What I do in the UBUNUTU community:

  • I spend a lot of time in bug hunting, e.g. Launchpad

  • With UBUNTU Deutschland e.V. I joined in the preparations to the German LoCo event "UBUCON"

  • The "LinuxTag Berlin" is also a project I put a lot of effort in. LinuxTag Berlin or CLT and BLIT

  • For some time now, I support "UBUNTU Release Parties" in Berlin, technically and giving talks on themes around UBUNTU. Release Party's

How I came to UBUNTU:

In the Year 2006 I got my first UBUNTU distribution installed (6.04). As the CD was in the desktop PC a "hit & run" Linux installed whithout problems. If I remember correctly my hardware was approximately 20/24 months old. That time I decided to switch from KDE to GNOME desktop, and the rest is History. With many bottles of club-mate and shirty buddies Wink ;-) i learned: how to use *NIX Systems. (thanks a million over again) Now we use Debian server in our company. Contributing to UBUNTU has become my way to say "Thank's all" in the Open Source Community. UBUNTU is one of the steps Linux step out from the neerd sphere, into the "real world".

More Informations about Bug squad and Participation:

yet another overview about my hunts by UBUNTU Bugs you can find in Launchpad

Description of my contributions to Ubuntu and Open Source Society

Projekt Name

Soft- / Hardware

Short Description

Early Thinks: exchanging the graphics card

7.10 / NVIDIA Gforce 7xxx

Take a look in the Hardware Database before you buy a new GC! I have found the NVIDIA Gforce 7 Chipset works fine. After the HW install found „x-config“ the New GC. you install the driver, test it. - thats it. 1

3 Networks for Sierra Leone. (Freetown)

Nearly 100 PCs whit UBUNTU and Edubuntu are ready for a second adoption in Freetown.

more infos at the project page 2


Talks about Free and Open Source, especially for Education

German Page EDU Task Force

Linux Install Party(s) to Promote UBUNTU

Take a Mobile Network an go to the User

Please, look forward on this Wiki site: LinuxWiki

to conveyance UBUNTU in Germany

UBUNTU e. V. Germany


The Social and Free from the Software, spoken in

Social in

Social in

UBUNTU in-migration Scout

my Brain

going "on the road" to help Newbees to migration

Plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the near and far future

  • From the ProjektSL we look forward to collect more Desktop PC an Servers (up to 2GB RAM, If you have some, mail me Smile :-) ) *We like to planning Install) Party's in Sierra Leone. May by next Year (2010) we go to SL by attorney YOOW.

  • Whit the FSFE-Edu Team we go to schools to "teach the teachers": to work whit Open Source, teaching whit and over Open Source...

  • On my Next Gen. Working B2.0 we plan OpenSource Events (cycle period) In this environment i will promote UBUNTU too.

Last but not least, i will install many new PC whit UBUNTU (in case of an emergency, also whit KDE Wink ;-) ) And i still many times whit the German UBUNTU e.V. on UBUNTU exhibition(s) and the Social Themes.

Humanity towards others

(to tinker with the idea of doing UBUNTU.) i am, because you are

I promote Free Software, and especially UBUNTU, while i believe that Free Software can only exist in a Free Society. And for a Free Society is Free Software grassroots. Read more about this on my German Blog. But, it is not easy for normal people to switch. this is the UBUNTU task! I advocacy this...

  • freedom and peace for all kids all over the world. There's so much you can take.

humanity and weapons - 'oh' NO'


Copyleft: Creative Commons, feel free to make it „better“

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