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== General Purpose Kernel Build Instructions ==
 * [[Kernel/QuickBuildLocal| How to build a kernel on your local machine.]]
 * [[Kernel/QuickBuildPPA|How to build a kernel in a PPA.]]
 * [[Kernel/ModConfigBuild|How to modify kernel config and build kernel.]]
 * [[Kernel/ApplyPatchBuild|How to apply patches and build a kernel.]]

== Kernel Maintanence and Patch Submission ==
 * [[Kernel/UpstreamPatchSubmission|How to submit patches upstream.]]
 * [[Kernel/SRUPatchSubmission|How to submit SRU patches.]]
 * [[Kernel/KernelPackageVersioning|How to version changes to kernel packages.]]

 * [[Kernel/FAQDeveloper]] -- developer oriented Frequently Asked Questions
 * [[KernelTeam/KernelTeamBugPolicies]] - How to triage kernel bugs.
 * [[Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel]] - Minimalist kernel build guide
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelDevelopmentShift|KernelDevelopmentShift]] - New development model.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelGitGuide|KernelGitGuide]] - Using the git repos.
 * [[|Community Git Documentation]] - Community Git Documentation.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/GitCheatSheet|GitCheatSheet]] - Git recipes
 * [[KernelTeam/KernelUpdates]] - Updates to stable kernels.
 * [[KernelTeam/KernelMaintenance]] - How to maintain the kernel.
 * [[Kernel/Maintenance/Beginner]] - A beginners guide to Ubuntu kernel maintanence.
 * [[Kernel/Maintenance/Advanced]] - An advanced guide to Ubuntu kernel maintanence.
 * [[KernelTeam/KernelForIdiots]] - Scott's notes on making custom kernels cause he can't grep the above two things fast enough
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelBugFixing|KernelBugFixing]] - Process flow for fixing kernel bugs.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelBuildScripts|KernelBuildScripts]] - Information on how to use some helper scripts for remote building.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelPatches|KernelPatches]] - How to submit a patch and why we will or won't take patches.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelPackageVersioning|KernelPackageVersioning]] - How to version changes to kernel packages.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelPackagePolicies|KernelPackagePolicies]] - Describes the kernel packages maintainer functions
 * [[Kernel/Dev/ABIPackages|Kernel Package ABI Relationships]] - Which packages need ABI bumping during stable updates.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/KernelConfig|KernelConfig]] - Why the Ubuntu config is the way it is.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/TopicBranches|TopicBranches]] - What is a Topic Branch?
 * [[KernelTeam/StableKernelMaintenance]] - how the SRU process applied to the kernel.
 * [[|ARM kernel cross compilation]]
 * KernelTeam/EncryptedHome - info on how to encrypt your sensitive data, such as your .ssh keys
 * [[KernalTeam/EC2Kernel]] - Information on the Ec2 Topic Branch
 * [[Kernel/Dev/BestPractices|BestPractices]] - Best Practices tips and tricks
 * [[KernelTeam/BuildKernelWithChroot]] - Setting up an chroot environment for build kernel
 * [[KernelTeam/DKMSPackaging]] - How to build a DKMS Package
 * [[KernelTeam/HardwareEnableWithDSDT]] - Read the DSDT and enable extra function on your laptop
 * [[KernelTeam/AddingNonFreeFirmware]] - Adding firmware to linux-firmware-nonfree
 * [[KernelTeam/AddingFreeFirmware]] - Adding free firmware to Ubuntu
 * [[Kernel/Quirks/LowMemoryCorruption]] - How to fix "low memory corruption bugs"
 * [[KernelCustomBuild]] - building your own kernels Q&A
 * [[GitKernelBuild]] - Build mainline kernel from git. Also help with submitting bugs to upstream
 * [[Kernel/SwitchFirewireStack]] - How to switch from legacy to new firewire stack.
 * [[Kernel/Dev/MaintainerStarter|MaintainerStarter]] - How to open the kernel for the next development release

General Purpose Kernel Build Instructions

Kernel Maintanence and Patch Submission

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