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I'm a 31 year old father of three living in the United States, in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. By day, I am a Network Administrator supporting mostly Windows machines. I have been using Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo, Red Hat, Suse, Slackware) for about 4 years now. My Linux journey began when I started learning Perl. I was writing my code on a Red Hat 8 machine and a friend challenged me to use a distro that wasn't so easy. He said that I should try to run Slackware. So I did. He kept giving me challenges, and in the process I was getting deeper and deeper into Linux.

Enter Ubuntu

Late 2005, a friend introduced me to Ubuntu - then version 5.10. At the time, I was using Gentoo and Suse and really wasn't impressed with what Ubuntu offered. In November of that year, I changed jobs. Within the first few weeks, I had a Suse box running on the network monitoring the servers. One of the other members of the IT staff saw that I was running Linux and wanted to know more about it. I happened to have some Ubuntu CDs with me and gave him one to try. Since he was brand new to Linux, I thought that it would be good for me to set up a machine myself to run Ubuntu. That way, I could see what he was seeing when questions came up. At that point, I was hooked. I have been using Ubuntu since and have never looked back.

In January 2007, I co-founded the Kentucky LoCo Team. The team started as a small group of three and in the first month grew to 15. We have some big plans for this year. The biggest of which is to start a Charity project that will focus on providing PCs to people that can not afford to purchase one. Of course, pre-loaded with Ubuntu.

Contributions To The Ubuntu Community

  • Ubuntu I am an Ubuntu Member.

    Ubuntu 400 Posts on the forum as of March 8th 2007. Growing every day.

    Ubuntu Passing out Ubuntu CDs to any and all that are interested.

    Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu LoCo Enthusiasts

    Ubuntu Member of Launchpad Beta Testers

    Ubuntu Tested Ubuntu Dapper Drake

    Ubuntu Testing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

Wiki Contributions

Kentucky Team stuff

Personal Goals For 2007

  • (./) Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu Member (approved on 3/20/2007).

    Ubuntu Pass the LPI Certification exams.

    Ubuntu Pass the Ubuntu Certified Professional exam.

    (./) Ubuntu Attain my black belt in Aikido. (passed on 3/31/07)

Goals For The Kentucky LoCo Team For 2007

  • Ubuntu Help the team grow in technical ability and size.

    (./) Ubuntu Become an Approved LoCo team.

    Ubuntu Give away a lot of PCs through the CharityProject

    (./) Ubuntu Get to a point as a team were we will be able to mentor other LoCo teams.

Ubuntu Membership Approval

15:06 <    Seveas> ok, next up: etank
15:06 <      mako> yeah, i'd prefer that
15:06 <     etank> hi
15:06 <      mako> lets wait until elmos is ok
15:06              >>> jamesbrose!
15:06              <   iGama! ["Leaving"]
15:06 <    Seveas> (s|g wanted to come later, xerxas isn't around)
15:06 <      mako> we've got two oks from us but i'd rather everyone was comfortable before we move forward
15:06 <    Seveas> etank, please introduce yourself
15:06 <     etank> My name is Eric Lake. I have been advocating Ubuntu since the day I started using it in December 
15:06 <     etank> of 2005. Before that time I was a Gentoo and Suse user. I am a co-founder and team leader for the 
15:06 <     etank> Kentucky Team. My Ubuntu pages are and 
15:06 <     etank>
15:06 <    Seveas> mako, indeed
15:06 <       s|g> Seveas: im finished
15:06 <    Seveas> s|g, pm is ok now
15:09 <    sabdfl> nice neat wiki page - thanks etank
15:09 <     etank> thank you
15:09 <     jenda> This is one of those aaawkward silences before the +1s start rolling in...
15:09 <     jenda> ah, too late ;)
15:09 <    sabdfl> so using ubuntu since late 05, when did you get involved in the community?
15:09 <    sabdfl> sorry jenda, slow reader :-)
15:10 <     etank> around the same time but mostly posts on the forum
15:10 <     jenda> sabdfl: not at all, it makes it a lot more thrilling ;)
15:10 <      mako> etank: kentucky is a commonwealth, right?
15:10 <     etank> mako: yes it is
15:10 <      mako> etank: excellent :)
15:11 <      mako> i like it already
15:11 < highvolta> commonwealth? so we can go there without a visa?
15:11 <  atoponce> etank is rock solid with loco work. if everyone were like etank when starting their state loco in the u.s., we'd have a team in every state in no time
15:11 <     etank> thank you atoponce 
15:11              >>> Juxtaposed!n=belutz@
15:11 <      mako> highvoltage: yeah, just technically not a state. it's a mostly semantic difference.. but important to some people from other commonwealths
15:11 <      mako> etank: how many people in the group?
15:11 <      mako> etank: the kentucky loco?
15:11 <  atoponce> etank: np :) good luck!
15:12 <     etank> mako: we are at 41 members now
15:12              <   Belutz!n=belutz@ubuntu/member/belutz [Nick collision from services.]
15:12 <      elmo> mako: you US folks are weird
15:12 <      mako> etank: that's from lp though, right? how many are active?
15:12 <     etank> we are working towards LoCo approval now
15:12              ~   Juxtaposed is now Belutz
15:12 <      mako> elmo: mostly just me
15:12 <     etank> about 15 active 
15:12 <    sabdfl> how many large cities in kentucky?
15:12 <      mako> etank: still a good size.. do you have face to face meetings?
15:13 <     etank> we are going to be having the first on April 21st 
15:13              <   schwuk! ["What does this button do?"]
15:13              >>> schwuk_!
15:13 <     etank> that will be a release party / face to face meeting
15:13              <   GazzaK!n=GazzaK@colchester-lug/GazzaK []
15:13              ~   schwuk_ is now schwuk
15:14 <    sabdfl> who are the ringleaders?
15:14 <     etank> sabdfl: the two largest are Louisville and Lexington. they make up the largest amount of the population of the state
15:14 <     etank> bkingx, venemous and myself got things started
15:15 <    bkingx> I can also vouch for etank's effeciency in conducting meetings, organizing events, and setting agendas and goals!  First Class!!
15:15 <    sabdfl> is kentucky near ohio? is there any cross-pollination with those amazing guys?
15:15 <     etank> yes it is
15:15 <     etank> just to the south
15:16 <     etank> I have worked with Vorian some on ideas for the Kentucky team
15:16 <    sabdfl> that's good
15:16 <  atoponce> oh, ny, and ky are rocking it in loco work
15:16 <     etank> atoponce has been quite a bit of help too
15:16              >>> GazzaK!n=GazzaK@colchester-lug/GazzaK
15:17 <    sabdfl> etank: you reported a bug a week ago that's neds-info
15:17 <     etank> we are planning to go to the Ohio LinuxFest this year
15:17 <    sabdfl> will you provide it?
15:17              >>> digitone!
15:17 <     etank> I plan to but my USB drive was left at home 
15:18 <     etank> I am trying to recreate the error
15:20              >>> lmanul_!n=manu@
15:21 <    sabdfl> ok
15:21 <    sabdfl> the kentucky team looks well enough organised (grammar?) that i would be happy to +1 that, and the ringleaders for membership
15:21 <      mako> the kentucky team looks great
15:21              >>> alucardni!
15:21 <    sabdfl> mako, elmo?
15:21 <      elmo> +1
15:21              mako nods
15:22 <      mako> definitely a a +1 from me, welcome etank
15:22 <    sabdfl> bourbon all round!
15:22 <    Seveas> congratulations!
15:22 <    Seveas> s|g, you're up
15:22 <     etank> thanks
15:22 <    sabdfl> sorry elmo, can i have yours?


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