Meeting 7.27.2009





Discuss Bodhi's Draft Team Structure

Log: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/07/27/%23ubuntu-meeting.html


General Membership

  1. It is the intention to make general membership as inclusive as possible. The membership process is intended is to assist new members to integrate into the team and become actively involved (as opposed to getting lost or idling).
  2. Use LP to track membership, initial terms to be renewed annually , possibly moving to 2 years as the team matures.
  3. The general preference seems to be a moderated team for general membership and restricted for other roles.
  4. Requirements for General Membership :
    • Introduce yourself to the team and give us an idea of your interests, skills, and how you see yourself working with the team.
    • Introductions can happen via mailing list, IRC, or on the (Ubuntu) forums.
    • Signed Code of Conduct on Launchpad.
  5. The approval process for general membership was deferred.


  1. In general these sub-teams will use wiki pages and not LP team or sub-teams.
  2. Leaders should sign the Leadership CoC once a tracking system becomes available in Launchpad.
  3. We would like to consider a minimal time commitment.


  1. In general we ask members to make every attempt to resolve these differences between themselves.
  2. The next step would to bring your concerns to the attention of a council member.
  3. If the conflict can not be resolved by a single council member, bring it to the full council.
  4. If it can not be resolved by the council, or you do not agree with the council decision, the next step would be to bring the issue to the Community Council.


The discussion was mostly deferred as for now as leadership is in place. In general 2 year terms were suggested.

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