Meetings, activities and status

Our meetings happen in the #ubuntu-marketing channel on the FreeNode IRC network.


Our project is now in beta.

Meeting Q2

We are holding a meeting on Thursday 18th of June. See the header for your time zone Smile :-)


  • SpreadUbuntu: a little intro

  • Defining SpreadUbuntu:

    • Do-It-Yourself Marketing repository site?
    • Campaign epicenter for Ubuntu Marketing?
    • Advocacy site?
    • A combination?
  • Drupal6 move before the 9.10 release
    • Our site runs on Drupal5 right now. We must fix that!
    • Most modules we use (besides copyright/licenses) are already available
    • Using the Ubuntu-Drupal code as the base should ease our work
    • LP-Drupal integration will help us deliver the best possible user experience
    • We need hands-on cooperation for development of the site!
    • A roadmap to get the and domains
    • Canonical Hosting with community code review in advance?
  • Include the Global Ubuntu community:
    • Create a Global marketing materials recollection system
    • Something that ALL LoCos want to and can use

Meeting Q1

Assistants: AliTabuger7, huayra, michelleribeiro, popey, shahriar86, trmanco Minutes from meeting 2009-01-31 and a continuation 2009-02-01. We talked about:

General about the site

  • Localization of the site and material. We have decided to go for the Rosetta based approach since it gives the advantage of using the Ubuntu translation community.
  • Moving to Drupal6, it's pros and cons. Is there a point on doing SU a Drupal module?

Introducing the project and overview of our plans

  • Introducing ourselves and the SpreadUbuntu Project: As a site with 2 parts

    • A Do-It-Yourself marketing material repository for the guerrilla marketeer
    • And a Community site playing a strengthening role into becoming a UbuntuSpreader while you are still excited about Ubuntu

  • SpreadUbuntu needs to go back to the spring of its inspiration:

    • Use the SpreadFirefox site (the one that is in the works) as our inspiration. Go something like Welcome to Spread Ubuntu - Home of the Ubuntu Marketing Community

    • Use this as a opportunity to move to Drupal6 and finally integrate our site to Launchpad. See this link for an example of that integration.

    • We have a testing site for this. If you want to contribute and need access (to the server and the drupal instance) contact me directly

  • Our aim should be to make the DIY site the official before the release of the Karmic Koala

Welcoming new contributors

  • We need to be better at welcoming new contributors by making it clear that there are several way to contribute:
    • As a marketing person
      • Marketing side works on development of the marketing platform, campaigns and marketing content quality
    • As a technical person
      • Technical part of SU concentrate on DIY, Launchpad integration and concentrate on automatizing the platform as much as possible
    • General non-tech, non-marketing-fancy, advocating person
      • Our community is infite if we let it be so. Let's just empower our UbuntuSpreaders with a platform and they will bring Ubuntu to every single corner of the world where our community exists.

    • And then we all must aim towards this: cooperate, exchange ideas, implement them together creating thus a real marketing community based on a technical platform.

  • Make proper use of our wiki and make it simple to access:

    • Make changes that our wiki shows people the project needs and make it obvious for people where they can help our project out on the spot!
    • Restructure our project in order to ease the time used from hearing about it and getting excited to actually contributing


  • Work on campaigns to promote Ubuntu and the site. Campaigns should concentrate on festivities and also be as much as possible connected with the Ubuntu release cycle
  • Implement an event section (or use one that exists already like the one from the Fridge)
  • Upload this compilated material to the site

  • SpreadUbuntu spreading in and other social sites

Technical Changes

  • Adapt the site for campaign use (maybe adding tags or a campaign filed to the material pages and then sorting them somehow out?)
  • Contact the Canonical SysAdmins for a Rfc regarding the and domains and hosting


For details on the project and its releases this far see our Launchpad Page

September 2008

  • Minutes from meeting 2008-09-14: Defined some goals:

    • How will the SU architecture be like? <- Flannel gave us a nice image to visualize it Smile :-)

    • SU should have a working prototype by the time Intrepid comes around (October 30th). (I will announce the availability of the site in Planet Ubuntu by that time - huayra)

    • AliTabuger7 has joined our team and is going to work in the Drupal 5 Theme

    • huayra and ShahriarTariq will work with the DB population and document compilation

    • Flannel is working with the structure and design of the DB and the python "farther backend"

July 2008

Some conversations we have had until this point:

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