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Monthly InstallFests

  • The Arizona Team holds a Linux InstallFest on the First and last Saturday of each moth except November and December at UAT.

attachment:installfest-1.jpg attachment:installfest-2.jpg


  • State LUG Collaboration: Contact and pooling of resources with the state LUGs to promote events and further Ubuntu as an alternative method of computing using desktop, server, and mobile versions.

    • We have already established a relationship with:
      • Phoenix LUG(plugaz) co-host twice monthly installfests and server classes

      • DeVry LUG(Phoenix) Server hosting space by Dlug

      • LUG of Yavapai Hosting their website on our server and attend their meetings

      • Combined an Ubuntu and PLUG Monthly Installfest held at University of Advancing Technology on first and third Saturday of each month. anda global Jam and support a monthly server installfest at UAT on the second Saturday of each month currently on hold

  • Oneiric Ocelot 11.10 Release & Installfests: Planning for the next Ubuntu release, Oneirick 11.10, using our Natty Narwhal Release Party and Installfest experience to improve our success. Areas to concentrate on include location, advertising(print and radio), and flyer distribution. Oneiric Ocelot Planning Page

    • We have already made contact with ASU LUG. The president of the LUG is in favor of our assistance in there events and plan on using our servers for some test programs. The ASULUG is located on the Arizona State University campus and can offer a central location, dedicated rooms, hard wired internet, and a large pool of students to attract to the event. This should help make the event(s) larger and more successful.

  • Attended Yapavi LUG meeting Prescott AZ on August 9 2011 and passed out cd's and did a demo of our server projects and are in the process of setting up a Prescott installfest.
  • Attended Phoenix LUG east side meetings every month and distribute CD's and exchange Linux and open source info and demo new programs
  • Local Ubuntu Advocacy: Continue to burn and distribute Ubuntu CDs for release parties, installfests, and for team members to distribute to family, friends, neighbors, etc.


  • Team Communication

    • We have maintained our team IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az which we also monitor on a daily basis with our own stat reporting system Team IRC Stats. Recent stats show that in the last 30 days we have had:

      • 52 different participating nicks in our channel
      • Totaled over 6230 lines over the last thirty days in our Irc channel
    • We have published our own team newsletter on a weekly basis to help encourage non participating members or members who missed a meeting to keep abreast of the latest LoCo happenings [[

/ArizonaTeam/Newsletters|Team Newsletter]]

  • Currently have Monthly installfest and server installfests and have kept our support of statewide Lugs and added more lug support often.
  • We keep logs of our weekly meetings Meeting Logs

  • We have maintained our team subforum AZ Team Thread

  • We have maintained our team mailing list Team Mail List Archive

  • We have maintained out team wiki page AZ wiki

  • New Member Support:

    • Education Sub-Team formed to set up resources to help new members make the transition from other operating systems to Ubuntu Education Team

    • AZ Team Forum Sticky about membership: Arizona LoCo Team Info

      • Two Installfests in Tucson the last was Apirl 02 2011 and was part of the Global Jam event
      • Our monthly installfest at the University of Advancing Technology attracts 10 members and Installs helps 5-10 new users with cd's install's and training. We currently have 1 portable server to host ISO's and have just added a PXE server to speed up some installs.
      • Our Team supports and attends local security events and supply networking equipment servers and CD's Banners and Teach or Train on many subjects and events.
  • Team Branding (Designed and approved by team)

    • Team Logo and slogan: Logo/Slogan

    • Team Subpage Header: SubPage Header

    • We encourage all team members to adopt the following signature on the forums to further promote our LoCo. The "ArizonaTeam wiki | Arizona Launchpad | and Membership" we have add our email to offer a team related mail address and share douments on google docs.

    • Established a Cafe Press Store to augment the available Ubuntu merchandise available at Canonical. It offers merchandise with our own team branding on it. Cafe Press Store

  • Team Server(Usage donated by:DeVry LUG(Phoenix)

    • Team Server wiki page: Team Server

    • Team Server Pics: Server Info

    • Link to Main Server: Team Main Server Link

    • Link to Test Server: Team Test Server Link

    • Note:We have recently been given a Dell Poweredge 4600 server in perfect condition for our team use. We recently installed 10.04 on this new/used server and transfered our team web page to it. We will also be using it to educate team members in server technique, to further advocate for Ubuntu, and to help make our LoCo team more visible in the State of Arizona. We are currently designing a new web site for to reflect new technology that is available to team members so check back soon.

  • Ubuntu Members:

    • j.scott.gwin


Arizona Team go go go! These guys are always well prepared at their meetings, hardworking, and have helped me fix more problems than I would care to admit. I HIGHLY recommend them for approval status.

Posingaspopular - Eddie Martinez from the Chicago Ubuntu LoCo Team

I have been a member of the Arizona LoCo since 2/2009 and an Ubuntu member since 7/2010. During this time I have seen this team go through many changes and, though it's numbers don't grow much, there is always a revolving core of leadership and membership. I feel this is as it should be. It means that many people come, learn, contribute, take on a function within the team, and in many cases move on as their life situation dictates. When I first moved to AZ a few years ago it was the AZ LoCo that made my relocation go smoothly in a social sense. Because of the help I received from those that were in leadership and/or active in the IRC channel I became interested not only in Ubuntu as an OS but as a community. This local community did enough for me that when johnc4510 had to step down as team leader I was more than willing to step up and fill that role until I no longer could. During this last year toddc has taken over for me as my life would no longer allow the time commitment needed. I have seen so many people helped learn Ubuntu as an OS and as a community of like-minded helpful people. It would be a very sad day indeed if this team were no longer here to help people all across Arizona and beyond. I've seen returning visitors from across the States and across the globe helped and served because this team exists. I mean how often is it that a barely capable budding computer geek desert rat in Arizona get an opportunity to help a new Ubuntu user in Tanzania with his system? I have every faith in the wisdom of the Approval Council so I will not loose any sleep waiting for a verdict.

scott_ev - - long-winded servant of the Hottest LoCo on Earth: The Arizona Local Community Team

Dazed_75 - Larry Thiel - I have been involved with the Arizona LoCo for several years but primarily due to my activities in the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG) and the Sunland Lunux User Group (SLUG). I finally joined the Arizona LoCo in order to help out and to have the opportunity to travel to other parts of the state in support of all things Linux and FOSS. My focus has been on Ubuntu since Hardy. Although I have yet to really like Unity, I am running it on three machines to give it a fair chance. I have recently built a PXE server to bring to our Installfests. It is able to network boot virtually all flavors of Ubuntu and quite a few derivatives in Live mode for checkout and potential install. As this is much faster than an optical disk install, I hope attendees will be encouraged to try out different flavors before making a choice.

spinrage - Jason Mann - The AZloco team delivers interesting news, gives me a place to come to each week to meet other people who enjoy ubuntu & linux. Toddc always seems to be on top of things during the meeting & they're an excellent place to drop in when you need some support from skilled linux users. [13:40] meetingology TOPIC: Ubuntu Arizona Reapproval [13:40] leogg [13:40] popey toddc: you about? ☺ [13:40] toddc Toddc here to represent azloco arizona team woot! [13:40] Dazed_75 o/ [13:40] popey Anyone else here for Arizona? [13:40] fuzzyvader o/ [13:40] scott_ev The Hottest LoCo on Earth - The AZ LoCo - w00t w00t!!! [13:40] triunity Go Todd! [13:40] Dazed_75 yes [13:41] bj0 o\ [13:41] triunity 1+ [13:41] Yorokobi o/ [13:41] hutchnate o/ [13:41] czajkowski hey folks [13:41] scott_ev hiya [13:41] bj0 howdy [13:41] Dazed_75 greets [13:41] czajkowski [13:42] popey [13:42] popey [13:42] popey toddc: tell us about your install fests.. [13:42] stuart so did the UK soon ??? [13:42] stuart win [13:42] popey stuart: yeah [13:42] popey see #ubuntu-uk [13:42] toddc it is a combined event wit attendence at 15+ [13:42] czajkowski toddc: why on the Kubuntu wiki and not on the main wiki, curious? All in Blue [13:43] toddc our original application was in kbuntu [13:43] Dazed_75 so he copied and worked it there. Does it matter for this? [13:43] popey no [13:43] czajkowski nope [13:43] czajkowski I was just curious [13:44] Dazed_75 I was too [13:44] huats I like the testimonial idea [13:44] itnet7 me too [13:44] toddc np since this is my first I used it as a template [13:44] scott_ev Our install fests are handled two ways. we have installfests thast we do alone - one per release of ubuntu, and one a month that we do in conjunction with the Phoenix Linux users Group once a month [13:44] toddc we laso have a monly server installfest also [13:44] Dazed_75 two/month with PLUG [13:44] scott_ev oops [13:45] Dazed_75 I also do 2/year with SLUG and 2 others for retirement parks [13:45] czajkowski I see ye've only started to use the LD in the last 2 months, [13:45] toddc and several out of the local area Tucson [13:45] itnet7 Dazed_75: How many newcomers show up out of curiousity? [13:46] Dazed_75 itnet7: varies a lot from about 2 to 20 [13:46] toddc we are continuing to add events and are currently add one in prescoot az [13:46] scott_ev Prescott [13:46] itnet7 Nice! [13:47] Dazed_75 Most installfests are a mix of installs, assists, and fixes or discussions. Depends on user needs [13:48] leogg I like the fact that you collaborate with other LUGs in the area [13:48] bj0 and sometimes random projects [13:48] popey I agree leogg [13:48] toddc we do a lot of that it helps everyone [13:49] czajkowski toddc: how do you share out thing getting done ?? like getting in this application and getting events organised? [13:50] popey toddc: your irc meetings seem to mostly consist of news dumps. Do the team find that valuable? [13:50] toddc we have a small group that is increasing slowly that gets the core things done [13:50] Dazed_75 Typically, we decide such things in the Sunday IRC or at installfest meetings [13:50] Yorokobi popey, I find the news dumps valuable. fwiw [13:50] popey it seems more like a newsletter than a meeting as such? [13:50] isz_id as do I. [13:50] leogg toddc, I don't see much activity on the forums or mailing lists... how do you communicate with each other on the team? [13:51] toddc yes since most of our things are events [13:51] Dazed_75 We are considering fewer IRC meetings and trying for higher attendance bersus people reading the notes later [13:51] toddc we use irc and our big blue button server for most communication [13:51] bj0 there is a lot more IRC communication than on the mailing list [13:52] Dazed_75 We are also considering how to do some face to face with everyone so distant [13:52] Dazed_75 The Valley is like 100 miles across [13:52] czajkowski toddc: I ask as the team is currently unapproved, due to the team expring as no application was submitted [13:52] toddc Former Team leaders said the it was handled or that they would guide us and did not followed thru [13:52] popey That's unfortunate. [13:53] toddc I took over 9 months ago [13:53] Dazed_75 Aye! [13:53] leogg toddc, how many people do you have regularly on your IRC channel? [13:53] czajkowski toddc: ok, but you really should have come to us, it's taken a long time [13:53] toddc with a huge learning curve [13:53] scott_ev it's been a real hinderance as we are somewhet flying blind here [13:54] toddc I was more inthe the installfests but learning has been fun but slow [13:54] itnet7 Anytime you need some help or ideas you can ping anyone of us [13:54] Dazed_75 What kind of help could we get from the council? I don't think we know [13:54] toddc thanks will keep that in mind [13:54] popey absolutely, we're here to help [13:54] scott_ev I'm somewhat to blame as i took over after johnc4510 and didn't immediatly find out what we needed to do to stay curent [13:54] popey lets talk about what the loco council does offline perhaps? [13:55] itnet7 Sure [13:55] toddc ok thanks [13:55] popey czajkowski / itnet7 / huats / leogg do you have any other questions for the AZ team? [13:55] scott_ev being the team's one Ubuntu member I should have known better [13:55] czajkowski hmm no [13:55] Dazed_75 Is there a page that might describe what ways the council can help with ideas and such? [13:55] itnet7 toddc: I have joined your channel feel free to ping me anytime [13:55] popey No worries scott_ev [13:55] leogg no, I'm good [13:55] popey ok, lets go then. [13:55] toddc inet7 thanks will do [13:56] popey #vote on Ubuntu Arizona Re-Approval [13:56] meetingology Please vote on: on Ubuntu Arizona Re-Approval [13:56] meetingology Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me) [13:56] popey +1 [13:56] meetingology +1 received from popey [13:56] itnet7 +1 [13:56] meetingology +1 received from itnet7 [13:56] popey We have a +1 from paultag also [13:56] Dazed_75 Sory, while I've been involved with the loco activities, I only recently joined it [13:56] czajkowski +0 [13:56] leogg +0 [13:56] popey tickles huats [13:57] huats +1 [13:57] meetingology +1 received from huats [13:57] popey #endvote [13:57] meetingology Voting ended on: on Ubuntu Arizona Re-Approval [13:57] meetingology Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0 [13:57] meetingology Motion carried [13:57] popey I make that 4 [13:57] huats sorry I was backlogging [13:57] scott_ev nice, thanks you all [13:57] popey So congratulations! [13:57] scott_ev w00t [13:57] bj0 yey [13:57] scott_ev we live again [13:57] Dazed_75 WOOT [13:57] hutchnate w00t [13:57] triunity Sweet!!! Thank you!!!! [13:57] fuzzyvader wahoo! [13:57] pleia2 congrats AZ, I'll be in Phoenix over labor day weekend visiting family [13:57] itnet7 Congrats [13:57] scott_ev nice pleia [13:57] bj0 you picked the hottest month for it pleia2 [13:57] scott_ev where exactly? [13:57] popey keep up the great work, and do get in touch if we can help at all [13:58] pleia2 bj0: haha, I also visited philly during a heat wave this year, it's how I roll [13:58] toddc thank you and stop by and watch us get bigger [13:58] Dazed_75 Thanks, I am sure we will [13:58] popey #endmeeting [13:58] =-= meetingology has changed the topic to “Ubuntu Meeting Grounds | Calendar/Scheduled meetings: | Logs: | Meetingology is the new Mootbot”

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