This page is the development area for the site part of SpreadUbuntu.

It is still relatively empty because the team is focusing on the DIY part of SU, which can live without the site part. If you prefer working on this project rather than diy, feel free to start today! Smile :)

Deadline? should be at a releasable state by Intrepid's release (October 30th). From today (Aug 6 08), we have 3 months (2m 24d) to complete the site, seems very doable :). - suprfish

No, it wasn't. But one year later we seem to be getting there, at least with the DIY part and having a decent face for the site. The site is now ready and should become official before the Karmic release given that canonical redirects the domains to our site. - huayra 19-10-2009


The idea clearly comes from the former SpreadUbuntu project. The target audience are new Ubuntu users, but also on a larger basis anyone willing to spread Ubuntu. Its role is to strengthen the community and enable easy sharing of marketing ideas and projects, get in touch with other Ubunteros, etc...

The intent is to be an introduction to Ubuntu (what it is, why you'd like it, how to try it, etc) which includes how to participate. Mainly: spreading the word (and look! here's all this content from the DIY site to help) and join your LoCo.

Feel free to continue the detailed description...

Features to implement

  • Site needs to be able to deal with content in multiple languages.

...and to add all planned features.



I saw the old mockups, did a few new ones based on the same ideas.


Is this connected with this site?

Developing the "Site" part is in the works... focus was mostly on DIY until now. (Details to come.)

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