LoCo Team Regions

Every team in the LoCo project covers a certain geographical region. This can vary from some teams who cover a state or some teams who cover an entire country. How do you decide what size region your LoCo should cover? This document aims to explain some of these issues.

There is no single rule of thumb for how big an area a LoCo team should cover. For some countries it makes sense to divide LoCos at a state level (such as the USA), but for some regions it makes sense for each LoCo team to be at a country level (such as countries in Europe).

How to figure out which region you cover

To determine which region you should cover, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - Look at the Region Guidelines below and see how your area is categorized. Always try to remain in these guidelines.

  • Step 2 - Look at the LoCoTeamsList and see if an existing team exists in your area. If a team does exist, get in touch with the contact and work together.

  • Step 3 - If a team does not exist in your area, follow the details in LoCoTeamHowto to create your group.

If you are unsure, get in touch with the LoCo Council at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com.

Covering smaller regions inside existing teams

If you would like to set up a LoCo team for a smaller region (such as a county or town district), you should work to do this within the existing wider team. As an example, within the ubuntu-uk team some people may want to organise regional meetings around Northampton. This should not be done as a seperate ubuntu-northampton team but as part of the ubuntu-uk team.

It is recommended that each team has a page with regional meetings within that area. This allows closely matched Ubuntu users to meet up and have closer regional meetings.

The LoCo project always seeks to work within existing team structures where possible. If a team for your area already exists, do try to work with them.

Region Guidelines






State Level


Each team should cover a state in the US


Federal subject Level


Each team should cover a federal subject in Russia


Country Level


Each team should cover a full country


Country Level


Each team should cover a full country


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