US Kentucky LoCo Team

Following its inception in January 2007, the Kentucky Team continues a rapid expansion. Focusing on advertising, distributing, and demonstrating Ubuntu to the state of Kentucky, our intent is to provide community support to users of the various distributions of Ubuntu at the private and corporate level.

Key Details


April 16th 2007

Team Contact:

EricLake <>


52 as of April 12th, 2007

Mailing List:


#bglug on




  • Sub-Teams: Established sub-teams dedicated to specific team tasks, including website design and support, wiki pages, CharityProject, intra-team communication, and new user support and education.

  • Collaboration with LUGs: Contact Kentucky LUGs and user groups to coordinate joint events emphasizing an adoption of Ubuntu as the desktop and/or server environment of choice. We have already begun this process with the University of Kentucky LUG and Lexington Professional LUG.

  • Civic/Community Advocacy: Contact local governments, school boards, universities, and public libraries to foster adoption of Ubuntu as a viable alternative to less secure, more costly operating systems including proposing partnerships to aid in the distribution of media.

    • So far we have made contact with two schools about adopting Ubuntu in their computer labs.
  • Charitable Contributions: Foster partnerships with local businesses to adopt programs providing Ubuntu-specific machines to the underprivileged.


CC Meeting Log for team approval

16:58 <    Seveas> locoteams, etank
16:58 <     etank> Hi everyone. The Kentucky Team was started on 1/12/07. We started with 3 members and have since grown to 54 (about 20 of which are active on a regular basis). We are having an Install Fest and Release Party this weekend. We have started a partnership with the UKLUG and LPLUG in the Lexington area. We are also in the process of starting a charity project. We are also working on ways to offer local support to new / existing users.
16:58 <     etank>
16:58 <    MikeB-> somerville32: many thanks also:)
16:58              >>> macluvjay!i=macluvja@fluxbuntu/developer/macluvjay
16:58 <    Seveas> somerville32, THANKS!
16:58 <    sabdfl> hi etank
16:58 <     etank> hi sabdfl
16:59 <     etank> we have some team members here to cheer us on and one of which is also on for membership today
16:59 <  atoponce> ahh. the kentucky team... solid loco, impressive progress, and great strength. etank and bkingx have done fabulous work getting this team up and running
16:59 <     etank> thanks atoponce
16:59 <    sabdfl> ubuntu-ky forums look pretty active too - is the community more mailing list or forums oriented?
16:59 <    bkingx> ty atoponce
17:00 <     etank> forums and irc
17:00 <    MikeB-> etank: the team is doing great work on the forums
17:00              >>> neversfelde!
17:00              mako checks out the forums
17:01              <   lmierzej! []
17:01 <     etank> we use the mailing list mainly for meeting reminders
17:01 <  atoponce> the us teams project needs more people like etank and bkingx getting their loco teams up and running.
17:01 < imbrandon> are we doing memberships today? sorry but I have to run soon ( ~5 minutes ) and just wanted to place my +1 for sacater's ubuntu membership , he will make a good addition to the community and is workin twords MOTUship some day ( not yet ), he has been active ~3 months iirc on irc and seems to be a solid contributior almost daily, anyhow if someone could bring up my +1 when the time is correct please.
17:01 <    sabdfl> etank: what sort of reaction have you had from libraries?
17:01 <    Seveas> imbrandon, thanks
17:01 <     etank> the team hopes to one day be in a position to mentor other teams the way that Utah and Ohio have helped us
17:01 <   sacater> imbrandon: thanks :D
17:02 < somervill> I have to run too. +1 for apokryphos and ScottK for membership. :) ttyl  everyone
17:02 <     etank> we have not hit the libraries yet
17:02 <    sabdfl> thanks imbrandon
17:02 <     etank> we have started talking to schools though
17:02 <   sacater> welp: wanna add your +1 for me?
17:02 <    Seveas> sacater, not now
17:02 <     etank> trying to get them to let us set up half of the labs with Ubuntu
17:02 <    sabdfl> ok. libraries are sometimes concerned about responsibility for software installed by people who got it from them
17:02 <   sacater> welp: not now ;P
17:03 <    sabdfl> this all looks tight and well-run to me
17:03 <    sabdfl> who are the ringleaders?
17:03 <     etank> thank you
17:03              <   tsmithe!n=toby@ubuntu/member/tsmithe ["bug time!"]
17:03 <     etank> binkx, venemous and myself
17:03 <    bkingx> Thank for the library hint, sabdfl !
17:03 <     etank> we are the original 3 that got it started
17:03 <      mako> yeah, i tlooks like you're doing lots of great works
17:03 <    sabdfl> ok, i'm +1 on this one
17:04 <    sabdfl> great work so far
17:04 <     etank> i mean bkingx
17:04 <      elmo> +1
17:04 <      mako> yes, definitely a +1 from me as well
17:04 <      mako> keep up the good work
17:04 <    Seveas> congratz!
17:04 <     etank> thank you
17:05 <    bkingx> Thank you!!
17:05 <  atoponce> etank: bkingx: congrats
17:05 <   Nafallo> yay!
17:05 <    bkingx> Much work to be done!
17:05 <     etank> awesome!!
17:05 < highvolta> etank, bkingx: congrats and welcome :)
17:05 <    MikeB-> etank: congrats team Kentucky, but Indiana is still better at basketball:-)
17:05 <    Seveas> sacater will now jump the queue, he will have to go soon
17:05 < ScatterBr> Great work etank bkingx !

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