This page is to describe what each bug status means for the ubuntu-locoteams project on Launchpad.

  • New: Bug has been just filed, no response from the contact/person in charge yet.

  • Incomplete: Cycle has ended and a (re-)verification application is not on file. OR Team has expired and a re-verification application is not on file.

  • Opinion: Everything that is not a (re-)verification.

  • Invalid: Bug is not valid (can be a duplicate or something really invalid).

  • Won't fix: Team doesn't exist / bug has been created in vain / team existed but is now closed.

  • Confirmed: Bug has been just filed and the contact/person in charge has replied.

  • Triaged: (Re-)verification will be discussed in a meeting.

  • In Progress: (Re-)verification voting procedure is currently open and the process is being followed on the bug, not on a meeting.

  • Fix Committed: Team is (re-)verificated, but its membership to ~locoteams-verified needs to be (re)set.

  • Fix Released: Everything has been done and team has been added to ~locoteams-verified, process is done.

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