Documents we want to improve for Edgy, documents currently on wiki pages that can be included in Kubuntu Docs and how it is to be packaged.

Use cases

Maisie wants to know what's new in Kubuntu Edgy, she looks up the release notes to find out.

Konqi wants to know the Kubuntu way of using MSN Messenger, he looks up the Kubuntu Desktop Guide to find out.


Documentation for Kubuntu Dapper, i.e. creating documents for the desktop.

We will use Ubuntu's documentation for the server and non-desktop parts, including the Packaging Guide.


The goal is to have the important documents (Desktop Guide and Release Notes) up to date and current while creating new documents to show off Kubuntu.

The Kubuntu Release Notes will be used for the website/email Release Announcement instead of creating an additional document that is duplicated.

Switching From Windows will be brought into the documentation archive from the wiki, it is designed to help people to make the move to freedom.


We must avoid the same problems as the Dapper Release Notes which included information from Breezy and an overly-informal style. Release Notes will be reviewed for spelling and style prior to going out to the public, content needs to be reviewed by JonathanRiddell close to release time.

The Desktop Guide will continue to be updated for Edgy. Due to the amount of "Eye Candy" that will be in the Eft, we will include screenshots if possible to show off the full effect.

Take the SwitchingFromWindows guide on the wiki and implement it into a new document with Kubuntu specific information. NOTE: The Switching From Windows Guide is in process for both Ubuntu and Kubuntu, however due to the short release schedule and the amount of work that needs to be done, this will be in place for Edgy +1 for both Ubuntu and Kubuntu

The Adept manual needs to be updated for adept-installer and adept-notifier. The Adept manual will be pushed upstream to KDE documentation to accompany the source code.


We will use the same source packaging as the Ubuntu docs, keeping a separate binary package for kubuntu-docs. We will also ship Ubuntu docs where they apply to Kubuntu such as ServerGuide and UbuntuPackagingGuide using the Kubuntu stylesheets. The stylesheets need to be altered to remove KDE logos.

As in Dapper we will use the same translation infrastructure as the Ubuntu docs. This will require us to keep to the string freeze for Ubuntu's release schedule.

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