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Meeting summary

  • Ubuntu UK LoCo re-approval.

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ReApprovalApplication2011 (AlanBell, 20:05:19) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/ (popey, 20:12:09) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports (itnet7, 20:12:53)

  • Ubuntu California Re-Approval

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication2011 (popey, 20:23:06) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication2011 (popey, 20:23:26)

  • Ubuntu Arizona Reapproval

LINK: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/ArizonaTeam/ApprovalApplicationrenewal (czajkowski, 20:41:57) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/ApprovalApplicationrenewal (popey, 20:42:04)

Meeting ended at 20:58:14 UTC.


  • on Ubuntu California Team Re-Approval
    • For: 3 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • on Ubuntu Arizona Re-Approval
    • For: 3 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • on re-approval of Ubuntu UK loco
    • For: 3 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

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  • scott_ev (17)
  • DarkwingDuck (15)

  • bj0 (7)
  • TheOpenSourcerer (5)

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Full Log

  • 20:00:17 <popey> #startmeeting

    20:00:17 <meetingology> Meeting started Tue Aug 16 20:00:17 2011 UTC. The chair is popey. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

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    20:00:21 <popey> ping czajkowski itnet7 huats leogg paultag

    20:00:56 <popey> Welcome to the LoCo Council Meeting, our agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda

    20:01:00 <leogg> hello Smile :)

    20:01:12 <AlanBell> o/

    20:01:12 <czajkowski> Aloha

    20:01:25 <scott_ev> howdie

    20:01:31 <toddc> hello

    20:01:33 <itnet7> Hey there!

    20:01:37 <Dazed_75> Hiya

    20:01:41 <popey> paultag explained he may not be around and has already given us his votes via email. So when the time comes we'll be okay there.

    20:01:53 <popey> huats: you about?

    20:01:54 <triunity> Mornin

    20:02:05 <bj0> alo

    20:02:12 <fuzzyvader> hey

    20:02:30 <Yorokobi> Good afternoon, everyone.

    20:02:52 <scott_ev> mhelmke ping

    20:02:53 <czajkowski> huats: did say he would be here

    20:03:03 <popey> give him just a minute or two

    20:03:09 <czajkowski> yup

    20:03:58 <jtatum> \o

    20:04:14 <huats> I am here

    20:04:17 <czajkowski> Smile :)

    20:04:18 <popey> \o/

    20:04:19 <huats> sorry for the late arrival

    20:04:21 <huats> Smile :)

    20:04:23 <popey> np

    20:04:39 <popey> right, we'll begin then.

    20:04:48 <popey> #topic Ubuntu UK LoCo re-approval.

    20:04:48 <meetingology> TOPIC: Ubuntu UK LoCo re-approval.

    20:04:53 <popey> AlanBell: you about? Wink ;)

    20:05:09 <AlanBell> I am, good evening all

    20:05:13 <popey> Now, to be clear, myself and czajkowski wont take part in the vote on UK because we're both in the team

    20:05:19 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ReApprovalApplication2011

    20:05:20 <popey> but huats itnet7 and paultag will vote

    20:05:36 <popey> is anyone here to support the UK team re-approval application?

    20:05:41 <AlanBell> o/

    20:05:45 <brobostigon> o/

    20:05:47 <danfish> o/

    20:05:49 <StevenR> o/

    20:05:58 <reidrac> o/

    20:06:31 <popey> itnet7 / huats do you have any questions or comments for AlanBell ?

    20:06:42 <bigcalm_lappy486> Hi Smile :)

    20:06:44 <bigcalm_lappy486> o/

    20:07:10 <itnet7> popey: thinking... The Application really spells out a lot

    20:07:17 <popey> yeah, have some time to read Big Grin :)

    20:07:22 <popey> I'll ask a question then ☺

    20:07:29 <itnet7> AlanBell: What would you say is the teams biggest challenge?

    20:07:54 <christel> o/

    20:08:22 <AlanBell> well there are a number of challenges, we have a lot of awesome individuals and we need to do more as a team to bring more people in

    20:08:46 <leogg> AlanBell, what do you do to get people involved in the team?

    20:09:01 <AlanBell> I know there are *loads* of UK people in #ubuntu and the english language forums who are not really involved in the loco activities as such

    20:09:49 <AlanBell> leogg: we have a lovely friendly IRC channel where we provide support and organise things, we announce events to our mailing list, website and loco directory page

    20:10:10 <huats> AlanBell, I am REALLY impressed by the vitality of your LoCo : Ubuntu business is terrific, I am a regular listener of the podcast...So congrats for your great work !

    20:10:14 <AlanBell> we organise real world events like geeknics and conferences

    20:10:33 <itnet7> Ditto

    20:10:38 <AlanBell> yeah, the Ubuntu in Business event was buzzing, we should do another one of them

    20:10:44 <leogg> AlanBell, the geeknics and oggcamp are really cool

    20:10:50 <AlanBell> quite a bit of work in the planning though

    20:11:14 <AlanBell> oggcamp was such fun Smile :)

    20:11:32 <itnet7> Awesome work, I have no other questions

    20:11:33 <leogg> AlanBell, team reports? do you have any? I can't find them on the application

    20:11:48 <huats> AlanBell, honnestly Ubuntu Business is something that many LoCo should consider, "mine" (ubuntu-fr) being one of them Smile :)

    20:11:53 <AlanBell> we do have team reports, we used them when writing the application, one sec . . .

    20:12:09 <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/

    20:12:18 <czajkowski> Is there plans to run more Ubuntu in Business?

    20:12:19 <leogg> popey, thanks

    20:12:24 <huats> AlanBell, do you have any interactions with locos around ?

    20:12:31 <AlanBell> czajkowski: just an aspiration at the moment

    20:12:43 <AlanBell> huats: other loco teams you mean?

    20:12:53 <itnet7> [LINK]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports

    20:13:00 <itnet7> lol

    20:13:02 <huats> yep

    20:13:06 <itnet7> my bad

    20:13:23 <popey> the wiki is broken, it doesn't show ones after april, but they are there

    20:13:39 <popey> oh, it does, just in a dumb order

    20:13:56 <AlanBell> huats: we have members from a number of countries, and several other LoCo teams are using some of our meeting innovations (agenda formats and bots)

    20:14:09 <leogg> I must say I'm a big fan of uupc, based on that alone I'll give you +1 Smile :)

    20:14:13 <popey> lol

    20:14:18 <AlanBell> uupc is teh awesome

    20:14:19 <czajkowski> hehe

    20:14:27 <brobostigon> Smile :)

    20:14:58 <czajkowski> I've just one question, how do you plan to reach out to get more people involved in your team, and get more of the canonical folks who are based in the UK involved?

    20:15:22 <AlanBell> huats: there is a list at the end of our reapproval application of some things we do for other locos

    20:16:10 <huats> AlanBell, I was not meaing things you are doing for other teams, but things you are doing with other teams

    20:16:17 <huats> (like joint meetings)

    20:16:43 <huats> (read meaning not meaing)

    20:16:45 <AlanBell> czajkowski: I would indeed love to get more canonical folk involved, we get together at the release parties, but doing more than that would be great

    20:16:59 <AlanBell> I did do some fire breathing with aqarius, that must count for something

    20:17:09 <scott_ev> haha

    20:17:25 <bigcalm> LOL

    20:17:27 <AlanBell> huats: hmm, interesting, we are a bit of an island in that sense and the litteral sense

    20:17:37 <popey> AlanBell: it seems there has been quite a flurry of activity in the last few months, possibly ahead of this meeting. How do you keep that momentum up?

    20:17:44 <TheOpenSourcerer> Evening - sorry I'm late.

    20:17:49 <huats> AlanBell, I know that would be the interesting thing Smile :)

    20:17:49 <AlanBell> hi TheOpenSourcerer

    20:18:17 <AlanBell> popey: I want to speed it up faster

    20:18:29 <popey> How?

    20:18:59 <AlanBell> more events, working more with the people who do stuff in other areas of the country like the Manchester stuff

    20:19:21 <popey> ok

    20:19:24 <AlanBell> I want to find a way in to the universities, the computing societies I tried so far were unresponsive

    20:19:36 <popey> czajkowski / leogg / huats / itnet7 any more questions?

    20:19:37 <AlanBell> links with hackspaces etc

    20:19:45 <czajkowski> nope I'm good thanks.

    20:19:49 <AlanBell> I went to the london hackspace last month to see what they are up to

    20:19:52 <leogg> I'm ready to vote 20:19:52 * daubershome is late... sorry"

    20:20:24 <popey> #voters leogg huats itnet7

    20:20:24 <meetingology> Current voters: huats itnet7 leogg

    20:20:24 <itnet7> leogg: ditto

    20:20:31 <popey> ok

    20:20:37 <popey> here goes.

    20:20:38 <leogg> +1

    20:20:41 <popey> haha

    20:20:44 <popey> not so fast Big Grin :)

    20:20:51 <leogg> popey, come onnnnnnn

    20:20:53 <leogg> Big Grin :)

    20:20:56 <popey> #vote on re-approval of Ubuntu UK loco

    20:20:56 <meetingology> Please vote on: on re-approval of Ubuntu UK loco

    20:20:56 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:21:00 <itnet7> +1

    20:21:00 <meetingology> +1 received from itnet7

    20:21:06 <leogg> +1

    20:21:06 <meetingology> +1 received from leogg

    20:21:08 <huats> +1

    20:21:08 <meetingology> +1 received from huats

    20:21:12 <popey> #endvote

    20:21:12 <meetingology> Voting ended on: on re-approval of Ubuntu UK loco

    20:21:12 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:21:12 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:21:16 <AlanBell> \o/

    20:21:17 <popey> Plus one more from paultag

    20:21:20 <bigcalm> \o/

    20:21:21 <brobostigon> Smile :)

    20:21:23 <jledbetter> Congratulations AlanBell Smile :)

    20:21:23 <TheOpenSourcerer> woot!

    20:21:28 <itnet7> Sweet!! Congrats

    20:21:29 <popey> Great work AlanBell 20:21:29 * christel claps

    20:21:31 <popey> keep it up

    20:21:33 <jtatum> Smile :)

    20:21:34 <leogg> congrats guys! awesome work!

    20:21:34 <czajkowski> AlanBell: congrats

    20:21:36 <christel> well done tinkerbell! <3

    20:21:37 <scott_ev> w00t

    20:21:42 <bigcalm> Nice work AlanBell Smile :)

    20:22:10 <TheOpenSourcerer> That didn't take long. Only grabbed the last 5 mins. Did I miss much?

    20:22:11 <bigcalm> And everybody else who continue to make the UK Team awesome Smile :)

    20:22:22 <popey> TheOpenSourcerer: you missed the bit where we handed out free money

    20:22:23 <popey> sorry

    20:22:29 <TheOpenSourcerer> Blast.

    20:22:45 <popey> Right, moving on

    20:22:47 <TheOpenSourcerer> Never mind - it would have slipped through my fat fingers anyway Wink ;-)

    20:22:58 <popey> #topic Ubuntu California Re-Approval

    20:22:58 <meetingology> TOPIC: Ubuntu California Re-Approval

    20:23:06 <popey> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication2011

    20:23:16 <popey> bah

    20:23:26 <popey> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication2011

    20:23:32 <popey> stupid bot

    20:23:37 <popey> pleia2: you about?

    20:23:40 <pleia2> hi Smile :)

    20:23:43 <popey> hullo!

    20:23:44 <DarkwingDuck> o/

    20:23:51 <czajkowski> Aloha folks

    20:24:01 <popey> Anyone here to support Ubuntu Californian LoCo reapproval?

    20:24:11 <DarkwingDuck> \o/

    20:24:11 <jtatum> o/

    20:24:18 <pleia2> o/

    20:24:51 <philipballew> o/

    20:25:05 <DarkwingDuck> I'll be bouncing a bit.. playing Dady Day Care.

    20:25:11 <DarkwingDuck> *Daddy

    20:25:20 <popey> pleia2: I am enjoying seeing the work you're doing installing Ubuntu for local community projects. Hows that going?

    20:25:24 <popey> are others involved?

    20:25:41 <pleia2> popey: very well, just had a partimus installfest where we has several team members come out

    20:25:55 <czajkowski> DarkwingDuck: pleia2 care to tell us how ye get things done in your team ?

    20:25:57 <pleia2> grantbow has been involved for years, we had a woman from our ubuntu hours and installfests come out too

    20:27:30 <pleia2> we have people all over the state taking charge of events in their area and plan them, we swap tips about venues and things

    20:27:53 <pleia2> so we've got ubuntu hours all over the place, the bay area and southern california are distinct regions that often have events

    20:28:40 <pleia2> so for us it's really about individuals in their regions taking charge of events

    20:28:54 <itnet7> It seems to be working out really well

    20:29:05 <popey> I'd be interested in how your 'hours' work out

    20:29:10 <popey> many turn up?

    20:29:25 <pleia2> we've had everywhere from 1 to over 20

    20:29:28 <huats> to add to popey : how do you promote them ?

    20:29:38 <pleia2> I'd say typically for most it's about 5-10 people

    20:29:50 <DarkwingDuck> LUGs, Word of mouth, etc.

    20:29:54 <popey> and how regular are they?

    20:29:55 <leogg> pleia2, California is pretty big, how do you manage to cover all of the state? Or does most things happen on the bigger cities/areas?

    20:30:00 <pleia2> we announce them on our mailing list, forums, twitter, identica, facebook

    20:30:01 <popey> in the same place all the time?

    20:30:11 <DarkwingDuck> Try to

    20:30:29 <pleia2> and then locally some ubuntu hours advertise to LUGs (I advertise the Ubuntu Hours we couple with Debian dinners to the local lists for SF Ubuntu Hours)

    20:30:37 <czajkowski> pleia2: that's a lot of places, I know other teams complain about posting to multiple places, but do you think it's benefical ?

    20:31:05 <pleia2> leogg: we have active members all over the state, so individuals just create events where they are (our list of ubuntu hour locations is at the end of our app, it's not just the major cities)

    20:31:23 <czajkowski> DarkwingDuck: can you tell us how things are in the team, in the past it was a bit hairy, but I'm glad to see it's settled down, how is the team doing now ?

    20:31:28 <popey> wow

    20:31:33 <popey> thats an impressive set of Hours

    20:31:36 <pleia2> popey: some are every other week, the ones in the bay area tend to be monthly (mostly because there are millions of tech events in the bay area, more than one per month would be further saturation Funny :))

    20:31:52 <leogg> pleia2, nice! thank you Smile :)

    20:32:00 <popey> Yeah, I can imagine!

    20:32:10 <pleia2> czajkowski: the core team handles announcing things centrally to all the resources, it's not so bad, then individuals handle announcements locally

    20:32:28 <czajkowski> ok

    20:32:29 <czajkowski> thanks

    20:32:42 <pleia2> we use posterous to post to twitter, identica and facebook all at once, then create a loco directory entry and copy that into mailing list and forums posts

    20:32:43 <DarkwingDuck> Things in the team are going very well. We've had our... differences of opinions at times but, we have managed to sit down, take a few breaths and explain the logic behind things. People tend to respond to that.

    20:33:03 <popey> What about the financial side of things, do you pay for venues for hours?

    20:33:24 <DarkwingDuck> In San Diego, no, we have not had to as of yet.

    20:33:32 <DarkwingDuck> Well, San Diego area.

    20:33:36 <popey> you use starbucks and similar?

    20:33:42 <DarkwingDuck> Yes

    20:33:45 <czajkowski> DarkwingDuck: / pleia2 where do you see the team going/progressing in the next 2 years?

    20:33:49 <pleia2> there are a lot of independent coffee shops in california Smile :)

    20:33:54 <popey> hah

    20:34:18 <popey> what time of day and day of week is most popular for Hours?

    20:34:45 <DarkwingDuck> I would like to expand the outreach to the massive amount of Unis here in California.

    20:34:47 <pleia2> in the bay area whenever we need to pay for a venue we team up with a LUG who handles costs, or a non-profit that can get us in for free as long as we promote them (again, here that's often partimus - upcoming solano stroll is paid for by berkeley lug under the partimus non-profit banner)

    20:35:27 <pleia2> popey: roseville (near the state capital) had a popular lunchtime ubuntu hour, but most are in the evening, 6-8PMish

    20:35:34 <popey> thanks

    20:35:39 <popey> I have no more questions

    20:35:50 <czajkowski> same here

    20:35:51 <DarkwingDuck> We do it (normally) on saturday mid day

    20:36:06 <itnet7> everything looks good to me

    20:36:06 <pleia2> czajkowski: I think just staying on track and keeping all communication lines open is what is most vital for our team, we've been growing lately and it's good

    20:36:26 <pleia2> so make sure we stay on track and take opportunities and volunteers as they come Smile :) we're in a good position for that now

    20:36:28 <czajkowski> great stuff

    20:36:31 <leogg> no more questions from me

    20:36:36 <czajkowski> looks good to me

    20:36:45 <huats> looks very good to me too

    20:37:07 <leogg> yep, very nice job and great app

    20:37:33 <popey> ok

    20:37:45 <popey> #vote on Ubuntu California Team Re-Approval

    20:37:45 <meetingology> Please vote on: on Ubuntu California Team Re-Approval

    20:37:45 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:37:51 <itnet7> +1

    20:37:51 <meetingology> +1 received from itnet7

    20:37:54 <leogg> +1

    20:37:54 <meetingology> +1 received from leogg

    20:37:56 <popey> +1

    20:37:58 <czajkowski> +1

    20:38:02 <huats> +1

    20:38:02 <meetingology> +1 received from huats

    20:38:05 <AlanBell> um popey #voters

    20:38:08 <popey> yeah

    20:38:10 <popey> #endvote

    20:38:10 <meetingology> Voting ended on: on Ubuntu California Team Re-Approval

    20:38:10 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:38:10 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:38:12 <popey> hang on!

    20:38:26 <czajkowski> AlanBell: your voting bot is confusing Smile :)

    20:38:27 <popey> it's +5

    20:38:35 <popey> plus paultag gave +1 via mailing list

    20:38:41 <popey> sorry, I screwed the #voters

    20:38:41 <czajkowski> +6 Smile :)

    20:38:47 <popey> so basically, you're done Big Grin :)

    20:38:48 <pleia2> thanks everyone Smile :)

    20:38:51 <jtatum> Awesome!

    20:38:53 <popey> congratulations!

    20:38:53 <DarkwingDuck> Thank you

    20:38:55 <pleia2> see you in 2 years!

    20:38:58 <popey> haha

    20:38:59 <AlanBell> yay pleia2 and california

    20:39:01 <itnet7> Very good job, Go Cali!!

    20:39:05 <leogg> keep up the good work cali!

    20:39:13 <DarkwingDuck> See some of ya in Orlando.

    20:39:24 <AlanBell> czajkowski: user error

    20:39:34 <AndroUser> is it all over I just managed to join the channel

    20:39:38 <itnet7> Definitely DarkwingDuck !

    20:39:58 <DarkwingDuck> assuming my application gets approved (It should)

    20:40:07 <popey> #voters popey czajkowski leogg huats itnet7

    20:40:07 <meetingology> Current voters: czajkowski huats itnet7 leogg popey

    20:40:14 <popey> right!

    20:40:19 <popey> keeping to time nicely

    20:40:27 <popey> #topic Ubuntu Arizona Reapproval

    20:40:27 <meetingology> TOPIC: Ubuntu Arizona Reapproval

    20:40:30 <leogg> Big Grin :)

    20:40:41 <popey> toddc: you about? ☺

    20:40:43 <toddc> Toddc here to represent azloco arizona team woot!

    20:40:45 <Dazed_75> o/

    20:40:53 <popey> Anyone else here for Arizona?

    20:40:55 <fuzzyvader> o/

    20:40:55 <scott_ev> The Hottest LoCo on Earth - The AZ LoCo - w00t w00t!!!

    20:40:57 <triunity> Go Todd!

    20:40:58 <Dazed_75> yes

    20:40:59 <bj0> o\

    20:41:05 <triunity> 1+

    20:41:06 <Yorokobi> o/

    20:41:13 <hutchnate> o/

    20:41:16 <czajkowski> hey folks

    20:41:23 <scott_ev> hiya

    20:41:31 <bj0> howdy

    20:41:38 <Dazed_75> greets

    20:41:57 <czajkowski> https://wiki.kubuntu.org/ArizonaTeam/ApprovalApplicationrenewal

    20:42:04 <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/ApprovalApplicationrenewal

    20:42:05 <popey> Big Grin :)

    20:42:11 <popey> toddc: tell us about your install fests..

    20:42:26 <stuart> so did the UK soon ???

    20:42:26 <stuart> win

    20:42:33 <popey> stuart: yeah

    20:42:39 <popey> see #ubuntu-uk

    20:42:45 <toddc> it is a combined event wit attendence at 15+

    20:42:55 <czajkowski> toddc: why on the Kubuntu wiki and not on the main wiki, curious? All in Blue Smile :)

    20:43:16 <toddc> our original application was in kbuntu

    20:43:42 <Dazed_75> so he copied and worked it there. Does it matter for this?

    20:43:46 <popey> no

    20:43:48 <czajkowski> nope

    20:43:53 <czajkowski> I was just curious Smile :)

    20:44:02 <Dazed_75> I was too Smile :)

    20:44:02 <huats> I like the testimonial idea

    20:44:10 <itnet7> me too

    20:44:17 <toddc> np since this is my first I used it as a template

    20:44:18 <scott_ev> Our install fests are handled two ways. we have installfests thast we do alone - one per release of ubuntu, and one a month that we do in conjunction with the Phoenix Linux users Group once a month

    20:44:40 <toddc> we laso have a monly server installfest also

    20:44:43 <Dazed_75> two/month with PLUG

    20:44:53 <scott_ev> oops

    20:45:11 <Dazed_75> I also do 2/year with SLUG and 2 others for retirement parks

    20:45:39 <czajkowski> I see ye've only started to use the LD in the last 2 months, http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-arizona/events/history

    20:45:40 <toddc> and several out of the local area Tucson

    20:45:42 <itnet7> Dazed_75: How many newcomers show up out of curiousity?

    20:46:14 <Dazed_75> itnet7: varies a lot from about 2 to 20

    20:46:16 <toddc> we are continuing to add events and are currently add one in prescoot az

    20:46:35 <scott_ev> Prescott

    20:46:36 <itnet7> Nice!

    20:47:56 <Dazed_75> Most installfests are a mix of installs, assists, and fixes or discussions. Depends on user needs

    20:48:02 <leogg> I like the fact that you collaborate with other LUGs in the area

    20:48:07 <bj0> and sometimes random projects

    20:48:16 <popey> I agree leogg

    20:48:21 <toddc> we do a lot of that it helps everyone

    20:49:20 <czajkowski> toddc: how do you share out thing getting done ?? like getting in this application and getting events organised?

    20:50:11 <popey> toddc: your irc meetings seem to mostly consist of news dumps. Do the team find that valuable?

    20:50:20 <toddc> we have a small group that is increasing slowly that gets the core things done

    20:50:22 <Dazed_75> Typically, we decide such things in the Sunday IRC or at installfest meetings

    20:50:41 <Yorokobi> popey, I find the news dumps valuable. fwiw

    20:50:48 <popey> it seems more like a newsletter than a meeting as such?

    20:50:56 <isz_id> as do I.

    20:50:57 <leogg> toddc, I don't see much activity on the forums or mailing lists... how do you communicate with each other on the team?

    20:51:05 <toddc> yes since most of our things are events

    20:51:34 <Dazed_75> We are considering fewer IRC meetings and trying for higher attendance bersus people reading the notes later

    20:51:38 <toddc> we use irc and our big blue button server for most communication

    20:51:47 <bj0> there is a lot more IRC communication than on the mailing list

    20:52:07 <Dazed_75> We are also considering how to do some face to face with everyone so distant

    20:52:23 <Dazed_75> The Valley is like 100 miles across

    20:52:28 <czajkowski> toddc: I ask as the team is currently unapproved, due to the team expring as no application was submitted

    20:52:45 <toddc> Former Team leaders said the it was handled or that they would guide us and did not followed thru

    20:52:59 <popey> That's unfortunate.

    20:53:03 <toddc> I took over 9 months ago

    20:53:06 <Dazed_75> Aye!

    20:53:06 <leogg> toddc, how many people do you have regularly on your IRC channel?

    20:53:10 <czajkowski> toddc: ok, but you really should have come to us, it's taken a long time

    20:53:16 <toddc> with a huge learning curve

    20:53:21 <scott_ev> it's been a real hinderance as we are somewhet flying blind here

    20:54:00 <toddc> I was more inthe the installfests but learning has been fun but slow

    20:54:00 <itnet7> Anytime you need some help or ideas you can ping anyone of us

    20:54:09 <Dazed_75> What kind of help could we get from the council? I don't think we know

    20:54:16 <toddc> thanks will keep that in mind

    20:54:16 <popey> absolutely, we're here to help

    20:54:21 <scott_ev> I'm somewhat to blame as i took over after johnc4510 and didn't immediatly find out what we needed to do to stay curent

    20:54:55 <popey> lets talk about what the loco council does offline perhaps?

    20:55:01 <itnet7> Sure

    20:55:03 <toddc> ok thanks

    20:55:10 <popey> czajkowski / itnet7 / huats / leogg do you have any other questions for the AZ team?

    20:55:13 <scott_ev> being the team's one Ubuntu member I should have known better

    20:55:18 <czajkowski> hmm no

    20:55:25 <Dazed_75> Is there a page that might describe what ways the council can help with ideas and such?

    20:55:26 <itnet7> toddc: I have joined your channel feel free to ping me anytime

    20:55:27 <popey> No worries scott_ev Big Grin :)

    20:55:41 <leogg> no, I'm good

    20:55:50 <popey> ok, lets go then.

    20:55:54 <toddc> inet7 thanks will do

    20:56:00 <popey> #vote on Ubuntu Arizona Re-Approval

    20:56:00 <meetingology> Please vote on: on Ubuntu Arizona Re-Approval

    20:56:00 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:56:02 <popey> +1

    20:56:02 <meetingology> +1 received from popey

    20:56:07 <itnet7> +1

    20:56:07 <meetingology> +1 received from itnet7

    20:56:11 <popey> We have a +1 from paultag also

    20:56:13 <Dazed_75> Sory, while I've been involved with the loco activities, I only recently joined it

    20:56:24 <czajkowski> +0

    20:56:31 <leogg> +0 20:56:49 * popey tickles huats

    20:57:01 <huats> +1

    20:57:01 <meetingology> +1 received from huats

    20:57:07 <popey> #endvote

    20:57:07 <meetingology> Voting ended on: on Ubuntu Arizona Re-Approval

    20:57:07 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:57:07 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:57:10 <popey> I make that 4

    20:57:13 <huats> sorry I was backlogging

    20:57:15 <scott_ev> nice, thanks you all

    20:57:17 <popey> So congratulations!

    20:57:19 <scott_ev> w00t

    20:57:21 <bj0> yey

    20:57:23 <scott_ev> we live again

    20:57:24 <Dazed_75> WOOT

    20:57:24 <hutchnate> w00t

    20:57:25 <triunity> Sweet!!! Thank you!!!!

    20:57:30 <fuzzyvader> wahoo!

    20:57:33 <pleia2> congrats AZ, I'll be in Phoenix over labor day weekend visiting family Smile :)

    20:57:40 <itnet7> Congrats

    20:57:42 <scott_ev> nice pleia

    20:57:46 <bj0> you picked the hottest month for it pleia2 Smile :)

    20:57:48 <scott_ev> where exactly?

    20:57:55 <popey> keep up the great work, and do get in touch if we can help at all

    20:58:06 <pleia2> bj0: haha, I also visited philly during a heat wave this year, it's how I roll

    20:58:06 <toddc> thank you and stop by and watch us get bigger

    20:58:09 <Dazed_75> Thanks, I am sure we will

    20:58:14 <popey> #endmeeting

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