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Next MOTU Meeting (details)

Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

Next Packaging Training Session (details)


The meeting started with not many MOTUs here, but some joined during the meeting. Those who actively took part in the meeting, in approximative order of appearance :

Status of MultiDistroTools

MultiDistroTools is a set of scripts used to generate those packages lists. Some MOTUs didn't know about it. This report should help solve this Wink ;) Also, lucas received several ideas of improvements.

Debian Collaboration Team

(see DCT)

Several people mentionned that Ubuntu devs should already send patches and report bugs upstream. However, it's often not the case, especially for MOTUs who deal with a lot of packages. It would be great to have an official position :

  • Is it considered "OK" or "WRONG" for Ubuntu developers to forget to report worthy changes to the Debian BTS ?
  • Are Ubuntu devs supposed to submit patches to the BTS ?

  • It is generally considered good practice to submit patches to the BTS. But is it considered bad practice not to ?

Depending on the answers to those questions, DCT might or might not be helpful.

Some MOTUs also fear that, once DCT is here, collaboration with Debian from non-DCT developers will become non-existant ("why report to Debian if the DCT is going to do it anyway ?").

A MOTU School (or a DCT school ?) to help explain how to report bugs to Debian would be a good idea, as well as improving the existing pages about it (Bugs/Debian and ContributingToDebian).

Status of MoM

During the last TechnicalBoard meeting, the status of MoM was discussed. It often can't find the correct base. Should we set up our own morgue to make the merging process more efficient ?

The issue wasn't clear. Lucas will set up another wiki page to explain the problem, and we will discuss it on the mailing list or during another MOTU meeting.

Backups of tiber

Tiber is currently not backed up. siretart will investigate several possibilities for backups and keep MOTUs informed of the progress.

Current MOTU work

Unmet dependancies

apt-cache -i unmet gives a list of unmet dependancies. a daily generated list is available on http://tiber.tauware.de/~siretart/unmet/dapper-unmet.txt

\sh mentionned that unmet deps can mean two things :

  • a not satisfiable dependancy (package not existing for example)
  • a dependancy on a broken package (package that FTBFS for example) (or a dependancy on a package for which a dependancy is broken)

packages that FTBFS

Lamont said that test-builds will be done again on the buildds, but didn't give a timeline. It seems to depend on Soyuz. sistpoty will ask elmo about all this stuff.

Date & Time of next meeting

Wednesday, February 15th - 20.00 UTC was proposed.

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