spent a lot of time during the Lucid cycle working with our upstreams and community and soliciting new upstreams to get them involved in Ubuntu server development. As a result of this, Maverick looks to gain several new workloads in the Java, NoSQL and Cloud workloads areas through a joint effort of Canonical, Debian and our OSS partners.


Jos has brought so much to the server team since he joined, and to the wider community. His stewardship of the team and his technical background provide plenty of grounding for his application -- JonoBacon

Jos has partnered with the Ubuntu Server team and community to create a innovative and very useful 10.04 release after attending the 10.04. He successfully facilitated his first UDS as track lead for 10.10. He provides a strong vision for Ubuntu server in the cloud. -- RickSpencer

Jos has brought the change to the Server Team. During the lucid release cycle I've seen his hard work by tracking down all the specs defined at UDS-L, giving guidance and advice for them to work out well. At UDS-M, I've seen the change. I believe that he has envisioned the Ubuntu Server not only on the Cloud infrastructure, but on the services provided, and trying to bring a bigger Ubuntu Server Community. -- AndresRodriguez - RoAkSoAx

Jos provides great leadership and focus for the Ubuntu Server team, and his technical skills are also a great asset. Working with him as part of the Ubuntu Server community has been a joy. I have full trust in Jos and his dedication to making Ubuntu the best it can be. -- Asommer

Jos has brought a wealth of devops experience to the server team. He has a depth of experience running large farms and knows where the server needs to go to really shine. In part this is in the cloud, in part this is with better stacks and in part this is with service management. His excellent management skills and deep technical expertise make him a real asset to the server team. He stepped into the leadership role for the server in the 10.04 cycle, a daunting proposition for anyone, and worked with the team to produce the best server product yet. There is no doubt that 10.10 will be even better! -- JamshedKakar

When he joined the Ubuntu Server team, Jos brought a refreshing webops standpoint that helped focus the efforts of the team in a specific and clear direction. His upstream connections have made (and will make even more in the future) the project a lot closer to upstream projects needs. -- ThierryCarrez

Jos brings valuable experience to the Ubuntu Server team both in the technical and management areas. Leading the Server team and helping out define, focus, and deliver a great Server product represents an invaluable contribution to the Ubuntu community over the last few months -- MathiasGug

Leading a development team is never an easy task. The fact that Jos is doing that successfully speaks for it self. As mentioned previously, his experience is a valuable asset to have on board and I'm looking forward working with him in the future. -- AnteKaramatic

Jos has bought a lot of enthusiasm, energy and ideas to the Server team. He is leading an important effort well, and has lofty goals for the project. -- JamesWestby

Jos has been showing a strong will to push the Ubuntu Server product forward, and to ensure that the customers which depend on it get a pleasant and satisfying product, and his leadership is already showing results. I have high hopes on the magnitude of achievements that Jos will accomplish in the coming future. -- GustavoNiemeyer

I first worked with Jos after UDS-Lucid, he's doing a great job at leading the server team and I believe has a good vision of what Ubuntu should be on the server. I'm looking forward to working more with him in the future and hope to see him become an Ubuntu Member. -- St├ęphaneGraber

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