Getting Ubuntu DVDs for LoCo Teams

So, you awesome LoCo teams want to get your hands on some free Ubuntu DVDs to distribute in your area? No problem. This page will tell you how to get hold of DVDs.

How to get your Ubuntu DVDs

To get your Ubuntu DVDs you must first ensure you are an approved team, and the Team Contact should make the request for the DVDs.

To get them, send you need to fill in the following Form

  • Full Name (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Street Address (do not include a PO BOX - it must be a real address) - include your post/zip code!!
  • Full International Phone number (including country code)

The team contact must request the DVDs, but it is fine to get the DVDs sent to another member of the team if needed. The following discs will be sent:

  • 150 Desktop
  • 25 Server

Before you submit the email...

  • Ensure you are an approved team - see the LoCoTeamList to see.

  • Ensure the Team Contact requests the DVDs.

  • Check you have included the standard subject line, as shown above.
  • Ensure you have included all of the requested information in the email.

Getting Help

Are you stuck with getting your DVDs? Fear not, we can try and help!


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