• Now i use Ubuntu Desktop 10.04.02 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04.03 and for testing i sometimes also log in Ubuntu Desktop 11.04
  • previously Xubuntu 10.10 anno 8.10
  • tested some time in preference order Crunchbang till ubuntu Crunchbang, LinuxMint, MeeGo, Fedora, DSL, BackTrack, PuppyLinux, Kubuntu

  • Bugs reported totaly 399
  • Questions : 2
  • Blueprints 1/5 beeing adapted/produced by team to who i reported blueprint

Ubuntu & Launchpad Mail Labeling in Gmail

  • For Ubuntu & https://launchpad.net/@@/launchpad.png

Xfce or xUbuntu Background Randomizer

  • In Desktop properties make list of background u like
  • if next step doesnt work do this in terminal : sudo aptitude install cron
  • in terminal : crontab -e (if asked choose 2:nano its easyr)
  • copy */5 * * * * export DISPLAY=:0; /usr/bin/xfdesktop -reload and in terminal paste (in terminal so also in nano since its open in terminal pasting is ctrl+shift+V)

  • to save and exit "Strl+Shift+X" then confirm "Shift+Y" "Enter"
  • Now every 5 min background will change

Xfce Orange Clock show more options

  • Add to panel Orage clock
  • In settings paste: "At this moment is %X / %A %d. %B"
  • In description write what u want to be seen whern over on clock example: "Now is %A %d %B %Y/%V"

Now Working On

=Some Most Used Commands=

  • sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install (packagename)

aptitude is better then apt-get couse after each install it removes unused packages so system is more clean if using aptitude

  • killall packagename

kills process with that name. If something hangs up alt+F2 opens terminal and kill it. if cant move mouse or all screen is not responding restart all by going to Ctrl+alt+F(1-6) and sudo service gdm restart then get back to normal window system with Ctrl+Alt+F7 With one of thouse windows u can also use irssi irc terminal programm

Disable Locking on screen reopening

  • open Run gconf-editor
  • apps> gnome-power-manager> lock

  • Uncheck all on what u dont want to be locked

OR in one line one command

  • gconftool-2 --type boolean -s /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/blank_screen false && gconftool-2 --type boolean -s /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/gnome_keyring_hibernate false && gconftool-2 --type boolean -s /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/gnome_keyring_suspend false && gconftool-2 --type boolean -s /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/hibernate false && gconftool-2 --type boolean -s /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/suspend false

Cell 1

Cell 2

Cell 3

Cell 4

Cell 5

Cell 6


  • Short instalation from medibuntu.org
    • sudo wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list && sudo apt-get --quiet update && sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get --quiet update

    • sudo apt-get --yes install app-install-data-medibuntu apport-hooks-medibuntu
    • sudo apt-get install non-free-codecs libdvdcss2

WMA? If not encoded then. Very easily... try this command "sudo apt-get install win-32 codecs", without the quotes.

If you wanna watch dvds go ahead and grab those as well, "sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182902

Usefull help pages




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