Events Team

The events team will help coordinate and schedule events. Members will be responsible for finding locations, providing directions, and determining expected turnout.


  1. Coordinates available resources for events.
  2. Lists events with Ubuntu community

Note: This team is not for those who want to participate in individual events. This team is for those who want to help make sure we are prepare and organized for those individual events. If you would like to help with a specific event, please sign up on that project page.


  1. -- RobRogers 2008-02-19 21:37:05

Current Events

  • # Hamfest, April 26th in Monroe Louisiana. We are working on details of a table for providing install/live CD's for Ubuntu. # Release Party April 26th, Monroe Louisiana. We need a location for this event and possible tie in to inviting Hamfest attendee's. Large resturant, Locally owned for possible profit sharing?

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