To determine which guides are relevant to your problem see the symptom based debugging guide.

Kernel Debugging Scenarios

Kernel Debugging Guides

  • ACPI -- debugging ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)

  • BIOS -- Debugging BIOS issues on Ubuntu (DSDT, Reboot, Suspend/Resume)

  • IRQ -- debugging interrupt related issues

  • Sound -- Basic troubleshooting tips for debugging sound problems

  • System Crash -- Tips for gather information regarding system crashes and lockups

Kernel Debugging Tools/Information

  • Firmware -- All about firmware and how to debug firmware loading issues

  • Kernel Debugging Tricks -- Some kernel debugging tricks and tips

  • linux-crashdump -- How to use linux-crashdump to capture a kernel oops/panic

  • Mainline Kernel Builds -- How to use mainline kernels for debugging

  • Netconsole -- Configuring console over network using netconsole

  • Systemtap -- Introduction to Systemtap for reboot free, dynamic instrumentation

  • Ubuntu Kernel Team PPA -- Instructions on how to use the Ubuntu Kernel Team's PPA, as well as using a specific kernel developer's PPA

  • Ubuntu to mainline kernel mapping -- A table of Ubuntu releases and which mainline version they are based on, including the current release pocket assignments

  • USB -- How to debug USB problems

  • View early printk via USB -- How to view early printk messages using USB debug

  • Voodoo -- Q&A for strange symptoms and how to debug

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