What is the DIY Website?

Well, it isn't this page: DIYMarketing (...although they'll become interdependent in the near future.)

Bazaar branches

  • All DIY Stuff in a big lump (big download! >100MiB)

bzr branch lp:spreadubuntu


  1. Get the site to a stage of completeness where it can be used as a scalable platform for the project. By implementing marketing concepts to the website, we can reach something similar to what MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu was originally meant to be, while omitting the parts redundant to the main site.

  2. Document current DIY Material projects on the site, once in the Get section for buyers, once [MarketingTeam/Shipping elsewhere] for those who would like to participate in the production. It would be great if people who bought the material could review it here in a moderated comments system (you're only allowed to comment directly on the spot if you actually bought them - or maybe comment in some thread in the forums that we link to, and we paste the comments to the product beneath it or something like that). Status - shippable material collected in /Get

  3. Collect DIY resources from around the web, sort, describe, attribute, host, link. These should be uploaded to the bzr branch. I subjectively would like to avoid using DIYMarketing, except as a submission queue for the final site. (Will be done once a framework in the site is ready)

  4. Write recommendations and guidelines for people who would like to contribute digital or ready-made material. /DIYGuidelines

  5. Conceive a way of how to lay this on the community: we want you to make DIY material for the community. It will involve a lot of work and some financial risk, but is fun and can generate a profit you can decide what to do with. The last part is even more fun - you can sponsor quizzes, donate to the project, donate to your LoCoTeam... Having money you want to spend on Ubuntu is fun, really! I'd like this to be a page linked from the /FrontPage.

  6. The Wishlist: People can request artwork, and the artworkers can see what people are looking for. It should be possible for artworkers to submit artwork (using the forums/wiki/mailing list). We need to conceive a system of how to decide which material shall and which shan't be included. I propose a simple DIY team chosen by the project leader (me) along with the current team, and humm-approved by the Marketing Team (that is, acquiesced if no complaints are raised). The Wishlist could also include people's shipping suggestions, to make decisions easier for those who would like to create'n'ship something.
  7. A database of Marketing HOWTOs - a list of things you can do to spread Ubuntu. This I consider most important, yet a bit distant yet. Will be a set of wikipages at Marketing/HOWTOs linked to through a database on the site.
  8. Growth. Probably some elements from MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu as well. Certainly avoid being redundant.

  9. Please submit your ideas to the mailing list ツ

Task List - Who's Doing What and What Can You Do


  • Gather DIY Material from sources around the web, such as the DIYMarketing page. Put your stuff into a bzr branch and then tell someone of authority about your changes, then they can potentially choose to merge your stuff into the main branch. Needs you!!

  • Gather ideas for DIY Marketing Howtos - gather them here. Feel free to write them, too, but please stay within doability. This part will be heaviest on community contribution. Needs you!!

  • Search for people who are actively offering Ubuntu swag (known so far: JendaVancura, JuliusBloch)

  • Implement comment system for shipped materials
  • Write marketing artwork guidelines, branding recommendations (Jenda has started at /DIYGuidelines)
  • Conceive scheme of how to tell Joe-community-member that he can make his own swag and sell it - and make us happy.
  • Design detailed workings of the Wishlist
  • Start a thread on the Ubuntu forums asking "What have YOU done to SPREAD UBUNTU?", in hope to gather some nice ideas for the HOWTOs section.

  • Conceive a long-term sustainable selection system for material, suggest guidelines therefor.
  • Conceive future system of staffing (Will be manned by the team of creators from the start)
  • Add milestones to the roadmap above (please consult mailing list first)


  • Finish to a working stage, where we can begin implementing features/sections (DIY Team)

  • Submit data about swag required for offering and optional for encouragement (Jenda, Julius)

Site Content

in theory

''Get'' section

Source: /Get

  • Listing people who offer material for sale. Including their financial policies regarding the ratios of donations, self, and production cost.

Data required for objects:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Credits
  • Shipper
  • License
  • Preview picture (thumbnail)
  • Other pictures (from buyers welcome!)
  • Pricing
  • Shipping limitations
  • "Printable" flag
  • Linkage to source in Print

  • (Comments)

''Print'' section

  • A section for people who would think of creating and distributing material themselves, or are just looking for source material to work with for other reasons.

Data required for objects:

  • Thumbnails
  • Description
  • Linkage to Get, if available

  • Author + License
  • (Assembly instructions)
  • (Mass production and sale instructions)
  • Links (to several format variations: bitmap, vector, proprietary vector)

''Design'' section

  • A place to submit your own designs, read guidelines on them etc.

Only several objects:

  • Guidelines
  • Suggestions
  • Links to official artwork

''Get out there and spread it, yo!'' section

  • Here, we will try to gather recipes on how to spread Ubuntu effectively. I think we should rate them in terms of:

Data required for objects, if available:

  • time required to get project going
  • project life expectancy (fire&forget type projects, vs. continuous involvement projects)

  • expected budget
  • skill requirements
  • material requirements



Your Idea

Feel free to paste here, but consider using mailing list. Be aware that anything might be removed from here if deemed off-topic.



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