Julian Fernandes

In love with technology, Ubuntu and WordPress, I'm a 21 years old WordPress consultant, Genesis developer, Ubuntu enthusiast and ex LoCo Team leader working for Copyblogger Media.

My first experience with Ubuntu was on 8.04 "Hardy Heron" through CDs that was sent to me from a Ship It request. I was amazed with how easy it was to setup, and still get impressed everytime I see a new release.

In 2011 I got invited to join the Ubuntu-BR-SC LoCo Team by Tiago Hillebrandt, and in 2012 I joined him in the leadership.

I love Ubuntu and I'm here to help it get better.

Contact Information




julianfernandes AT ubuntu DOT com






  • Attended an open source event in Sao Bento do Sul (Brazil) in 2011;
  • Gave one of the biggest talks at Latinoware 2012;
  • Give lectures about Ubuntu in public schools at Brazil;
  • Write about Ubuntu and Linux at Ubuntu-BR-SC's blog;
  • Translated the Ubuntu web tour to Brazilian portuguese for Ubuntu-BR-SC;
  • Helped on Ubuntu translation to Brazilian portuguese.

Future Goals

  • Continue supporting and helping Brazilian Ubuntu users;
  • Continue writing posts about Ubuntu on my blogs;
  • Continue giving lectures about Ubuntu at public schools.


I know Julian for a while now and his work, along with Tiago Hillebrandt's is driving the Ubuntu-BR-SC blog and local group, and thanks to them the Brazilian community is reliving. I appreciate the effort Julian puts into the Ubuntu-BR-SC blog, keeping it always up to date with fresh information about the Ubuntu world. I'm 100% in favor of Julian becoming an Ubuntu Member, as I think he already does for the community and represents Ubuntu as I think an Ubuntu Member should do. Ursula Junque (Ursinha)

Julian is a very active member of the Ubuntu Brazilian community. He makes a great work advocating Ubuntu around the country. As an Ubuntu Brazilian Community Council member, I support strongly his membership. Tiago Hillebrandt

I'm really happy to know that Julian is trying Ubuntu membership. He is leader of the most active brazilian regional team and as an excepcional writer, many brazilian ubuntu users are taking him as a guru (even me). As Ubuntu Brazilian Community Council member I support strongly his membership. We need more people like him. Ayrton Araujo

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