About me

My first contact with free software was in 2001 and I started using Ubuntu in 2005. After knowing this amazing system in 2010 I decided to get involved with the community. Since this date I have dedicated myself in various ways for the user community: attending events, giving lectures, courses, disseminating the philosophy of Ubuntu and bringing in new members.
In early 2012, after attending events representing or assisting the Ubuntu-BR I was chosen as leader of the Ubuntu-BR-RS LoCo Team. Since this date I have worked to promote events of Ubuntu and improve visibility and participation of the group in the country. Also I reported bugs in Lauchpad and have helped users through the Mailing Lists.
I think Ubuntu is an incredible way to share knowledge and bring people together through an ideal. Because of this, I want to continue contributing to the community in the best way possible.

Working on

  • Ubuntu-BR-RS LoCo Team Leader

  • Participation in events representing the group

  • Lectures and training for new users with different profiles

  • Contributor to the Ubuntu-BR-SC Blog

Future plans

  • Increase the representativeness of the group Ubuntu-BR-RS

  • Work on projects for the dissemination and implementation of Ubuntu in corporate environments

  • Organize calendars with mini-courses in schools and universities to present Ubuntu as a teaching tool for those just starting or a productivity feature for those entering the labor market


Marta is a very active member of the Ubuntu Brazilian community, a great writer and leader of a big LoCo Team too. I'm really happy to know that she is trying the Ubuntu membership, cause she deserve it. As one of the leaders at the Ubuntu-BR-SC's blog/LoCo Team and an Ubuntu member, I'm 100% in favor of her membership. Julian Fernandes

Marta is definitely a great addition to our community. She has a proven record of contributions on major Open Source events here in Brazil, doing the booth duty, answering new users questions and helping the community as a whole. She does have my endorsement to become a Ubuntu member Duda Nogueira - Former Ubuntu Membership Board Member, Ubuntu Member, Latinoware Coordinator, Duda Library Founder

I strongly support her. We need her knowledge, leadership, experience with people and events. I'm very happy to see this membership and I'm sure that it will be very important for the evolution of our community. Ayrton Ara├║jo - Ubuntu Member, Brazilian Council Member


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